Haircut squares 2019

Volume female hairstyle

Haircut cap – volume, rounded shapes, femininity silhouette. It is performed on hair of different lengths, permissible both on short and rather long hairs. The cap is subject to a number of fashionable haircuts in retro style today. Not quite versatile, for some not the best option, but quite simple to pack and always has a great look.

Thin haircuts

Cap a great option to refresh your look. Most people who have tried on this image are delighted and do not want to part with it in the future. To correctly arrange such a haircut is certainly worth considering all the nuances of appearance and choose the most profitable variation.

Bangs haircut cap

It is important to know that a haircut cap without bangs is simply unimaginable. The bang is its integral part forming the correct silhouette. What is the best option is high and thick. For most "hats" bangs taken straight from the top and goes to the eyebrows. In modern versions, the bangs long to the middle of the forehead have also become fashionable. If the bang does not suit you, or if you don’t like it, then a cap haircut is not for you.

Haircut squares 2019

Options for women’s haircuts cap

  • Classic cap – smooth smooth framing of the face with minimal or noticeable transitions;
  • Double cap – haircut, consisting of two levels of hair, the lower level is longer than the top;
  • Asymmetric cap – in this embodiment, it is possible to correct the face with oblique bangs and uneven strands on the sides.

To suit the haircut cap

Haircut cap is a great way to smooth out the angularity of square and triangular faces.

But the owners of round ovals should be careful with short options, and indeed with such a haircut.

Smooth or slightly curly curls that is necessary for this haircut. On curly hair, the cap will have a completely different look. In addition, the hair should be of sufficient thickness, on too sparse hair, the attractiveness of the species will be lost.

Haircut hat for short hair

The classic cap has a length slightly covering the ears, or comes to their middle. In modern variations, it is possible to meet even shorter versions, their length does not reach the level of the ears. The back of the head in such a cap remains open, they call this option a cap on the leg.

Haircut squares 2019

Haircut hat for long and medium hair length

The desire to make a haircut hat is no reason to refuse long hair. The cap can be made of the upper layer, and the lower curls will remain long. In addition, such a haircut will cover your neck, which is necessary for some shapes.

How to make a haircut cap

The cap refers to a number of haircuts difficult to perform. The master should know the technology well, have experience and of course talent. You can find out how a hat is cut by a professional by viewing the video master class presented below.

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