Haircuts young

All women tend to be beautiful, charming and always young. Regardless of age. And such troubles and small details, like gray hair or inanimate hair color can significantly spoil the mood, knock out rut. If a lady is for … then you should study very carefully what hair color is young after 40 years, so that after going to a beauty salon you don’t have to add a couple of years to yourself. In this part of her life, a woman just has to become stylish and elegant, attract the eyes of men to herself, amaze them with her appearance. The correct solution to the dilemma, which hair color is better after 40 years – will allow and will help to become a little younger. Each must remember that not everyone pays attention to the dress, and a well-groomed haircut always attracts the eye, because it is considered the crown of the completion of the image of a woman. what hair color is suitable after 40 years

Haircuts young

Ideally, stylists recommend dyeing strands with several colors that are lighter than natural;

It is believed that the clarified color of the curls after 40–45 years is young, visually makes the image more attractive. If a decade ago, a lady could allow herself to drastically change her image, experimenting with a shock on her head, then, having crossed the line for 40 years, she realizes that it is necessary to select a hair coloring taking into account individual features, respectively, the skin tone of the face and the eye color. It is desirable to paint them in such tones so as not to get a tired and vulgar look. It is not always necessary to follow the latest fashion trends and blindly follow them.

After all, to correctly determine what hair color will fit after 40 years – it means to develop a strategy against aging. If lovely ladies believe that there is only one “magic” tone of hair that will turn back time, they are deeply mistaken. Therefore it is necessary to consider all options.

Young shades

There is an opinion that in forty years it is better to paint strands in a light tone, which is young. There is a deal of truth in it. After all, when an old lady changes a shade to a dark one, and even worse – the color of the “crow’s wing” – this adds a year to her. On the other hand, discoloration is not an option either. Such a decision often leads to vulgarity in general appearance. It is unlikely that aged ladies will fit bleached to white curls or yellow curls highlighting on a dark basis of hair. The correct resolution of the dilemma which hair color is young after 40 years is to choose a natural shade 2 shades lighter in comparison with the natural color.

Shades that are aging

Change the image after 40–45 years by dyeing hair – the fastest and most effective way. Many prefer dark colors in order to hide at any cost the treacherously appeared gray hair. But usually the tone is darker than the one with which nature rewarded from birth, adds age. Especially old black. It emphasizes sharp facial features, visually "deepens" wrinkles, highlights puffiness and circles under the eyelids. It is not recommended to dye your hair in silver and platinum. Eyes seem faded, wrinkles, pigment spots and other defects on the face – pronounced. But if a woman in 40 years has white skin, green or blue eyes, then the image of a burning brunette will suit her. It will effectively highlight the whiteness of the face, give the eyes a shine.

What color to dye hair after 40 years, to return the spring of life to the appearance? Stylists advise to choose the tone for coloring according to skin tone. This approach is much younger lady older years. Consider one of the most spectacular options depending on the skin color:

Olive. Such women by nature have chestnut or light brown strands. It is necessary to pick up a new shade so that to emphasize features of appearance. Suitable:

  • Chestnut with cold outflow;
  • warm tones of caramel;
  • bright red;
  • light brown shades;
  • as an option, perhaps not very sharp highlighting.

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Golden. This skin carries signs of "warmth." Under ultraviolet rays, it becomes golden. Suitable:

  • light brown medium and low saturation;
  • blond with gold and honey tides;
  • milk chocolate;
  • caramel

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Pink. Such women after 40–45 years usually have natural light brown strands. Hairdressers are not advised to drastically change the color. Suitable:

  • light brown tones;
  • coloring with cold white or platinum strands based on natural color;
  • cold chestnut;

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Amber. This is light skin with a warm undertones. Fit:

  • honey;
  • sand;
  • rusty;
  • brick;
  • bronze;
  • golden blond.

Haircuts young

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Dark skin. With this color type in forty years, you can use dark tones. Fit:

  • dark blond;
  • delicate chocolate;
  • rich chestnut.

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Pretty women! Remember! Youth and beauty after 40 years depends only on you and your taste. Choose a color scheme so that the face does not merge into one with the hair. They should be different and contrasted, but not too drastically! Here we have in mind the color of the "crow’s wing", which is generally not advised to paint a lady for forty years. The new color of the hair should be natural, emphasize the beauty and give shine to the eyes, put the tone of the face in a favorable light.

How to profitably transform

The best advice to women of 40 years will help to transform the appearance favorably:

  1. Consider the color of hair, given by nature, and the shade of the skin of the face, lifestyle, nature of work.
  2. Take into account the type of haircut and your length of curls.
  3. Do not do experiments in the form of contrasting highlights, it looks unnatural and not an option for mature women.
  4. If the white color does not go to the face, do not fade. This will make the image older by 6 years or more.
  5. In the case of a cardinal transformation from a brunette to a blonde, a woman should remember that behind curls you will need careful care and constant tinting of regrown dark roots.
  6. Evaluating the selection of a new shade is necessary without makeup, then the tone can be chosen more successfully.
  7. Gray hair weakly hold dyes. Therefore, in such cases, do not recommend bright colors. After a couple of weeks, the paint will lose its properties, and the gray will become clearly pronounced.
  8. Use special shampoos, masks and color enhancers to keep hair soft and natural.
  9. If there is no experience in the selection of paint and dyeing procedure, contact the salon. Masters will give the right tone to your whirlwinds from the first time, they will take into account all the nuances of the face shape, its color and structure.

The main thing – regardless of the range of colors, curls should be well-groomed, shiny and healthy. It is even more important to determine which hair color is young after 40 years of age, each woman individually. Only with such an integrated approach can one disguise the extra years. Take care and take care of your curls, always be young and beautiful!

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