Hairstyles for every day on medium hair

Pixie haircuts came into vogue back in 1952, when Audrey Hepburn with an ultrashort hairstyle appeared on the big screens. Since the release of the "Roman holidays" went so many years, only the popularity of pixies did not drop a bit. Rather, on the contrary, she quickly turned into a favorite hairstyle of courageous young rebels with a thirst for inner freedom.

Pixie haircut features

Pixie is a female hairstyle that opens the neck as well as the ear zone. Its main distinguishing features are sticking tips, short temple and back of the head and elongated bangs. Different lengths of hair will make the hair lush and give it texture.

With seeming simplicity, pixies have a number of advantages:

  • Many different options – in just 5 minutes you will turn from an elegant lady into a rock star;
  • Quick and very easy styling, for which you will need a minimum set of styling tools;
  • Ultrashort pixie – the best model for the summer;
  • It is the ideal choice for thin and rare locks. Torn ends hairstyle will only enhance the effect;
  • Pixie goes well with hair of all shades. Particularly impressive on it look bright colors, highlighting and coloring;
  • This haircut has no age limit – everyone can do it!

Who is she suitable for?

Who is the pixie hairstyle? There is a certain type for which this haircut will be just perfect. To it can be attributed ladies with straight hair. In this case, the laying does not give you trouble. Too thick strands need to be shaped so that they do not stick out. Sparse thin hair does not need thinning – here it is better to use the technique of multilayering.

This pixie is not suitable for women who are very full. Before going to the stylist, conduct a simple experiment – put the strands back and pin them up with Invisibles.. Rate your appearance. Like? You can get a haircut! The main thing is to choose a wizard who will make a haircut based on your data.

Another contraindication is tight and small curls. They will be difficult to put, so this hairstyle will not keep shape. True, for obedient curls, the strands of pixie are quite permissible, because the waves and curls will add a peculiar zest to the image. In this case, it is recommended to use cascade technique or graduation – they will give the necessary amount of hair.

Pixie and face shape

It is necessary to select such a haircut according to the shape of the face:

  • Round – asymmetrical bangs, maximum length – up to the line of the cheekbones or slightly longer, lush volume at the crown;
  • Triangular – elongated bangs and magnificent top;
  • Square – oblique bangs, distracting the gaze from the wide cheekbones and forehead;
  • Diamond-shaped – the crown should be flat, discard the volume in this part of the head and make a long bang;
  • Elongated – you are perfect pixie for medium length, but not short strands;
  • Trapezoidal – voluminous bangs and lush temporal portions that will help to hide an overly narrow forehead;
  • Oval – you go all the options!

Another fashion trend, the modern model of traditional hairstyle. It looks very impressive and offers more opportunities for styling. Pixie for medium length will give a shape of hair, keeping the length up to the shoulders. Strands are cut from behind either in cascade technique or in several layers. You can also make a “hat” – it keeps its splendor and gives the average pixie femininity and elegance.

Option with bangs

Pixie is usually combined with bangs of various types. Here are just a few of them.

With extended bangs

Pixie with long bangs looks feminine and dynamic. By making a choice with her favor, you can change the look of your hairstyle every time.

With oblique bangs

Bold, stylish and perky! This combination is often chosen by those who always do not have enough time for laying.

With short bangs

Well, for a round face this is the best choice. In addition, a short bang can erase a couple of years, which will certainly appreciate women of all ages.

How to style your hair? Stylists offer us a lot of beautiful models. Depending on the event you are going to, or just on your mood, you will be able to create a sloppy, romantic, strict or bold image. Try to repeat! And since in the season 2019 there is no strict framework, the choice is yours.

Hibster styling

The basis of any hairstyle hairstyle is easy carelessness, so this pixie does not need to be styled. It seems that you just woke up and went to decorate the world! To shape the strands, apply a little gel or mousse on them. This is the best option for going to a nightclub, movie or party. For a workflow, if there is no creative atmosphere on it, it will not work at all. But the main advantage of Hipster styling is that it is in harmony with any facial features.

Banging up

It looks very youthful and a bit extreme. This is the best way to stand out from the crowd and challenge conservatism. Of course, this hairstyle requires a certain self-confidence and a certain looseness. If you have them, lubricate the strands with a strong gel and lift them up.

Laying with bangs waves

Ideal for a square face. Bangs, curled in light waves, will help to hide the wide cheekbones and make the look more refined. This style is in harmony with both thick and thin hair. Make it very easy. Put the mousse on the strands and curl ironing. Then feel free to go on a romantic date or even a celebration.

Laying with bangs on the side

Beautiful bangs on the side will help to make new in the classic model. The bangs can reach the cheekbones or the chin. Stylists claim it is the perfect choice for an oval face.

Bulk styling

Using the foam, hair dryer and brushing, you will be able to create a very lush hairstyle. It can be done for holidays and work.

Curly styling

Suitable for elongated and curly hair. Of course, it will take a lot of time to complete it, but the result is worth it.

Combed back

A combed back pixie is not for everyone. The priority should be the face oval. She looks very elegant and elegant.

Smooth styling

It looks like a garcon and fits fragile ladies with a boyish figure.

Stacking with accessories

For haircuts pixie no restrictions. It can be combined with hairpins, headbands and headbands. This is a choice for coquettes. For every day, pick up simple accessories, for social events – an exquisite model, decorated with stones or large rhinestones.

Laying with oblique bangs

Very original solution, suitable only for medium length. Thanks to the light braids, your boyish pixie will instantly become glamorous. It can be worn with sundresses, mini dresses, long evening dresses or jeans and a T-shirt.

Hairstyles for every day on medium hair

Laying on one side

Such a stylish option involves the full or partial shaving of the temples. It looks extraordinary and suits bright ladies.

Disheveled styling

The classic model, which is sure to please both young girls and women over 45.

Hollywood styling

Ideal for parties and parties. Hollywood wave, "laid out" on the bangs, goes well with a cocktail evening dress.

Laying with a coc on bangs

This model in retro style is preferred by most famous stars and singers. Among them are Charlize Terron, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Pink, Rihanna and others.

Pixie with creative coloring

Not sure how to dye your hair for this haircut? We hope these new photos will help you decide. The color can be uniform (the red and red hues are very popular now), and can be present only in the form of thin feathers.

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