Hairstyles for medium hair

Stylish hairstyles today are an indicator of the owner’s good taste. Properly chosen haircut can highlight the beauty of the face and hide its flaws. The most relevant to this day remain cascading and graduated hairstyles. They look great on both straight and curly hair. Even the simplest photo hairstyles for medium hair require well-groomed hair and trimmed tips. This helps care masks and conditioners.

Types of hairstyles for medium hair

Neatly assembled bundle.

It is very simple, based on the ponytail. Hair is rolled in the form of a donut and fixed with invisible hairpins and hairpins.

Hairstyle is suitable for both day and evening image.

Very beautiful, on straight and curly hair look professionally styled curly curls.

Hairstyles for medium hair

It is carried out with the help of styler-curling iron with a large diameter (about 30 mm). Apply pre-heat spray and styling foam. Strands need to curl from the face, fastening each roller received invisible. Wait until the hair has cooled. Knead curls with your hands.

Which season does not leave the catwalks and pages of fashion magazines.

Such a photo of a hairstyle on medium hair with weaving will help you to do it at home, in front of a mirror. It’s easy to do it after a small workout.

The free braids with slightly released locks look very nice. Another option – spit inside out. In this case, the strands as if underlay the main weaving.

Spit is a very feminine hairstyle that helps to emphasize its beauty to both a young girl and an adult woman.

Loose curls with weaving.

The upper part of the hair weave, from under it falls part of the hair, remaining free. As a rule, it is curled into curls on a curling iron and coated with hairspray along the entire length.

Hairstyles for medium hair

This hairstyle is very simple. Straight hair must be slightly curled, curly – just a good brush. At the temples, large strands are picked up and raised, and then fixed with beautiful clips or "crabs" hairpins. Photo hairstyles for medium hair, "Malvina" will help to present how it should look.

French hairstyles.

This is a classic "shell" when the hair is rolled into a smooth roller from right to left and secured with pins. The main nail of this hairstyle is in its absolute smoothness. So the owners of curly hair will have to pacify them with various smoothing agents and hot irons. "Shell" – a great option for the evening in combination with an evening dress, string of pearls and pumps on the heel. The combination of Parisian chic and retro will add zest to the image.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Photo hairstyles on medium hair with accessories

An excellent addition to the summer dress will be a hairstyle with a tied in the manner of a turban or a rim of a silk scarf with an interesting print.

Scarves – a very fashionable detail of the spring-summer season. They allow you to do hair in five seconds – just enough to tie a handkerchief on clean hair.

"American" style – a handkerchief is folded several times into a long ribbon and tied so that the tips remain loosely hanging around the crown. Very colorful and perky image. It goes well with denim shorts, T-shirts, safari dresses and shirts. An example of such a photo hairstyle on medium hair can often be seen on the singer Rihanna.

Ideally complement this hairstyle kitty glasses (rim resembles a cat’s eye, stretched up and pointed).

The Greek hairstyle with a hoop or elastic band is very comfortable in everyday life. It is worn on the forehead, in the manner of hippies and strands of hair alternately wound directly on the gum in the direction from the face. An elastic band decorated with rhinestones and sparkles can create a truly chic evening look.

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