Remove the bangs

When applying for a Schengen visa, a photo is required. European embassies are very demanding on the documents that are provided when filling out the questionnaire. Therefore, before you take a picture, you need to carefully study the official requirements for a photo for a Schengen visa in 2019, it is also desirable to get acquainted with the relevant section on the website of the consulate of the country that signed the Schengen agreement.

Remove the bangs

Photo size

All countries of the Schengen Agreement have the same requirements for a photo for a Schengen visa in 2019. They are as follows:

Remove the bangs

  1. The size of the photo on a Schengen visa is 35 * 45 mm. Consulates and embassies of some countries can take pictures of the size of 35 * 40, among the most loyal representatives of Belgium, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary should be highlighted;
  2. It is necessary to make sure that the face occupies most of the frame, about 70 – 80%. That is, the distance from the top of the head to the chin should be 32 – 36 mm. However, the requirements for photos on Schengen for children are not so strict, their photos may not comply with some of the above rules;
  3. From the top of the field to the top of the head of a person should be at least 2 mm, from the chin to the eye line – at least 13 mm;
  4. In the frame gets the upper part of the shoulders.

Remove the bangs

Image quality

Not only the size of the photo on Schengen matters, not less attention in the consulates of European countries in 2019 is paid to quality control of the provided pictures.

The photograph for obtaining permission to enter the Schengen area must be:

  • Clear. The presence of shadows, unnatural skin tones, glare, red-eye effect is not allowed. Lighting – uniform;
  • Color. Black-and-white, over-clarified or darkened images are not accepted by embassies of European countries;
  • Overlooked. A person’s face should be in the full face position and be as open as possible. Eyes should be clearly visible, the look is directed strictly forward. The nose is in the middle of the face, the mouth is closed. It should remove the long bangs or curls, covering a large part of the face – forehead, cheek, cheekbones;
  • With a light background. It is best to choose blue and light gray shades for the background, as some embassies do not accept images on white;
  • Do not contain any corners and frames.

Accessories and foreign objects in the photo

General requirements for photographs on a Schengen visa do not allow pictures with foreign objects. However, exceptions may be made for some accessories.

A person may be in glasses, but only if he is wearing them for medical reasons. Points must be:

  • With transparent lenses (eyes are well visible);
  • Small in size. Large frames can cover a large part of the face;
  • No glare. In the final image of the glasses should not be illuminated.

Persons who, due to religious beliefs or medical indications, are constantly in headdresses, can take a photo for registration of Schengen in a hat.

Features of children’s pictures on Schengen

The main requirements for children’s photos are no different from adults: the size of a photo for a Schengen visa is

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