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Triangular face – or what will fit the shape of the heart? Owners of this type of person have a wide forehead and small chin. This makes it difficult to choose hairstyles for many girls. How to choose a haircut for a triangular face, to emphasize the advantages and get rid of the shortcomings? And also to give a visually oval shape?

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Haircuts for a triangular face. Geometry first

Any haircut or new styling should take into account the natural contour of the face. Defining a triangle (or a heart) is not difficult:

  • take the marker;
  • we pin hair carefully;
  • come to the mirror;
  • we look intently, without straining the facial muscles;
  • neatly outline the contours of the face on the mirror. Important! Be honest with yourself, do not distort or decorate the natural contour;
  • analyze facial contours. If the frontal part is wide, and gradually narrows towards the chin, there are no plump cheeks, then you have a triangular face shape.

This facial type is quite common. They can boast such famous beauties as Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham, Scarlett Johansson, singer Rihanna, Christina Ricci.

If, after all, your face turned out to be not triangular at all during the experiment, we recommend reading about other forms (square, oval, circle, etc.) in our article.

For clarity, we also recommend watching the video with the secrets of selecting the correct haircuts for the triangle:

Triangular Face Short Haircuts 2016

What short hairstyles are we talking about? Say the owner of the face in the form of a triangle. After all, I have a huge forehead and cheekbones! But we know the secrets of reincarnation. Choosing a short haircut, most importantly, adhere to the following rules:

  • no hard asymmetry;
  • no volume on the crown part of the head;
  • no taut tails or knots;
  • hair length 4 cm above the lower point of the chin.

What is great – ultrashort haircuts for a triangular face with a bang. Perfect:

one. Haircut "bob".

2 Haircut "Garcon".

It is desirable to open the ears. The bang is short, straight and symmetrical or elongated slightly to one side. These hairstyles look great on owners of thin but thick hair.

3. A wonderful option – quads-based styling With such a haircut, you can safely allow asymmetry bangs. In this case, it will not draw attention to the narrow chin.

Haircuts for medium hair for a triangular face

Hairstyles for medium hair – your all! They are created for a triangular face. Any bangs, rounded ends give the face softness and hair – the luxury of lion’s mane. Do not curl your face straight, boldly open your cheekbones.

four. Cascade based haircuts are a win-win option. They are also suitable for other face shapes, for example

five. Ladder – simple and tasteful. But, if you choose this option, then you have to think about an interesting, extraordinary bangs. It can be straight, beveled or torn. A minimum of hair in the cheekbones area visually balances the image.

6 Curls, ah, curls! They look very harmonious with a triangular face. Choosing curls, remember that with such a styling bangs looks inappropriate. As the basis of curls fit any haircut of medium length. The bulk should start from the middle of the hair length. Do not enlarge and do not weight the top.

Long hair for heart images

Long hair visually stretch the face. Therefore, owners of a triangular face should refuse:

  • straight, carefully leveled hair;
  • direct partitions;
  • vertical clear strands.

7. As for medium hair, the best choice would be side parting cascade. When styling use wide combs and curl your hair inside. This will smooth the narrow chin and not make the forehead and cheekbones heavier.

Scarlett Johansson haircut

eight. Step haircuts stack asymmetrically – opening one ear, and at the same time creating volume using curls on the other side. Decorate this hair will help any jewelry – tiaras, ribbons, flowers or feathers.

9. Haircut "Multi-layered ladder" will harmoniously look on a girl with a triangular face. Important – create volume only from the middle of the length.

Also recommend, please, your girlfriends with round face haircuts from this article.

Categorical "no" for a triangular face

Moments that will spoil your image and mood, regardless of the length of hair:

Scarlett Johansson haircut

  • straight thick bangs;
  • elongated strands – will give you a painful and emaciated appearance;
  • volume on top – you’ll look a few years older;
  • asymmetry with short hair length. Remember! A triangle is an equilibrium figure, and hair is designed to hide sharp corners;
  • hair curl just inside. Strands outward additionally knot the face;
  • the temporal part of the head should not be allocated curls or additional volume. Maximum volume – the level between the chin and shoulders.

And finally, video tips from an Avon expert how to visually bring the triangle closer to the oval using makeup:

Scarlett Johansson haircut

If you decide to drastically change your image, then before you cut your hair, look at the photo of haircuts for the triangular faces in magazines. This will allow you to create a description of the desired result for the hairdresser.

Of course, the Internet is good, but the practical advice of the master is even better. Discuss with our master all the nuances of your future hairstyle right in the salon. And remember! There is no bad shape of the face, the main thing is to choose the right haircut!

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