Thin hair haircut

Thin, light hair – the headache of many women. They are without volume, get dirty quickly and rarely grow to great length. And yet there are quite a few ways to turn the disadvantages of such a hair structure into advantages. The main assistant – the correct haircut for thin hair!


In order not to have to remove the hair in the tail too often, cut your hair from professionals.

Ideal female hairstyles for thin hair – with graduation!

If you do not consider daily hair styling a big problem, pay attention to different types of graduations. They allow you to refresh a long and short haircut, while achieving the desired shape of hair. Here are the most popular options:

  • haircut Italian;
  • cascade;
  • ladder;
  • graded bob;
  • elongated pixie;
  • creative hairstyles.

Let’s look at each example separately.

Properly executed haircut for long thin hair helps to overcome the main problem – split ends and brittle ends. It is she who usually does not allow owners of this type of hair to flaunt long braids, because there is nothing worse than a neglected look. Haircut Italian, or the cascade will remove the damaged strands and keep the length. You should not make the difference between the shortest and the longest strands is very large, it is better if the transition will have an average step.

Soft waves are always appropriate. Haircuts for thin hair is better to lay hands.

In this photo, the difference between the length of the strands is minimal, but due to the effect of the torn edge, the hair looks more fluffy. Shoulder hair highlights beautiful clavicle.

Here the graduation is well expressed, strands form several layers, but at the same time each of them is decorated separately. Similar volumetric haircuts for thin hair are particularly relevant this season.

The bang emphasizes a thin face and pronounced cheekbones. Cascade length helps to avoid excessive contrast.

Grooming ladder is more suitable for those who have thin hair, but no problems with density. In this case, we do the graduation only near the face, and trim the rest of the hair mass to an equal length. Do not forget that the hair must be healthy!

A stylish accessory sometimes means nothing less than a good haircut.

Hairstyles for fine hair should not always be smooth. Especially – for an oval face.

Have you noticed that the girls in the pictures above are mostly blondes? It is this color that is best suited to refresh haircuts for sparse hair. It helps to create the illusion of voluminous hairstyle and dyeing in several bright colors of different shades.

Graduated bean variations are the most fashionable women’s haircuts for thin hair last season, which smoothly moved into the new year. Varieties can be mass, it all depends on your ultimate goal:

  • a short, tattered bob allows you to open your neck and focus on the eyes;
  • a bob with straight, straight bangs is good for an elongated face that makes it more feminine;
  • bob car will add volume to even the thinnest strands;
  • haircut bob with asymmetric bangs is considered universal, it goes all;
  • A-shaped bob with long strands on the face and a short crown is an ideal haircut for a round face and for a rectangular face.

If you put a graduated bob on one side, it turns out a new fashionable hairstyle!

Asymmetric haircut for thin and sparse hair – to give volume without the use of curls.

Laying in large waves can even correct a bad haircut. Liquid hair can also look bulky!

Brave girls can try on a few shades of bright colors. Coloring with thin strands, like an illusionist’s magician, will transform even the rarest hair with hair without volume.

Do not rush to straighten hair, if they curl. Haircut square and bob with curls – the most fashionable of the season.

The elongated pixie works much like a bob, but it allows you to open your ears. Also to the advantages of this haircut can be attributed to the fact that you can do without styling.

Successful version of the hairstyle for thin hair. Cropped locks above the ears make the image touching.

If your choice is a long bang, it is better to lay your hair in the direction from the face to the side. This is a good option for every day.

Evening hairstyles for thin hair can and should be complemented with accessories. This is a great solution for a holiday and a cocktail.

Light chaos is a long pixel true friend. As well as a disheveled bob, this hairstyle is at the peak of fashion in 2018. Complete the image with a bright berry-colored lipstick, and enjoy your own irresistible!

Creative hairstyles

Creative hairstyles are suitable for brave and confident women and girls. They look best with color staining.

Shaved temples and the back of the head, raised hair and an unusual color – the option of the category of "all the best at once." However, it looks great!

You can also make a creative styling out of an elongated pixie hairstyle!

If your hair is not only thin, but curly like a small devil, try cutting an extremely short length. Interesting texture will divert attention from the low density.

Creative haircut – not a reason to abandon braids and styling with weaving. What is not a reason to pay attention to short hair?

Smooth edges for those who do without styling

Haircut for thin hair of medium length may have a smooth edge. This is how we hope to create the effect of maximum hair density. Short haircuts for fine hair with a smooth cut can also be classified as creative – this is a square with a smooth bang, a pot hair style and various combinations of wide strands of different lengths. Such hairstyles are good for an oval face, as well as if you have a round face and a fragile figure.

Nobody said that cutting a square with a smooth edge implies perfectly smooth hair. Try sloppy waves and a little bit of nagging, it will add volume!

With a bang, you become a little more infantile. Especially if the bangs are long and the hair is colored in a natural shade.

Want to add some aggressiveness to the image? Just comb your hair back.

The more uniform the hair length, the thicker they look. Color highlights are also a good helper.

That option, when the hairdresser had no purpose to hide the thinness of the hair. In this case, they emphasize the fragility and refinement of the image of the heroine of the photo.

Long hair

Long hair of one length looks advantageous in hairstyles with weaving – strands are not knocked out and keep their shape well. This is the right choice for young girls who have not had time to spoil their hair with frequent dyeing.

If you combine a ragged edge with layers along the length, or a flat bang with a graduated haircut, you can get an equally interesting hairstyle. But even perfectly long, thin hair looks spectacular. Do not believe? See the pictures below!

Thinking about what haircut for thin hair is suitable for older women? For women over 50, it is better to choose short hairstyle options. This could be a pixie if you have good skin, or different bob hairstyles. In general, after 45 it is better to give preference to simplicity of form.

Such short haircuts for fine hair are also suitable for young girls, you can see for yourself using the photo example:

Recommendations for a better looking thin hair

The main recommendations for owners of thin and sparse hair can be reduced to several points:

  1. Do not be lazy to lay haircut. Not even the most successful option can always be fixed with a hair dryer and a light styling tool. Your hair is well kept styling, this is their main advantage!
  2. Do not use shampoos and balms with a large number of silicones and keratins, they weigh down strands. It is better to use means for giving volume.
  3. Make a filing only as a last resort. A good graduated cut is done with regular scissors, so that the strands are clearly expressed.
  4. Pay attention to the shape of the face – where volume is needed, it can be recreated with the help of curls and waves. Moreover, the larger the facial features, the larger the curls should be in diameter.
  5. Coloring in several colors, especially Californian highlighting and shatush, can give the illusion of thick hair even with the most hopeless haircut.

Thin hair haircut

Proper ultrashort haircut is a salvation for those who do not have the time to properly care for their hair and often do the styling.

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