110 pressure at 70 pulse 90

Norms of blood pressure – the concept of conditional. Most doctors assure that deviations of blood pressure for 10-15

Norm or pathology?

Compared to the ideal value (120 over 80), a pressure of 110 over 70 is considered slightly reduced. In some cases, these numbers tonometer abnormal. Is it normal pressure to 110 to 70 and what this means depends on three factors:

  • age;
  • normal pressure values;
  • subjective sensations.

A pressure of 110 to 70 can be either a variant of the norm or a sign of deviation

If a person constantly, starting from adolescence, has a pressure of 110 to 70 – this is a variant of the norm, the so-called physiological features. In cases where normal life pressure has always been elevated, a decrease in blood pressure to 110 by 70 may indicate any pathology.

A slight decrease in blood pressure is also considered normal if it is observed for a short time and self-normalization, without the use of any drugs. A short-term decrease in pressure may be noted against the background of overwork, lack of sleep, or a large amount of fluid consumed.

A pressure of 110 to 70 is also considered normal, if a person has a normal heartbeat, and the pulse is within 70 beats per minute.

Causes of low blood pressure

A drop in blood pressure to 110 by 70 is not hypotension. Such a diagnosis is made only with a decrease in blood pressure below 100 by 60. Thus, a pressure of 110 to 70 cannot be considered a disease, but only a violation against the background of comorbidities or negative conditions.

Possible reasons for lowering blood pressure:

  • overwork;
  • stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • meteorological dependence;
  • taking antihypertensive drugs;
  • taking diuretics;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • disorders of the nervous system.

110 pressure at 70 pulse 90

Speaking of a short-term decrease in pressure, you should pay attention to the lifestyle. Intensive exercise, repetition, frequent stress and lack of sleep all lead to exhaustion of the nervous system. In response to this, a decrease in pressure and a breakdown are possible. In this case, specific treatment is not required, it is enough to correct the daily regimen and diet and have a good rest.

A decrease in pressure to 110 by 70 or 80 is observed in meteo-dependent people. This disorder is characterized by a change in blood pressure in response to atmospheric fluctuations. For example, during a cyclone, there is a change in weather and a decrease in atmospheric pressure. The weather is dark and rainy. During this period, weather-sensitive people may experience low pressure and malaise. The causes of such a violation have not yet been precisely studied, and treatment is practiced only symptomatic.

A large amount of fluid consumed, especially herbal teas and vegetable juices, which are diuretic, can lead to a decrease in blood pressure. Such a violation faced by women who adhere to strict mono-diet. In response to a lack of nutrients, the body experiences stress and tries to conserve energy, so blood pressure is reduced.

During a strict diet or fasting, blood pressure often drops.

Some endocrine disorders can cause a decrease in pressure, but in most cases this is true for hypotension and blood pressure below 100 to 60. A slight fluctuation in pressure can occur due to a decrease in thyroid hormone production and be of short duration.

Fluctuations in hormonal levels entail a change in pressure. In women, it is absolutely normal to reduce pressure to 110 by 70 in the first days of the menstrual cycle.

Many women worry, not knowing what to do if the pressure is 110 to 70 during menstruation. No specific treatment is required, just enough rest so that the pressure returns to normal.

Symptoms with BP 110 to 70

If we are talking about lowering blood pressure, which is usually in the normal range, the symptoms are mild. A decrease in pressure is manifested:

  • sleepiness;
  • exhaustion;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • general weakness.

These same symptoms, only in a more pronounced form, are noted when a person’s pressure exceeds 130

With a pressure of 110 to 70 often headache. The pain is localized in the temples, is aching in nature. Perhaps the appearance of nausea. Patients with usually elevated pressure experience frequent dizziness when the pressure drops to 110 by 70.

In most cases, at a pressure of 110 to 70, patients complain about fatigue and drowsiness. Basically, a slight decrease in pressure is almost asymptomatic. A person may not even suspect about the fall of blood pressure.

When assessing the deviation of blood pressure from the norm is taken into account the value of the pulse. Usually, with a decrease in blood pressure, the pulse rate decreases. At the same time, an increased heart rate of up to 100 beats per minute with simultaneously reduced pressure indicate neurological disorders. Quite often, these values ​​are faced by patients with vascular or neurocirculatory dystonia.

A pressure of 110 to 70 may be accompanied by symptoms of hypotension or it may not affect the well-being at all.

Do I need treatment?

A decrease in pressure is accompanied by discomfort, but does not always require treatment. Combined therapy is prescribed only when there is constantly low pressure compared to other pathologies, primarily vegetovascular disorders.

110 pressure at 70 pulse 90

With a slight drop in pressure, you can cope on your own. Coffee and strong black tea will come to the rescue. It is enough to drink only one cup of strong brewed drink, so that after 15 minutes you will notice an improvement in your well-being. It is also useful at low pressure, dark chocolate – it stimulates the nervous system, gives a charge of vitality and slightly increases the pressure.

To eliminate headache with low pressure will help drugs with caffeine. The most affordable and effective drugs:

It is enough to take 1-2 tablets so that the headache disappears in half an hour. It is impossible to abuse drugs with caffeine, as they can provoke tachycardia. If the patient has an increased pulse rate, but at the same time a headache and lowered blood pressure, it is better to use a cold compress on the head, as the drugs will aggravate tachycardia.

If the pressure of 110 to 70 persists for a long time, what to do depends on the symptoms. It should undergo a comprehensive examination by a cardiologist and a neurologist. In most cases, this pressure is the result of a disruption of the nervous, but not the cardiovascular system. The treatment is aimed at restoring the nervous system and includes drugs to improve cerebral circulation, vitamins, sedatives.

At home, you can use toning medications – this alcohol tincture of lemongrass or ginseng. Such drugs are taken three times a day, 20 drops for two weeks.

A cup of strong coffee will return cheerfulness

Pregnancy treatment

What pressure is normal for pregnant women – it depends on the trimester, therefore the indicators of BP 110 to 70 do not always require treatment. Usually, women experience reduced pressure in the first trimester with toxicosis. Drug treatment is not carried out, the patient shows a change in regimen and diet.

110 pressure at 70 pulse 90

Enough to relax and take regular walks in the fresh air. This gives energy and minimizes stress, which often causes a decrease in pressure in the first trimester.

Food should be balanced. Eating should be in small portions every 3-4 hours. Be sure to follow the drinking regime. During pregnancy, the pressure of 110 to 70 can not be treated with drugs and medicinal plants, as this can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus.

Treatment in the elderly

Whether the pressure is normal is 110 to 70 for an elderly person – it depends on the blood pressure indicators that have been observed throughout life. If a patient has suffered from hypotension since his youth, there may be low blood pressure in old age.

In the case when hypertension is diagnosed, the pressure can drop to 110 by 70 while taking antihypertensive drugs, while the pulse remains within the normal range (80 beats per minute). Urgent measures for such a violation should not be taken, but you should consult with your doctor about the adjustment of the regimen of drugs from pressure.

Since BP 110 to 70 is almost normal pressure, there is no specific prophylaxis. If lowering blood pressure causes discomfort, you should reconsider your lifestyle.

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