140 to 90 pressure

When the pressure jumps to the levels of 140/90, it is urgent to stop its further increase in order to prevent the development of various heart diseases. 140 to 90 is high pressure, and it has received the definition of “borderline hypertension” among specialists. If you measure it every 4 hours, you can monitor all the drops, keep track of the numbers on the tonometer and record, easily keeping control of your condition.

When the pressure deviates from the norm, hypertensive patients experience different symptoms. There are patients who, with a slight increase, feel that it is time to pick up the device. There are several main and frequent complaints with blood pressure 140 to 90:

  1. The appearance of apparent internal heat, facial flushing;
  2. Clouding of consciousness;
  3. Chest discomfort in the heart;
  4. Headache, but not acutely expressed;
  5. General malaise and weakness, I want to lie down;
  6. It lays the ears, there is mild nausea;
  7. Begin to bake the eyes, there is a feeling of sand in them.

There are patients who no longer feel promoted. Someone has a slight taste of metal in the mouth, someone starts to want to sleep. There are also such that they just start to drink a lot of fluids, although this is not recommended by doctors.

What is dangerous blood pressure 140 to 90?

As soon as pressure begins to creep upwards, the vessels cease to be flexible and lose their ability to relax. As a result, the heart and all the cells of the body do not receive a sufficient number of necessary elements due to circulatory disorders.

The consequences of this increase can be different: the onset of hypertensive crisis, the development of coronary heart disease, heart and kidney failure, blurred vision and hearing. Often, frequent jumps to a high level can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

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Causes of high blood pressure

The doctor is always trying to establish the cause of blood pressure 140 to 100 or 90. The result of the prescribed treatment depends on it. It is very difficult to establish the cause, because it can be several factors at once, which in the complex year after year lead to hypertensive crisis.

Of the common reasons should be such:

  • Obesity, extra pounds;
  • Bad habits and abuse of tobacco, alcohol, taking drugs;
  • The development of pathologies in the body;
  • Eating large quantities of salted, fatty and smoked;
  • Genetics and age characteristics;
  • Frequent mood swings, nervous work, family troubles;
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

The risk of hypertension with indicators 140 to 90 appears in those taking birth control pills, and in women who suffered from toxemia during pregnancy.

First aid at a pressure of 140 to 90

What to do if the pressure suddenly increased 140 to 90?

Urgently call an ambulance and try for the arrival of the doctor to prevent a new jump.

Be sure to expect an ambulance lying down, slightly raising the pillows so that the heart is above the level of the legs. Do not drink plenty of fluids.

140 to 90 pressure

If there are pills that were prescribed by a doctor in order to bring down the pressure, you should take the necessary dosage, drinking a small amount of water. You can put a validol tablet under the tongue and open the window for airing.

When medical assistance arrives, it will be good if the patient shows the latest pressure measurement records.

Ways to treat high blood pressure

Independently fight with hypertension is impossible. Improper treatment often causes serious disorders, serious illnesses, and can lead to the hospital room. Only in the medical institution of the patient will be able to examine and paint the treatment with medications, which will be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

In addition to drug treatment, you can help your body with folk remedies. Brewing and taking herbs, hypertensive patients not only gradually learn to normalize blood pressure 140 90, but also improve the elasticity of blood vessels, increase the tone of the whole organism.

Doctors and herbalists recommend, if there are no contraindications, such fees:

  • Mint and viburnum;
  • Sophora and chestnut;
  • Valerian and Yarrow;
  • Mistletoe and Calendula;
  • Plantain and dried flowers.

140 to 90 pressure

Herbs were treated in the old days, but still patients with hypertension begin to take broths as soon as the weather changes, or on days of stressful situations. Broths need to be taken not a one-time, and drink in the system. Such additional treatment and prevention last 2-3 months and are repeated twice a year.

Prescribing drugs to reduce pressure, doctors choose diuretics, which normalize the indicators, removing the excess fluid from the body. Also used to treat drugs that block calcium. As a result, the walls of the vessels cease to contract, the lumen for blood outflow increases, and the pressure returns to normal.

If tests show that hypertensive patients have potassium deficiency, the doctor will prescribe medications with a high content of this component. Also pills are written out that will stabilize the pressure, keeping it at a normal level.

140 to 90 pressure

How to understand that medications help

After receiving the prescription and purchasing the necessary drugs, the patient begins treatment and waits for improvement. Pressure can be normalized on the first day, but this does not mean that there will be no more jump and treatment can be stopped.

Hypertension should continue to systematically measure blood pressure, be sure to record all the indicators, indicating the date and time. As soon as the numbers on the tonometer are stable for 4-5 measurements, it means that you can be sure that the treatment is successful.

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