3 blood group

About one fifth of people on the planet (20%) have a third blood group. It appeared at a time when immigration reached its peak and when people began to en masse animals en masse. It was then that they began to eat animal products, as well as meat.

Due to the fact that this blood group appeared in this way, almost any diet is suitable for it, and the Rh factor does not play a role here.

Despite the fact that the special diet has its strict limitations, there are still fewer of them than in other groups. This is due to the fact that those with the third blood group can easily adapt to changes in their diet. Such people can boast a strong immune and digestive system.

Useful products for people with blood group 3

The diet for the third blood group includes the use of the following products:

  • meat: lamb, venison, lamb and rabbit meat;
  • seafood: sardines, flounder, salmon, angelfish, mackerel, grouper, cod, pike and caviar;
  • dairy and dairy products: goat milk, kefir, yoghurts, cottage cheese and cottage cheese, goat and sheep cheese;
  • olive oil;
  • rice flour bakery products;
  • cereals and cereals: millet, rice, oats and spelled;
  • legumes: dark beans, vegetable beans, red soybeans and lima beans;
  • vegetables: eggplants, beets, cauliflower, yams, brussels sprouts, yellow and green peppers;
  • fruits and berries: bananas, grapes, cranberries, plums, papaya and pineapple;
  • spices: horseradish, kari, ginger, parsley and cayenne pepper;
  • drinks: green tea, juices from grapes, cranberries and cabbage, as well as from pineapple and papaya;
  • Herbal teas with rosehip, ginger, licorice, sage and ginseng.

These products are not only beneficial for people with blood group 3, but also contribute to the burning of fat cells. Eating them constantly, you can forget about excess weight and fat hanging from the sides.

Harmful products for people with the third blood group

Meat: pigeon, goose, horse, partridge, chicken, quail, giblets, hazel grouse, black grouse, pork, bacon, ham, beef heart, duck, guinea fowl.

Fish and seafood: Arctic char, barracuda, beluga, gastropods, bivalves, stone perch, crab, lobster, octopus, striped perch, pollock, eel, edible snail, oyster, rainbow trout, brook trout, hamsa.

Milk products: cheese, ice cream, melted cheese, Swiss cheese.

Eggs: goose, quail, duck.

Legumes: cow peas, chickpeas, shoots of small Turkish peas, soy milk, soy cheese, tempeh, tofu, spotted beans, black beans, green lentils, red lentils.

Nuts and Seeds: peanuts and peanut paste, pine nuts, cashews and cashew paste, poppy seeds, sesame seed, sunflower seed, sunflower seed paste, pumpkin seed and pumpkin seed paste, tahini, pistachios, hazelnuts.

Cereals (cereals, flour, bread, pasta): amaranth, buckwheat and flakes, buckwheat flour, kamut, crushed wheat (couscous), corn, corn flakes, flour and pasta from artichoke and girasol, popcorn, wheat grits and flakes, wheat flour and products from it, wheat bran, rye flour, wild rice, sorghum, toff.

Vegetables, greens, vegetable juices: aloe and aloe juice, artichoke, Greek and Spanish olives, green olives, black olives, radish sprouts, tomatoes and tomato juice, rhubarb, radish, radish, Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkin.

Fruits and fruit juices: avocado, pomegranates, cantaloupe, coconut, coconut milk, prickly pear fruits, persimmon.

Vegetable oil: peanut oil, castor oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sesame oil, borage seed oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil.

Spices and spices: allspice, cinnamon, juniper, ground pepper.

Seasonings, sauces, culinary supplements: guarana, gelatin, carrageen, ketchup, tomato sauce, cornstarch, miso, soy sauce.

Sample diet menu for 3 blood groups

Breakfast: Rice porridge with apples – 250 g, herbal tea (St. John’s wort, mint).

Lunch: Mushroom cream soup (carrots, potatoes, mushrooms) – portion (250); salad of eggs, sardines, cheese, dressed with olive oil or lean methane.

Dinner: Boiled beef with pepper and eggplants – 250 g.

Snacks: Vegetables (1 cucumber / 1 carrot) or fruit (optional) – 1-3 pieces.

Breakfast: Oatmeal – 250 g.

Lunch: Cream of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower; fruit salad.

Supper: Hare stew + side dish (rice with vegetables); green tea.

3 blood group

Snacks: Fruits (apricots, plums) – 1-5 pcs., Prunes / dried apricots – 50 g.

Breakfast: Low-fat yogurt, 1 apple, fruit juice.

Lunch: Mushroom soup with lightly fried vegetables; salad (beef, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, cilantro).

Dinner: Baked fish with boiled green beans – 250-300 g.

3 blood group

Recommendations for the diet for the third blood group

☀ When composing your diet, be sure to leave time for sports. You are recommended to practice walking and running, aerobics, swimming, tennis and, of course, yoga. Yoga in your case is preferable.

☀ Do not be afraid to eat meat (lamb, venison, lamb, rabbit meat) and eggs. Due to the features of 3 positive blood groups – these products will not become a burden for you when forming a diet.

☀ Drink vitamins. Given your ban on buckwheat, corn and wheat, you will need additional sources of vitamins.

☀ Eat more greens. You can add plenty to her in soups and salads.

☀ Refuse carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks can disrupt the processes of the digestive tract

☀ But you should not refuse beer or wine. The use of data of alcoholic beverages in small doses will have a beneficial effect on your diet.

Special recommendations

Beware of corn, buckwheat, and peanuts. These products cause the greatest weight gain in people with the third blood group. Only in people with the third blood group do these products reduce insulin production and impair the body’s metabolism. As a result, body fatigue, water retention and weight gain result.

If you want to have a healthy body and maintain an optimal weight, then remove from your diet foods that should be excluded. Namely, corn, lentils, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, tomatoes and pork. Exercise, limit your fat intake, and you will live a long and healthy life.

Exercise for people with blood group 3

Psychological harmony and proper physical activity – the key to success for people who solve the problem of weight loss. Basically, for this blood group are suitable sports that combine relaxing technique and intensive exercise:

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