Black navel after childbirth

Why does the navel crawl out and stick in pregnant women?

Pregnancy changes the appearance of a woman. The tummy is increasing, because the baby needs more and more space inside. Future moms often worry about the navel. The closer to childbirth, the more he crawls out and changes. It is quite natural that mommies are worried about why the navel crawls out in pregnant women.

According to the observations of pregnant women, by the 25th week, the navel noticeably crawls out and sticks out from all expectant mothers (see photo). Sometimes it seems that he is about to turn inside out. If the woman is thin, this is especially noticeable.

Many pregnant women have a natural fear that the navel will not return to normal. Such fears are superfluous. The fact that the navel crawls out in pregnant women is associated with stretching of the muscles of the peritoneum, as a result of which the umbilical ring increases. After birth, it will decrease, and the navel will return to its former state.

Sometimes a pregnant woman may notice that the navel is dark (see photo). Such changes are associated with hormonal changes in the body. They affect the skin pigmentation, with the result that the umbilical ring changes shade. Do not worry about the fact that the navel gets out and darkened: a few weeks after birth, the skin color around the navel will return to its former state.

Before the beginning of the second trimester, the pregnant woman does not notice any special changes in the shape and color of the navel. However, if the expectant mother had an umbilical hernia, during pregnancy she may begin to grow. If you had this disease, and the navel gets out strongly during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor.

Is it possible to do a piercing?

Pregnancy and piercing are not always compatible. Officially, the procedure for future moms is not prohibited, but the piercing can cause serious complications during childbirth and stretch marks that do not pass after the birth of the child. If you have a navel sticking out during pregnancy, then it becomes clear why you should not get pierced at this time. Leave the decoration for the period after birth and calmly carry out and give birth to a child.

If you decide on a piercing during pregnancy, the cause of unrest often becomes a bruise in the navel. As the navel crawls out, the skin around it becomes thin, the veins and blood vessels may show through and even burst. A bruise, if it does not bother, should not be a cause of concern if the piercing is done before pregnancy. But a lady in a position to go for this procedure is not worth it.

If the navel scratches and crawls during pregnancy, this indicates that the skin around it has become very thin and dry. To soften it, you can use moisturizing cosmetics, perfect cream for stretch marks.

The situation when the navel comes out during pregnancy is quite normal. Some women see this as a plus. So, the inverted navel shows that your belly grows and your baby grows with it. This fact fully explains why the navel comes out and sticks out.

If the navel hurts

Pain and discomfort in pregnant women may be due to the fact that the skin is stretched, the navel bulges, and the baby inside is growing rapidly. Sometimes it seems that the navel seems to stretch from the inside. Such a process is quite natural, new sensations should not frighten a woman.

As soon as the birth passes, the navel returns to its former place, and the painful sensations disappear. If you are not worried about colic, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, then you should not be afraid of a bulging navel.

The reason that pain develops around the navel can be great exercise during pregnancy. The abdominal muscles are strained, as a result, the woman feels pain, tingling. If the muscle tone is weak, an umbilical hernia develops, which persists after childbirth. The longer the term, the greater the likelihood that this pathology will develop.

Hernia itself is not a dangerous disease. If a woman will wear a bandage, fulfills the recommendations of the doctor, then there is nothing to worry about. When a hernia develops, it is not necessary to lift weights and to overload the body, as this will lead to intestinal strangulation. This situation requires urgent surgery, which is extremely undesirable during pregnancy.

If pains in the navel are minor and do not bother, do not pay attention to them. They only confirm the natural changes in the body.

However, sometimes a bulging and painful navel is a sign of a serious illness:

Appendicitis in this case, the pain will spread to the entire right side of the abdomen.

Infections of the gastrointestinal tract pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever.

Other diseases of the digestive tract.

Gynecological diseases, which often become acute during pregnancy.

If a woman feels discomfort, it is better for her to seek help from a doctor. Perhaps the situation is not serious, and do not need to worry. To conduct a thorough diagnosis will help laboratory studies. However, conducting an independent course of therapy for a woman in a position is very dangerous. It is better not to risk and trust a doctor.

Black navel after childbirth

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, women have to put up with a lot of trouble. Among them is a black navel after childbirth, along with a dark stripe on the abdomen, darkening of the nipples, the appearance of freckles, etc.

In fact, the accumulation of dyes in the female body is caused by changes in the hormonal plan. In particular, they are caused by an additional load for the adrenal glands. That is, the actual darkening is due to an increase in the number of hormones of the adrenal cortex, but not at all by the male sex hormones. In this case, the changes will begin with the earliest possible stages of pregnancy.

A dark brown stripe or a black navel after childbirth is quite normal. Usually, all this goes completely by the time of the resumption of menstruation after birth.

Black navel after childbirth

That is, when the navel bulges after childbirth or the skin darkens significantly around it – there is absolutely nothing to worry about. All this is caused by the banal hormonal restructuring of the body, which contributes to the accumulation of skin pigment. Already after a few weeks, all these changes will begin to pass, the navel itself will take on its normal shape, and its color will also return.

Hormonal background after childbirth

During pregnancy, there is a rapid change in hormonal levels. It is he who causes the black navel after childbirth, and during the carrying of the baby.

The production of hormones goes in special glands and cells, then the blood carries them all over the body. At the same time in the female body is the production of dozens of different hormones. The most important postpartum women are estrogen and progesterone. Both are produced in the ovaries in the early stages of pregnancy, then this function gradually passes to the placenta.

An equally important hormone of a woman is human chorionic gonadotropin, which is completely produced only during pregnancy. After childbirth, an active hormonal rearrangement begins again. After all, hormonal recovery after childbirth is not an easy process. Only at the end of breastfeeding will the body gradually return to its so-called “pre-pregnancy state”.

Disorders of hormones after childbirth: how to determine

Immediately it should be noted that the black navel after childbirth is not a signal or a consequence of hormonal disturbances. This is a natural and quite normal phenomenon, the occurrence of which in this difficult period is determined by the characteristics of the body of a particular woman.

The real signal of a hormonal imbalance is frequent dizziness and a violation of blood pressure, insomnia, severe weight loss or severe obesity, as well as menstruation.

Navel after childbirth

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Black navel after childbirth

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