Bruises on the hands

Most people encounter cracked vessels in their hands. Such a problem seems harmless to many. In this regard, only women experience, as their hands do not look very attractive. They want to know why the blood vessels on the fingers burst and bruises appear. Hematomas can be painful.

The causes of brittle vessels in the hands

If the vessels constantly burst on the hands, it is necessary to consult a doctor, find out the reasons. If the body is broken, it needs to be corrected. If the human vessels are healthy, then the hematoma does not appear even after a strong blow. Elastic walls of capillaries and veins withstand and compensate for short-term pressure. If bruising occurs without a reason, it is worth considering.

Bruises on the hands

  • As a rule, point hemorrhages appear when blood pressure jumps, temperatures, excessive physical exertion. They can appear under stress, strong experiences. In order for the vessels on the fingers not to burst, it is necessary to control your pressure.
  • Vessels on hands can burst due to poor-quality household chemicals. Buying dubious home care products, laundry detergents, cosmetics for the body, you risk getting such an unpleasant symptom, an allergic reaction to the detergent component. It is enough to change the remedy so that it disappears. If this is not possible, then when using household chemicals should wear gloves.
  • In some cases, the vessels burst against the background of an allergic reaction. The reason for this can be medication, the use of traditional methods of treatment, which narrow the vascular walls. Then you need to take antihistamines.
  • The problem with the vessels is also in violation of the hormonal background of the body. Pregnancy, age-related restructuring of the body, postponed abortions, spontaneous miscarriages, the presence of cysts – all this leads to pinpoint hemorrhages on the fingers. Vessels lose their elasticity when taking hormonal drugs.
  • Fragile vessels are one of the symptoms of hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, stroke, heart attack. This problem is often with obesity.
  • Vessels on the fingers can burst during heavy strength training, when blood pressure rises. If this phenomenon appears often, it is worth changing the training regime.

Bruises on the hands

The walls of blood vessels weaken and when transferred infectious diseases. They become brittle with exacerbation of chronic diseases. In this case, no action is required. When recovering, unpleasant symptoms will go away.

Blood vessels burst and bruises appear – treatment of the disease

The vessels on the fingers may break due to traumatic effects on the skin. The walls of blood vessels are damaged during peeling, prolonged tanning, frequent visits to the solarium, and frostbite. If the human body lacks rutin and ascorbic acid, blood vessels will suffer, additional characteristic symptoms will appear. A person will be constantly cold limbs. Even in the heat, he will feel chills. The skin will get a blue tint. In most cases, this is observed in the fall and spring. Important vitamins may not be enough for various reasons. For example, in the absence of them in the everyday menu. In infectious diseases, the body uses vitamin C in a different way and loses it. It can be poorly absorbed with age-related changes.

  • Strengthen the walls of blood vessels will help the drug askorutin.
  • Do not forget about vitamin C, which will help disperse the blood through the vessels.
  • Vitamin P will help restore the elasticity of the vessels.

Bruises on the hands

If you give your body enough attention and find out the reason why the vessels on the fingers burst and bruises appear, you will not have to worry. Putting this problem on course, will require radical procedures. In some cases, the vessels will have to be surgically removed. If you catch up on time, you can avoid varicose veins, heart attack and stroke.

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