Cholesterol in foods

About cholesterol interfere so long ago, so many people tse vseridlo, and I just do not stink about the price. Doctors and physicians are so “distal”, so to know the words of a dramatis, and here they are the brokers of products that have been treated to them — you know, you can write on a dance floor with a butter, just a cheater, a cheater, a cheater, a cheater, a cheater, and a cheater. Ace cholesterol – a chain of speech, a yak can not be combined in high-end products: it is only in the products of the common diet.

And I: the same nasmachnіshі products and bіlshіst fahіvtsіv vіdnosyat to shkіdlivih, and I don’t need a little more than vіdmovitsya vіd їh vzhivannya. Taki products, butter, lard, eggs, pork, pechinka, sour cream, best cholesterol, alone, or varto in vidmlyatsya vіd їх vzhivannya?

Cholesterol: Pussy and Good. Balance cholesterol It’s not true that you’ve been so magically so all the way: the same cholesterol is necessary for us, inaccurately, it’s good for you. To the right is that cholesterol, sweating in the room, roznitsya zvdti on all klіtin і fabrics on the body with special transport habits – ONP, lіpoproteinami low scholnost_. Set rehovini mozhut uvoruvati on the pages of the courts of the United States, that LDL otrimali call nasty cholesterol.

Cholesterol in foods

If you look at cholesterol in the blood of bagato, then you will destroy the internal membranes of the judges, accumulate in them and approve sclerotic plaques. If the plaque is bad, the vessel is blocked – it is atherosclerosis, so the solution of LDL is not guilty of overgrowth of 1 g per 1 liter of blood.

Lipoproteins visokoi schilnosti (HDL), the day is absolutely protaleznym rumble – stinks transport cholesterol back to the school, cleaning it out yyogo nadlishkiv steinki sudin; in the cholesterol pebbles obblyatsya і vivoditsya organizmu.

Tom’s HDL is “good” cholesterol, and in one’s blood is more than 0.45 g per liter. Tsei is a kind of cholesterol we need: without anything, the warehouse of the classic membranes will be crushed and grown, so that the clini cannot be normal, and the tissues do not fit.

The development of tissue and the synthesis of state-of-the-art hormones cannot occur without participation of cholesterol, because it is especially important for children and children, and in other words, it’s not possible for them to be together.

Medichnaya statistics, however, talk about those, just in 90% of people who have suffered a lot of that infarction, and cholesterol have been consumed by the norm.

In the USA, the campaign against cholesterol has been burned: the very same label was used for the label “without cholesterol,” and they began to hold the greatness of the category of recalled products. Vyrobnitstvo kostchualo is expensive, і vyrobniki robili all can, schob products without cholesterol have become popular with spizhivachіv, flowed to neat nezrozumlo, yaky cholesterol itself in them?

So XX table has become the table of cholesterol, aloe syogean physicians have not been so vzhevny, so qia speech svіd vvazhat cause of all bіd. Rivne seized death and death from infarction and inflation did not decrease, and in the United States, the anti-cholesterin campaign, more than half the population of the population, was rooted to the justice of the judge and sharpened until the death of the tsikh

At the same time, the French, in their wake, are

By the same rumination, should one give oneself to the rule of the Judges, and at the end of the day, and feel good? There is a lot of bagato lying around the tavern: Japanese, for example, bagato ribi, legumes, grasses, algae, ale few myasnichnyh products. Sauce is the most popular sauce in Japan, and you’ll find yourself with antioxidant power, and waking up with fat, turning your cholesterol into “fad”.

Італійці і фриту to prepare the bagato of myasnye strav, zokrёm, fat sauces, on the contrary, in problems with cholesterol in their blood: Mix the most natural antioxidant, resveratrol, and the whole of fruitful fruit and vegetables — also there they stink of growth. Pogan cholesterol in my blood is simply not vopiga dopichichatis.

Staє zrozumіlo, scho kіlkіst cholesterol in the blood to lie around our kharuuvannya. In our country, you have to pay for the presence of products, for additional help you can use the balance of LDL and HDL – in short, we will be healthy.

Yak reduce cholesterol in blood: produce, reduce cholesterol Pershech for everything, before such products are blessed with fresh green vegetables: licorice, broccoli and other species of cabbage, celera, crіp, parsley, listov lettuce і

Znizhennyu rivnya LNP spriyaє і morkva, in whether-yakomu viglyadі: sira, varena, morkvyane mashed potatoes, сік і

Bagato vidiv gorikhіv spriyaut znizhennyu pіvnya cholesterol, that is, to mix unsaturated fatty acids. For the sake of cinnamon, be clean-seated oil, especially Sonyashnikova: for the citizens of our country – like olive oil, we are not so happy.

Tsibulya і podchnik tezh vіdnosyatsya to produk_v, scho znizhuє p_ven lnp: there are enough 3 zubchik_v in a private day, and you can eat it, and do not survive through the smell, and the axis of the keyboard is shortened vivati ​​sirim – so you will find the same way to find your life, this is the same, you will need to find the same way to find the same way, and the axis of the key will be different. ) mayzhe on 30%.

All bobs – peas, socevitsya, bobi, kvasol, soybeans – health znizhuvati rivien LDL mayzhe 20%. Dissolve the bottle of the boletus bean, scraps of pdtrimuvati riven to cholesterol in the norm.

Bob beans are pectin, and vivod cholesterol from the body, do not give yuma v_dkladatsya in vessels. Even worse in tsomu vodnoshennі bilki soкиvih bob_v.

Mozhe see marvelous, ale fat riba duz effectively grabbing the court sud vіd cholesterol vіdkladen. There is no reason for protesting here: polynenasic fatty acids and omega-3, it is sama in the body fat, and their antioxidant power levels are important.

Zrozumіlo, korisni be-yakі fruits, however, zadato solodki_ slіd vivivati ​​in lesser kіlkosty. Crack vibirati citrus: oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit; You can reduce cholesterol and green apples. Reduced cholesterol in vitamins, in vitamins, oatmeal, vip_chka z vіvsyano ї flour and visivok. For example, a good deal of healthy buns from a pile of bread a bun з buns of all-day flour from a viskivok, then after two times the size of the LDL will decrease by 5-6%. It is possible just a shazoranka z’їdati tarliku vіvsjanoi kashі. Already cinnamon tajozh brown (brown) rice.

Kukurudzyan і vіvki vivcheni little, ale in one of the American universities in the course of the competition, all in 3 months, you can reduce the cholesterol consumption by 20%, as if it’s 1

Pіsna Yalovychina tezh dopomagak pіdtrimuvati in organisms rozmnij balance cholesterol. Such visnovok was crushed by the English in the course of the summer, if the group of people with the high level of the LDL rejected the taste of the fish with the low fat, 200 grams and 200 grams per day. In a matter of hours, the number of LNP in the blood of doslіjuvani cholov_kiv decreased by 18%.

For Russian people, and more for Ukrainians, pigs are often a national product, or they can be found in the list of products, cholesterol must be placed in one place. Nevzhe vіd nyogo to happen vidmavitsya povnіstyu?

However, nevovyazkovo, however, то varto tіlki pig lard, saline in the home way. No smoked, no more baked lard, do not bring anything healthy to you, okrіm zovivy calori i skoda.

Have freshly salted sali, navpak, zberіgaєtsya bâgato korisnih vіtamіnіv і zhirіv, and треб yogy tahya zachnik, tsibuleyu, greens, sauerkraut і salt salted ogirkami, not more than 2-3 shmochkkіv day. Especially cinnamon pig fat in the winter hour: there is a challenge to the body energy and cold.

Krym rerahovanyh products, r_ven cholesterol well regulate tea – zvdyaki closer together in a new tanіnu; sea ​​water spirulina – you can buy it in drugs; barley and rice hangings – stench reduce LDL flux by 25–40%; asset vugillya, yakscho priymati yogo before pagina.

Є takozh vіtamіnnі preparati і supplements, here znizhuvati r_ven of shkidlivogo cholesterol, ale before them, please feel the best of lkarem.

Tse nіatsin (n_otinovy ​​acid), ітаміни С і Е, and takozh kaltsіy. However, choosing a way to do this is to include in the комakomog ratsion more natural products from their own.

At the end of the day, I want to go and get rid of the cholesterol of the wicked, put it on the top of the wretched cholesterol on the wicked side, then marry the “good,” healthy school for health: you can not get enough for it, you can miss it, and you can get rid of your health. in zhenok mozhut vinikati seryoznі hormonalnі zboї in organizmі.

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