Cystitis after intercourse

Cystitis is a fairly common disease that occurs among both women and men. This is an inflammatory process that is localized in the urinary tract. Often observed cystitis after intercourse. Consider the causes of this pathology as a result of intimacy, as well as methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Causes of the inflammatory process

First of all, cystitis appears after intercourse as a result of the ingress of pathogenic microorganisms into the organs of the urogenital system. Their active vital activity causes the inflammatory process. Consider why is cystitis after intercourse in more detail:

  1. Abnormal structure of the genitourinary system. In this case, the urinary tract are vulnerable, they do not perform protective functions, resulting in exacerbated cystitis after intercourse.
  2. The urethra in women is located close to the entrance to the vagina. In this situation, the path to the entry of pathogenic microorganisms is open.
  3. Non-compliance with personal hygiene. This applies to both women and men. Bacteria from the hands and genitals enter the urinary tract, thereby causing an inflammatory process.
  4. During intimacy, anal and vaginal sex is present. Thus, bacteria from the anus enter the vagina.
  5. Condom use during sex with spermicidal lubricant. This substance can cause injury to the mucous membranes of the genital organs, which will contribute to the development of inflammatory processes. That is why the development cystitis from sexual intercourse.
  6. Nontraditional positions during sex. They can injure the urethral mucosa.
  7. If the disease is not completely cured, the disease may resume. Here is why cystitis worsens after intercourse.
  8. Rough sex With aggressive behavior of partners during sexual intercourse, there may be a lack of natural lubrication. This leads to trauma to the genitals and the subsequent development of the inflammatory process. This is one of the reasons, why after intercourse begins cystitis.

If a after intercourse began cystitis, This may also indicate sexually transmitted or infectious diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact through unprotected sex.

As for damage to the mucous membranes of the genital organs, in such a situation, pathogenic microorganisms freely enter the urinary tract.

The disease after its appearance requires immediate treatment. Since the lack of therapy at this stage causes its active development. The inflammatory process caused by pathogenic microorganisms in the urinary tract gradually spreads to the bladder.

Cystitis after intercourse

After contact with microbes as a result of sexual contact, cystitis may not appear immediately. The provoking factors in this case are the weakening of the immune system and the disruption of the functioning of the bladder at the time of its emptying. As well as favorable factors that provoke the active development of cystitis after sex are:

  • excessive use of alcoholic beverages;
  • promiscuity;
  • chronic constipation;
  • SARS and other colds.

It is important to know! Any injury to the mucous membranes of the genital organs after sex can lead to the appearance of cystitis!

Symptoms of cystitis after sex

First signs cystitis after the first sexual intercourse appear in a few hours. The main symptoms that accompany this disease are:

  • pain in the lower abdominal cavity and in the urethra;
  • burning and cutting pain during urine excretion;
  • bloody clots are observed in the urine;
  • frequent urination to urinate, constant feeling of an empty bladder;
  • fever with insufficient treatment or neglect of the disease.

Cystitis after intercourse

As well as a characteristic feature is pain during intercourse with cystitis. Intimacy does not cause any pleasant sensations, only discomfort.

When the first symptoms of cystitis appear, treatment should begin immediately. This pathology progresses rather quickly, so an untimely medical effect can lead to dangerous consequences.

Cystitis in women after sex

This disease is manifested mainly in women, since their genitals are more susceptible to the development of pathogenic microorganisms. This is due to the specific structure of the urinary tract. This channel is wider in them, as a result of which the bacteria enter it unhindered.

Pathogenic microorganisms enter the bladder, thereby causing an inflammatory process. therefore cystitis after sexual contact among women arises much more often than the representatives of the stronger sex. Therefore, they need to carry out preventive measures in order to avoid the appearance of this disease.

Cystitis in men after sex

Sexual intercourse causes cystitis in men in extremely rare cases. This is due to the fact that the urethra of the stronger sex is much narrower, which prevents the entry and development of pathogens in the bladder.

Avoid cystitis after sexual intercourse a man can, observing preventive measures.

Complications and consequences

Ignoring, incorrect or insufficient treatment of cystitis can lead to serious complications. An infection that has entered the bladder gradually spreads to other organs, which can eventually lead to kidney inflammation.

If a after intercourse is always cystitis appears, then at the reflex level, a person’s desire for the opposite sex may disappear. He will be afraid of intimacy, that is, try to avoid pain.

Psychological problems with a partner can also cause cystitis. Since it causes severe pain after sex, a man or a woman begins to avoid intimate intimacy, certain complexes develop, disagreements begin in the family.

Many people who regularly notice in their exacerbation of cystitis after sexual contact, start taking antibacterial drugs after sex. But this is an erroneous strategy, since antibiotics are not suitable for regular use. Over time, they are addictive, as a result of which a person is not able to cure cystitis with medical drugs, and antibiotics no longer have an effective effect.

Quite often, cystitis manifests itself in women in the period of childbearing after intimate intimacy. Antibacterial drugs are contraindicated in this category. They can cause premature birth or lead to the death of the future baby.

Cystitis after intercourse

Therefore, for complete recovery without dangerous consequences, it is necessary to strictly observe the prescription of the attending physician. He will select the most effective methods of treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the course of the disease of each patient.


If, after sexual contact throughout the day, there are painful sensations during urination and other symptoms characteristic of cystitis, it is necessary to immediately consult a specialist. It will help establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The doctor conducts a detailed patient survey for cystitis-specific complaints. After that, a patient with symptoms characteristic of cystitis is referred to the following laboratory and instrumental examinations:

  • general blood and urine analysis;
  • urine microflora;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of the bladder;
  • smear;
  • cystoscopy;
  • determining the exact location of the urethra and vagina.

Ultrasound for cystitis is the most informative method of examining the problem area. It helps to identify not only inflammatory processes in the urethra, but also kidney problems that the disease can cause.

Differential diagnostics

The essence of the differential diagnosis is to exclude other diseases that cause symptoms similar to cystitis.

If the patient has an increased body temperature, bloody clots in the urine, painful urination, this may indicate an inflammation of the kidneys. And it is also necessary to exclude the presence of tumors or stones in the bladder.

Concerning cystitis, which starts to bother after each sexual contact, a study should be conducted on the presence of papillomas and other neoplasms in the organs of the urogenital system.

In women, a disease such as cystolgy is required. It is accompanied by too frequent and painful urination. As well as pain in the lower part of the abdominal cavity.

In differential diagnosis, the doctor relies solely on the results of urine tests.

Treatment of cystitis after intercourse

Treatment of this disease must begin with eliminating the cause of its occurrence. If it was caused by a venereal or infectious disease, then it is required to get rid of it immediately.

Treatment directly cystitis after intercourse carried out with the help of such drugs:

  1. Antibacterial drugs. If the cause of the disease is the development of pathogenic microorganisms in the urethra, it is necessary to drink a course of antibiotics. This group of drugs contributes to their rapid destruction. The most common antibacterial drugs in this case are: Norfloxacin, Nolitsin, Furagin, Nevigremon, Ampicillin, Cephalexin and others.
  2. Herbal remedies. Herbal preparations are used in isolated cases. cystitis after intercourse, not having pronounced signs. The most effective drugs that are aimed at treating this disease are: Cyston, Canephron, Fitolysin, and others.
  3. Antispasmodics. They are used in cystitis to eliminate unpleasant, painful symptoms. The following drugs are used for this: Spazmalgon, No-shpa, Drotaverin and their analogues.
  4. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Their experts are prescribed for symptoms of cystitis. These funds help eliminate inflammation, thereby alleviating the condition. The most effective drugs in this group are: Ibuprofen, Pentalgin, Voltaren, Diclofenac and others.
  5. Probiotics. They must be taken as prevention of cystitis. The most common probiotics: Linex, Bifiform, Acipol, Hilak and others.
  6. Immunomodulators. Enhancing immunity is an important point in the treatment of cystitis. A strengthened immune system prevents the reappearance of cystitis. The body produces protective cells that suppress pathogenic microorganisms that have entered the urethra. To improve immunity, the following drugs are prescribed: Immunofan, Timogen, Taktivin, Mielopid, as well as their analogues.
  7. Pain relievers and antipyretics. They are necessary in cases where cystitis is accompanied by fever and acute pain. The most popular drugs of this group are: Analgin, Ispirin, Citramon, Paracetamol and others.

Important to remember! With treatment of cystitis after intercourse required to strictly adhere to the appointments and recommendations of the doctor! This will help lead to full recovery in a short time.

Cystitis surgery

Exacerbation of cystitis after sexual intercourse each time requires more radical therapy. Since relapses in such cases are observed as a result of every intimacy. The main indication for surgery is an expanded urethra. The operation is to return it to its normal state. This is an uncomplicated process that proceeds without complications. Already on day 3 after surgery, the patient is allowed to go home.

Folk treatment

The most common unconventional treatment for cystitis is heating with red brick. To do this, it must be well heated on the fire, then placed in an enamelled bucket. The treatment is that the patient should sit on the bucket, wrapped fully with a warm blanket. It’s necessary to sit in this position for about 20 minutes. After this time, wipe the wet areas on the body dry, take shelter in the heat and go to bed.

You can also use medicinal decoctions and infusions that have anti-inflammatory effect. The most effective medicinal plant in this case is St. John’s wort.


In order to avoid the appearance of cystitis after sexual contact, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures. Their essence lies in such actions:

  • strict hygiene;
  • wash the genitals before and after sexual contact;
  • going to the toilet immediately after the first urge to urinate;
  • if anal sex is present in sexual life, it is imperative to use a condom;
  • not to engage in oral sex in the presence of infectious diseases of the oral cavity;
  • drink as much liquid as possible, pathogens are washed out in this way from the urethra faster;
  • during critical days a woman should spend more time on personal hygiene;
  • if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, it takes 2 times a day to do exercises.

You should also not forget that harmful habits, such as smoking and uncontrolled use of alcoholic beverages adversely affect the organs of the genitourinary system. They lose their protective functions, which contributes to the development of the disease.

Sexual intercourse with cystitis may worsen the condition. Therefore, when it appears, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment, after which you can continue to lead an active sex life. Therefore, the answer to the question: is it possible to have sex during cystitis, negative.

Completely get rid of this disease can be, strictly observing the prescription prescribed by the attending physician. If the treatment was carried out correctly, then the person can completely get rid of the disease. When medication does not give the desired result, surgery is required. It is not difficult, so rehabilitation does not take more than 3 days. Therefore, with the correct treatment of this disease, the prognosis is predominantly positive.

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