For heartburn and stomach pain

Unfortunately, such an unpleasant condition, like heartburn, is now far from uncommon. To effectively cope with it, you first need to figure out what it is and why it occurs.

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is an unpleasant sensation in the form of a burning sensation in the chest. Often, heartburn is accompanied by pain in the stomach. Sometimes a burning sensation can even reach the oropharyngeal cavity.

For heartburn and stomach pain

It is known that heartburn is the result of the ingestion of gastric contents on the mucous membrane of the esophagus due to regurgitation (rapid movement in the opposite direction of the normal). In turn, gastroesophageal reflux occurs as a result of a malfunction of the esophageal-gastric sphincter or a significant increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity (for example, overweight). Gastro-esophageal reflux can be observed in healthy people, however, the frequent repetition of this phenomenon indicates the presence of a certain pathology. It should also be borne in mind that the occurrence of heartburn may be associated with a violation of the motility of the stomach and esophagus.

Often the appearance of heartburn and pain in the stomach indicates the presence of gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa). In this case, the occurrence of heartburn is associated with an increase in acidity of gastric contents. Therefore, most often the presence of heartburn and pain in the stomach are observed with hyperacid gastritis (with increased acidity of gastric juice).

For heartburn and stomach pain

Heartburn is one of the most important symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Heartburn can also signal the presence of conditions and diseases that GERD can cause, such as strictures, erosions and ulcers of the esophagus. In addition, the frequent occurrence of heartburn episodes often leads to the development of esophagitis (inflammation of the esophageal mucosa) and other complications. Therefore, the long existence of this condition requires the mandatory consultation of a physician.

Heartburn prevention and prevention

In the event of an episode of heartburn, it is first necessary to neutralize the acid of the gastric juice, which got into the esophagus. Antacids can deal with this task – drugs used for the symptomatic treatment of heartburn. Antacids, entering into a chemical reaction with hydrochloric acid, cause its neutralization. Due to this property, antacid drugs can quickly eliminate heartburn, stomach pain, sour taste in the mouth and other negative phenomena.

Currently on the Ukrainian market there is a four-component antacid drug Sekrepat Forte. The effectiveness of this drug is ensured by the rational combination of its active substances that complement the action of each other. So, calcium carbonate in the composition of the antacid Sekrepat Forte provides a quick neutralization of hydrochloric acid, so that heartburn and stomach pain are eliminated just a few minutes after taking this drug. Another active ingredient – dihydroxyaluminum aminoacetate – supports the normal acidity of the gastric juice and thereby prolongs the duration of action of this antacid.

Magnesium trisilicate, which is part of the drug Sekrepat Forte, has an anti-acid and additional flotation effect, forming an antacid film that covers the esophageal mucosa. Aluminum hydroxide contributes to the formation of mucus, the normalization of the acidity of gastric juice and the restoration of damaged mucous membranes. In general, modern European antacid Sekrepat Forte allows you to quickly eliminate heartburn and stomach pain, while providing a long lasting effect and additional cytoprotective effect.

In order to prevent the occurrence of episodes of heartburn and stomach pain should follow these rules. First, you need to develop the right diet. It is required to eat food in fractional portions and not to overeat. It should be excluded from the diet fried, fatty and smoked dishes, carbonated water. Secondly, it is forbidden to take a horizontal position after a meal. Thirdly, it is necessary to give up tobacco smoking, and also to limit the consumption of alcohol and coffee. In addition, stressful situations should be avoided.

If episodes of heartburn and stomach pain bother you too often, and these activities do not allow to reduce the frequency of their occurrence, you need to consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of these conditions.

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