Girl during menstruation

You can get pregnant during your period, but the probability is low. During menstruation, the endometrium is rejected, which is brought out together with an unfertilized egg cell.

Even if late ovulation occurs and the sperm reaches the female cell, the embryo will have no place to implant.

The possibility of conception

In any female body, the time of ovulation is different. What is ovulation? This is the period of the cycle, when the egg matures, must meet with the sperm and fertilize.

Girl during menstruation

Just at the time of ovulation, pregnancy is as possible. Spermatozoa, getting into the body of a woman after sexual contact, can survive there for a week. Therefore, fertilization is unlikely directly during menstruation, and after them it is quite possible.

Can I get pregnant during menstruation?

Should take into account the physiological characteristics of each organism. More important are the duration of the cycle and the frequency of menstruation.

For 1 day or 2 day of menstruation

Can a girl get pregnant during her period? The first days are the safest in terms of not conceiving.

The reason is simple:

  • the woman’s body is updated, the level of hormones is minimal, the endometrium is actively rejected;
  • spermatozoa are simply deprived of the opportunity to penetrate the genital tube;
  • if the male reproductive cells nevertheless meet with an egg cell, it will have no place to gain a foothold.

So the risk of conception is minimal.

What days are safe?

Day 1 and 2 of the month are the safest. By and large, during the red days even lovemaking is not so pleasant. By itself, the female body, as if says no, not time.

But the last days of menstruation are more dangerous. If during this period the sperm reaches its destination and lives there until ovulation, then during ovulation the conception will occur. Although formally it all started with the last days of menstruation.

Safe days of the menstrual cycle

What is the probability?

There are cases when getting pregnant during these days is possible. The following situations are quite likely:

  1. The first case, a sperm cell that was ingested by a woman during her period, existed there and waited for ovulation. The result – the connection with the egg. The result is a pregnancy.
  2. Sexual intercourse was a week or less than a week before menstruation. Here is the case: a few days before ovulation, the spermatozoa that were in the fallopian tubes enter the uterine cavity. And it will happen just during ovulation. From a formal point of view, everything will look exactly as if the pregnancy had arisen during menstruation. But in fact, it happened before.
  3. There is a phenomenon when 2 eggs mature at the same time. That is, as they say, one did not work, but there is no guarantee that the spermatozoon will not be fertilized with the second. The reason for this may be irregular intimacy, heredity, again, hormonal disruptions.

Hormonal disbalance

Hormonal disorders can occur in that, for example, ovulation and menstruation occur simultaneously. Launching even with low probability, but it happens. And it seems like sex was on those days, and on other days it was not there. However, in fact, the conception most likely happened in the middle of the previous cycle. In fact, bleeding is already happening for another reason. And the pregnancy continues.

Possible delay of menstruation due to hormonal failure. In this case, you can call the monthly with the help of special drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Unstable cycle

At any time, a reduction in the cycle may be a surprise. As a result, the risk of becoming pregnant increases. The duration of the cycle can be influenced by internal factors, stress, hormones, and external, for example, weather conditions.

Violation of contraceptive use

Everything is simple here. You did not take contraceptives a few days before your period. What is the chance to get pregnant during your period? It is during this period that the risk of pregnancy is maximum. And if fertilization has taken place, taking contraceptives will not affect anything.

Deviation from the schedule of taking pills is the time equal to 12 hours. If the drug was not taken during these hours, you will have to use other methods of protection.

Spontaneous ovulation

In fact, the ovulation terms themselves can shift. This may be due to hormonal changes, in transitional age, or in anticipation of menopause. Irregular methods of contraceptive drugs can also provoke it.

If there is a spiral

It’s no secret that the helix is ​​one of the possible contraceptives. It operates on several points:

  • inhibits the advancement of spermatozoa into the uterus;
  • reduces the life of the egg;
  • interferes with the attachment of a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus.

But 100 percent say that the spiral will protect against unwanted pregnancy, it is impossible.

Can a woman become pregnant during menstruation in the presence of a spiral:

  1. The first reason why the answer to the question is yes is the wrong installation of the spiral.
  2. The second is the manufacturer. Substandard product does not work fully.

In practice, cases are more often illustrated when among women with an established spiral, those whose spiral costs less than a year are more likely to become pregnant.

How to find out about pregnancy?

The first signal to pregnancy – the absence of menstruation on schedule, their delay or scanty discharge. The standard way is to take a pregnancy test, or consult a gynecologist.

Read the article about the reasons for the delay of menstruation. It provides information on gynecological and non-gynecological problems in a woman’s body, the likelihood or absence of pregnancy, the test and the need to consult a doctor.

What to do when menstruation is brown? Read in this article.

Is it really worth having sex during this period?

Of course, there are couples who consider having sex during menstruation, the safest in terms of avoiding unwanted pregnancy and using this.

But all is not well:

  1. Firstly, during menstruation, the risk of sexually transmitted infections increases in a woman’s body, as the defenses are reduced.
  2. Secondly, there is a risk of reflux – when blood coming from the uterus returns to the abdominal cavity. And this is fraught with the proliferation of the walls of the uterus.

Therefore, from a medical point of view, it is believed that during the red days it is better not to enter into sexual intercourse.

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