Herbs to cleanse the body of parasites

Is it possible to remove parasites with herbs? The answer is simple – yes! Traditional healers know dozens of plants, expelling worms from the human body. Moreover, phytotherapy is not inferior in efficiency to modern synthetic means, and in many cases even surpasses them.

Specialists of the World Health Organization also recognized the desirability of treating parasitic diseases with drugs containing herbal, rather than artificial, components.

It would seem that grass can dissolve the parasite? Of course not, especially if it is tapeworms with a length of several meters. Plants act differently, but no less effectively.

The main types of herbs and their properties

As a rule, these plants have a sharp, spicy or bitter taste. They are used both individually and in mixes, where each component complements and enhances the properties of other herbs included in the collection. How a plant acts on parasites can be judged by its taste.

  1. Burning. It raises the level of heat inside the human body, which has a detrimental effect on parasites and their larvae. These plants include cayenne (the most burning) pepper, ginger, garlic, cloves.
  2. Bitter. It reduces the level of moisture in the body, thereby killing bacteria and causes paralysis of worms. They break away from the mucous tissues and are brought outside. The most bitter taste is wormwood.
  3. Sour. Most worms do not live in an acidic environment. For their destruction fit rhubarb, sorrel, sour fruits and berries.

Note! Most antiparasitic drugs are toxic.

In case of overdose, such drugs can cause poisoning and even lead to death. But no less dangerous and insufficient concentration of the drug, because it can provoke active movement of parasites throughout the body. As a result, they can crawl into places completely unusual for them and lay eggs in any internal organ.

Bitter herbs from parasites

Preparations based on these herbs cause paralysis of all types of helminths. Parasites lose their ability to hold on to the tissue into which they have implanted, and together with feces or through the mouth are brought out.

Calamus root

Eliminates all organs from parasites. Cleans the blood, brain, liver, genitals.

It relieves worms, fungi and bacteria. You can cook a decoction or take ground dry grass. The wormwood is very bitter, so it is advisable to pour the powder into empty gelatin capsules. If the pharmacy could not buy them, you can roll it into small bread balls and swallow without chewing.

To prepare an alcohol tincture, 100 g of dry crushed herbs pour 0.5 liters of alcohol with a strength of 70 degrees. After 20 days, filter and drink for a week, three times a day, 30 drops.

Note! Unlike most antiparasitic drugs, it is allowed to use wormwood even for pregnant women. This herb has a beneficial effect on the fetus.

Medicinal herbs for worms

There are quite a few plants that have a detrimental effect on worms, but most often they use ginger, pepper, and garlic for this purpose. Their effectiveness is very high, despite the apparent simplicity and affordability.

Fresh Ginger Root

When used regularly, it kills all types of worms. Grated root can be added to various dishes or consumed as a spirit tincture for two weeks. A pound of grated ginger is poured with vodka (for every 100 grams of root – 100 grams of vodka) and kept for two weeks. Drink a teaspoon three times daily before meals.

Black pepper

If used along with honey, you can get rid of lung worms. Oily infusion of pepper is instilled into the nose in order to expel the worms from the brain or get rid of the herpes viruses.

Simple and reliable tool. The average head of garlic is crushed into a mush, add a glass of milk, boil for a quarter of an hour and leave for another hour. Drink a teaspoon 20 minutes before meals for a week.

Broad spectrum herbs

In addition to plants with a specific effect, traditional herbs use many herbs with anthelmintic, antiviral and antimicrobial properties at the same time. In other words, a single plant can have a powerful complex antiparasitic effect.

Althea root

It is detrimental to any parasites – from viruses to worms. Cleans all tissues, blood, brain, genitals, lungs, etc.

Destroys Trichomonas, mold fungi, candida. For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, they drink pomegranate juice and a decoction of crusts, take infusions.

It relieves from worms, fungi and microorganisms in the blood, brain, respiratory organs, stomach, reproductive system.

Fresh or dried flowers are added to dishes or to healing tea collections. Affects parasites of all kinds.

Eliminates the majority of parasites, starting with those that live in the hair, and ending with pinworms and worms.

It is used in the form of spice, it has the same antiparasitic properties as nettle.

Another plant that can get rid of almost all parasites, up to the hepatitis virus. Chamomile is especially effective in treating the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems.

Recipes for adults

To get rid of parasites used poisonous plants, such as dope or tansy. When handling them, you should take extra care and not use to treat children.

Tansy – from what saves?

This herb is able to excrete any parasites from the human body.

For the destruction of external parasitic organisms (lice, nits, fleas, scabies) use an infusion of tansy flowers. It is better to cook it in a thermos. At half a liter of boiling water add a glass of flower stalks and insist until the latter sink to the bottom. The cooled compote is applied to the hair or skin and left for half an hour. Wash off without using soap.

Especially effective tansy relieves worms. On a glass of boiled water – a teaspoon of dried cut flowers. Insist up to half an hour, filter and drink in small portions during the day. You can take the powder of tansy, rolling it in bread balls, like wormwood. On the day – no more than two receptions per teaspoon of powder.

Datura-grass against parasites

The smoke produced by burning this plant expels worms from the eyes and lungs.

A sheet of metal is heated on a gas stove and cooked some dry grass on it. When the dope starts to smoke, bend down so that the smoke gets into the eyes, and also inhale it. When they feel they are starting to get drunk, the procedure is stopped. Soon the worms will crawl out of the eyes through the lacrimal canal, and from the lungs through the mouth.

Usually the person feels when the parasites begin to move. You can help the worm out of the eye: press on the eyelid with a finger and hold it towards the nose.

Note! Datura is very poisonous, and green is much more powerful than dried. You need to collect and cut the grass with gloves. In no case can not eat dope inside – can only be treated with smoke.

For children use other, more sparing means.

Recipes for kids

As a rule, plants that act more gently are used to treat babies. But, nevertheless, it is quite effective means that can save a child from parasites that have infiltrated his body.

Pumpkin seeds

Most children suffer from pinworms. They cause itching in the area of ​​the anus, which greatly hinders the child. Pumpkin seeds will help to get rid of the problem, but it is even better to buy pumpkin seed oil in a pharmacy and apply it in salads instead of sunflower seed.

Collection against pinworms and ascaris

To prepare the broth, take on one part of chamomile, tansy and gentian, 2 parts of wormwood and 3 parts of buckthorn. Two teaspoons of the collection pour 400 ml of boiling water and leave in a thermos overnight. Drink 3 days twice a day a glass before meals.

Relieves parasites living in the intestines, stomach and lungs. Consume recommended every day in the form of seasoning.

Popular fees

The composition of many antiparasitic fitosborov includes three ingredients, each of which performs its specific role, possessing a bitter, spicy or pungent taste. Therefore, such fees and received the general name – triad.

Russian triad №1

It relieves all types of worms, some fungi and microorganisms. For cooking broth take:

  • 1 part wormwood (paralyzing worms);
  • 2 parts of carnation (kills the larvae of parasites);
  • 4 parts of tansy (destroys pinworms).

Brew in a thermos (2 tablespoons of the collection per 400 ml of boiling water). Drink on 3 sl. l half an hour before meals during the week. The decoction is very bitter, but you need to be patient: drink something with something or not to eat.

Russian triad №2

Less toxic than previous collection. Helps to get rid of worms. Composition:

  • 1 part cumin;
  • 1 part of calamus;
  • 2 pieces of calendula.

Herbs to cleanse the body of parasites

Dry grass is crushed into powder and applied by teaspoon three times a day for two weeks. Then another 2.5 months, the procedure is not repeated daily, but only once a week.

Herbs to cleanse the body of parasites

Note! So that the parasites do not re-infect the body soon, all family members should undergo treatment.

It is also necessary to observe preventive measures. At a minimum: wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating, and also do not eat dirty vegetables and fruits. But if an infection has occurred, do not delay treatment until later, but act quickly and decisively. Fortunately, nature has provided for this plenty of money.

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