How to cause vomiting to not go to school

How to pretend to be sick. How to pretend to be sick, not to go to school.

Do not want to go to school today? Feel bad or just lazy? Here you will find some tips on how to pretend to be sick and stay at home.Warnings1) If you do not want to go to school, tell your parents the day before that you are not feeling well. Start by showing mild symptoms before bedtime, or even around seven in the evening. Keep in mind that some diseases can pass quickly. For example, do not depict a stomachache the day before school, otherwise the next morning you will still have to go there.You can make a fake vomit: take leftover dinner, or old spaghetti, milk, mashed banana, chocolate cocktail or coffee cream (be creative) and spread it on the floor (or on the bed if you want it to look more believable), saying the morning that you do not remember how it happened, and imitating a headache, diarrhea, etc., look guilty to the one who cleans it.If your parents gave you painkillers or other medications, do not use them. Even if you are forced to take pills under supervision, try to avoid it. If you previously had a viral illness, repeat the symptoms, it will be less likely that you are pretending. If you have recently been close to a person who has had a cold, repeat the symptoms as if you had contracted it. When you are sick or have a cold, your cheeks usually burn. Pat them on the cheeks or pinch them to make them red. See that parents do not notice. If you repeat this periodically, the redness will subside. In addition, if the redness subsided, and then reappeared, after quite a long time, the parents may suspect something. Behave a little awkwardly, as if you are sick or tired. To simulate a rash, rub the body until it turns bright red. Try to itch in circular motions to make it look more realistic. Try to combine the rash with a headache or other signs of illness. Behave yourself passively. Your actions will look much more believable if you do not eat half of your favorite dish or cancel a meeting with friends. You will be more believed if you donate your favorite activity, as well as going to school. Stomach problems Do not eat the entire dinner, eat in small pieces. When parents ask what’s the matter, tell me what a stomach ache is. In advance to hide in the room some food, because you have to skip dinner because of poor health. While working on your homework, periodically lower your head, as if you are feeling unwell and the pain keeps you from learning. Sore throat. This will only work if your parents are not obsessed with caring for the child. If your parents take care of you too much, you may end up in the hospital with suspected sore throat, so don’t try. During the day, begin to complain of sore throat, trying to constantly clean it. At about 8 pm say that you are tired and have a headache. Cold / flu. Breathe only by mouth, as if the nose is clogged. When you are near your parents, moan often. If you ask something, speak lightly in the nose. Put on a bunch of clothes, as if you had a fever. Sneeze loudly and sniff, even if your parents are not in the same room with you. The main thing that they heard. While they are not looking, rub your forehead, face and eyes, in case you want to check the temperature over your face. Your face will turn red and warm. You can also take a hairdryer and heat your face, and then tell me you feel hot. 2 Do not finish homework. Especially if your parents care about your grades. Unfinished homework will be another excuse to leave you at home. If you prepare your homework in advance, do it, showing the full intention to go to school, and then suddenly complain of feeling unwell. 3 Go to bed early. Say nothing. Just go to your room and go to bed. Do not brush your teeth – your parents may want to wake you up to remind you. In this case, they will ask what is the matter, and you will say that you are not feeling well. Describe the symptoms, behave impatiently, and even irritated, showing a desire to return to bed faster. Do not overdo it with discontent. Parents can get angry and send you to school, regardless of whether you are sick or not. 4 Loose eyes. On the eve make sure your eyes look red and tired. To do this, lightly rub them so that they look a little sore. Remember: if parents put their hands on you, say that it is cold, not warm! 5Be ready to measure temperature. If you have done well, your parents will likely want to measure your temperature. In this case, say: I need to go to the toilet. Take a mug with you, pour warm water into it and rinse your mouth, especially under your tongue. Before you turn on the water in the sink, do not forget to flush the water in the toilet, otherwise parents suspect that something was wrong. Please note: this will only work if a thermometer is inserted into the mouth. If you have a thermometer with mercury, try to get it before the parents and heat it on the lamp or the battery. If your body temperature is measured, smack your forehead until your parents see. 6 Stand in the middle of the night. If your illness is based on stomach problems, wake your parents around one in the morning and tell me that you just vomited in the toilet or that you have diarrhea. If possible, talk about stomach pain with tears in your eyes. In the case of imitation of a cold or sore throat, cough and clear the throat so loudly to wake them up. Before their arrival, strongly rub face. Do not go to bed until late at night, so that you have bags under your eyes, and your eyes themselves look slightly swollen. To do this, go to bed an hour later usually, sleep at least 4 hours, and then get up an hour earlier than usual. You can use blue eye shadows or petroleum jelly for greater effect. Apply under eyes and rub. The next morning, go to your parents and ask how you look. They will think that you have not slept all night. Your malaise will be more convincing. Strengthen the symptoms of the disease in the morning. Especially reluctant to get out of bed. If you are still forced to go to school, dress very slowly. Do not overdo it with slowness. Skip the button on the shirt, do not brush your hair or tie the laces. Have breakfast without any appetite. If you focus on coughing, go to the bathroom and rub your eyes with water to make them look sick. If you do not start pretending the day before, it will be much more difficult in the morning to convince parents of their ailment. However, you can try some of the strategies at the last moment: Wake up before your parents and draw vomit. Flush the toilet and pretend you feel sick. If they are not awake, wake them up and say what just happened. Say that you have diarrhea. Spend a lot of time in the toilet, rinse off the water and splash it abundantly with air freshener to “hide” the smell. Reception only for girls who have already begun monthly. Say that you have cramps and “these days.” The father does not want to discuss it, but my mother will accept with understanding. If you have never had your period and you pretend that they have begun, your mother will be hard to fool. Cry. To do this, use water or eye drops to mimic tears. This is a controversial method, your parents may think that you are seriously ill or that you are pretending well. If you imitate the flu, stretch your lips to crack and twist your nose to turn red. If you imitate a fever, spray your armpits, eye bags, forehead, cheeks and joints with warm water. So you keep warm and you will look sweaty. 9 Protest if you are offered to stay at home. When parents offer you to stay at home, do not settle right away. Refuse first (assuming you have already convinced them of your illness. This is confirmed by the fact that you are sick. Say: “But, mom, I have so much to do today!” Or: “I have a math test today!” Do not replay If your parents know that you don’t care about the tests, say: “I have classes in a creative circle today.” Or choose any other subject that you like. However, choose the reason carefully so as not to arouse suspicion. 10Show the improvement signals. at home, sleep a lot and gradually start to “recover” Some parents use a trick with forgetfulness. This means that within 10 minutes they can return home, allegedly forgetting something, so always stay in bed for at least 15 minutes after they leave. If you want to extend the symptoms for another day, You may be taken to a doctor who does not reveal any illness. 11 If parents still want to show you to the doctor, gradually reduce the illness to naught: If the parents are at home with you, pretend to be asleep, especially when they look into your room. If they are at work and call you, wait for the phone to ring 3-3, 5 times before you answer. Try to make your voice sound tired. When they ask about their state of health, discard 2-3 symptoms. For example: “The stomach no longer hurts, and the headache subsides a little.” They will change their mind about calling the doctor. If they come home early, make sure that you look better and say that your health has improved, so that you can go to school tomorrow. However, doctors can be deceived, especially if the symptoms cannot be interpreted unequivocally: Choose symptoms that are difficult to identify, such as diarrhea. Cure yourself before the doctor arrives. If you have been coughing much before then, moisten your throat with cherry juice. So it will look red and irritated. Do not try to imitate a sore throat – this is easy to check by doing certain tests. Or you can say that the school nurse advised you to stay at home, as your illness may be contagious. If parents insist on a visit to the doctor, do not heal instantly. 12 Pretend your head is spinning. To do this, follow these guidelines: Lie on the floor and start swinging the press, twisting. Or any other exercise that requires holding your breath. When the parents enter the room, place their hand on their foreheads, and the other grab onto any other object, as if holding onto it, and complain about the indisposition. If parents start to check your pressure, hold your breath during the process (if you do everything correctly, the pressure will drop. This may be enough to leave you at home. If not, do the following: Eat very little at breakfast, throwing snacks in your backpack until parents don’t see. If you get caught, tell me what you need in case later you feel better and get hungry. In the middle of the day, go to the school nurse and say that you have dizziness. Hold your breath while she measures the pressure. Nita parents to have taken away. 13Pritvorites that you have a stuffy nose.

1 Start getting sick. After eating, start complaining about the ailment. If a bucket is brought to you, stick 2 fingers into your mouth to start coughing, but not puke.

1 Simulate a migraine during homework, with your head down. Then complain that something is shooting in the right ear. Pretend your head is pulsing. Some people lose their clarity of sight, try this trick too. Grasp your head and moan periodically. Do not replay.

1 Walk with your mouth open so that your throat is dry, do not eat or drink anything. Drink something red to stain the throat. Frown when you swallow. Speak deeply, hoarsely, constantly moisten your throat with water. Advertising

Remember that the average gastric virus lasts about 24 hours. Do not beg your parents to stay at home; they can understand that you are pretending. Do not portray the disease for a long time, it looks suspicious. If your parents do not fall for it, call them from school. You will be more convincing if you go to school and later declare that you feel bad (ideally, if you want to avoid a test, for example. Remember, school medical personnel are more difficult to cheat. However, no medical test can prove that you don’t have a headache or that your stomach doesn’t hurt. It’s best to go to the first-aid post in an hour or two after the start of the lessons. Complain about feeling unwell and just ask for a little rest, then go back to the clinic and say, that you are too sick to focus on classes. These are golden words. You will go home early and you may be able to miss the next day. If parents insist on taking pills, pretend to swallow and hide the pill under your tongue. Then run to the toilet and spit it out. Hide a little water in the room, pour into her eyes and rub them until they turn red.Do not overdo it and do not try to do the same the next day. Parents can call a doctor who will expose you. If you are still exposed, tell a tearful story about how you get tired at school, that you have problems with classmates, etc. They will be less angry if they find out that you have problems. If you are at school and want to go home, ask a friend to tell the teacher that you look bad. If you have a test assigned, look worried that you can skip it. When talking with parents, silently look at one point for a while, and then ask again what they said. Blow your nose in a pile of napkins and scatter on the floor of the room or on the bedside table. Parents will decide that you have a runny nose and are allowed to stay at home. To imitate vomit you can add food coloring to a mixture of bread and water. If you are looking for tips on the Internet on how to pretend to be sick, use the incognito tab. If you mimic nausea, your parents might think that you are having something serious. Better to just complain about a headache. Before you begin to mimic the disease, find a thermometer and hide it so that you are not forced to measure the temperature. However, you can be sent to school if there is no evidence of your illness. The last desperate attempt for those who drink a lot of coffee. If you really want to pretend to be sick, do not drink coffee the day before and the next morning. If you are really addicted to coffee, you will get dizzy with bouts of nausea. Thus, you really will not be able to do anything and you will have a good excuse to skip school. However, the fact that you really feel bad, will not allow you to do any business. But this is a good excuse from the test. If you have cosmetics, use a pale makeup base and lightly rub black shadows under your eyes. Pink can also make eyes look sick. Try to make cosmetics not visible. If you wear contact lenses, tell your parents that you cannot wear them, because your eyes are very irritated. If they are trying to take you to the doctor, it is better to admit that you were pretending

How to pretend that your stomach hurts. 5 simple ways to simulate abdominal pain

1. Start in advance. To whom you would not pretend there, it will surely look suspicious if you just felt good, and the next moment you are twisted from pain. Start gradually: let the symptoms develop slowly.

2. Move slowly: remember, if you have an upset stomach, it can be painful and generally problematic to quickly move and scamper around. Try to sit more often, holding his stomach.

3. Feel sick. It is always easier to pretend to be sick if you can feel it. Remember the last time you had a stomach ache: how did you feel, how did you look because of the pain? Are you sick? Was there a weakness?

4. Remember the sounds. Even if you look completely sick, you need to voice it. Moan a little in the toilet, even if no one hears you. Speak slowly and quietly or, conversely, a little faster than usual, and in shorter sentences, as if you don’t want to talk because of the pain. The voice should be tight.

5. You can help the perfume. If you want, you can buy the cheapest perfume or eau de toilette, a little dry with them – and now you smell like sweat and illness. Add related symptoms. It is doubtful that your only unpleasant feeling is abdominal pain. There may be a fever, only it is risky, since you can be sent to a doctor.

How to pretend to be sick in front of mom. Disease

How not to go to school? The easiest way to pretend to be sick. But for this action is to prepare, so that parents do not suspect anything. You can tell your mom that you feel sick. Then draw the appropriate symptoms – runny nose, cough. Just do not overdo it, otherwise the parents will understand everything. Tell me that you are experiencing pain in a certain part of the body. For example, you have a headache. Try to fall asleep quickly.

How to pretend to be sick and skip school. 3 Pretend to be sick

Start pretending to be sick the night before you plan to skip class. When evening comes, start sneezing. Take a look, but so that your parents can hear you. If you start to simulate the symptoms of the disease the night before the day when you want to skip school, most likely your parents will not ask you too many questions when you say in the morning that you are not feeling well.

  • The disease can occur in different forms and be accompanied by various symptoms. Choose one thing. For example, it may be an upset stomach, cough or nausea. But do not overdo it with symptoms!
  • If your parents are very cautious and suspicious, you may not need to pretend to be sick. Otherwise, they may be worried and immediately call your doctor. If your fraud is revealed, the punishment will be severe.
  • To lie to parents about your bad state of health is much worse than just skipping school. Because it will undermine their trust in you.

Spend more time in the bathroom than usual. As soon as you wake up, immediately go to the bathroom. Make such sounds as if you are sitting in a toilet, and you feel very bad. To imitate different sounds, you can pour some water into the toilet.

  • Wash after at least two or three times to enhance the effect.

Counterfeit readings on the thermometer. Heat the tea and bring the thermometer to the outside of the mug until it warms up to 38 degrees Celsius. You should not heat the thermometer to a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, otherwise your parents will begin to worry and will call the doctor on the house. Do not forget about the other symptoms: for example, you can sweat a little and say that you have chills.

  • In general, all these symptoms in combination (the indicator on the thermometer, sweat on the forehead, chills) should be enough for your parents to believe that you feel unwell, but at the same time do not worry and do not call your doctor.

How to pretend to be sick, not to go to school. How to get sick in 5 minutes and not go to school

  1. Say that your back and the whole body are breaking out, your head hurts and it freezes and sore throat, measure the temperature so that the thermometer is under 38, don’t overdo it, otherwise you will leave in an ambulance. How it’s done? There are a lot of tricks with a thermometer, bathing in tea, rubbing on cloth, attaching to the battery and more, these methods are illustrated in more detail in our article 100% ways not to go to school.
  2. Read excuses how to leave home lesson.
  3. How to fool around in the classroom legally
  4. If you eat slate from a simple black pencil, then your temperature will rise to

    How to pretend to be sick in the clinic. How to pretend to be sick, to give sick leave?

    Girls, just do not scold much, but I really need to get sick. It’s impossible to negotiate with a doctor somehow, I don’t know how, and I don’t have any money. Especially in the doctor’s office is not one

    No need to reinvent the wheel.Before the arrival of the doctor, lubricate the armpits (only slightly) with a warming ointment. The temperature, when the thermometer is set, will be 37. Above it may not rise, but this is enough for the temperature brought down by the time. And for a red nose, you can feel a touch of ointment outside your nose. And for the common cold the recipe is quite simple, a glass of warm water, a teaspoon (without a slide) of salt and 5 drops of iodine. As when washing the sinusitis, inhale with the nose 4 times this liquid. Ointment applied to the armpits is better (approximately) 30 minutes before the arrival. She just needs to act. I applied twice until I waited for the doctor)))). Nothing tolerable. Azanyuhala for the common cold as soon as she called the intercom. Works.

    How to make a sick person look like. Imitation of the disease

    • Heat. This method is known to many: a few drops of iodine in sugar. It needs to be eaten and in a few hours the temperature will rise. You can also rub the underarm area with salt or garlic.
    • To portray a runny nose is also easy. Breathe in through your mouth, and try to pronounce the words through your nose – this is what the sick do.
    • To make the eyes reddened – just rub them, moisten eyelashes a little. Redness will require an aggressor, for example, perfume, a castor. It is necessary to make a sad, tired look, so that those around you sympathize.
    • Sneezing can also be caused by irritants. There are several of them, for example, black ground pepper, dust, a feather or tobacco. These irritants will cause sneezing for a couple of minutes, after which tears will go and the eye mucosa will turn red.
    • To provoke a cough, it is enough to make irritation of the respiratory tract. To do this, burn the material from the polymer and breathe. This method often raises the temperature. If there is a poisoning of the body substance.
    • Patients need to appear as early as possible, preferably in 2 days. Picture lethargy, bad mood, stop eating, lie down, complain about the above symptoms.
    • How to make a sick look for the doctor. 3 Simulating an upset stomach

      Periodically touch and rub your belly. Do this with a grimace of pain on your face. You should not say anything first, but mention your stomach when someone asks what is wrong with you.

      Carry a bowl or bucket. Even if you do not use it, it will show that you are ready to pull out at any moment. Sometimes reach for a bowl or bucket and look confused, as if you are feeling a wave of nausea.

      Spend a lot of time in the toilet. Regardless whether diarrhea or vomiting, people go to the toilet for a long time when they have a stomach ache. You don’t have to announce this, but it’s sure that you rush to the toilet several times an hour.

      Pretend to tear you up. Run into the bathroom and make loud sounds of vomiting, then pour a glass of water into the toilet with a drain. Repeat several times, then wash and leave the toilet with an unhappy look.

      • Most people will not want to watch you vomit, so the sound will be enough. You can also do fake vomiting and pour it into the toilet while you are pretending to vomit.
      • If you eat soup, take the liquid in your mouth and pretend to swallow it. Then inflate the cheeks as if the fluid is back and run the toilet to spit it out to the toilet.

    How to pretend that you are sick. Complaints

    In order to simulate a cold, it is necessary to focus on complaints and subjective sensations, as an experienced doctor can easily see the absence of mucosal pathology. The beginning of the presentation of complaints should begin with the connection with hypothermia, which occurred the day before or 5-6 hours before coming to the clinic. Variants of the beginning of the description of complaints:

    How to cause vomiting to not go to school

    • I wet my legs yesterday;
    • “I was getting home from work for a long time, I was cold at the bus stop”;
    • Peremerz at work;
    • Yesterday I went to the pool, and froze on the way home.

    Casual it is desirable to mention that at work or in a study group half of the students are absent due to illness. In the period of worsening of the epidemiological situation with SARS, this information should give more interest to the doctor and raise concern.

    SARS is transmitted by airborne droplets from an infected patient. The presence in the workplace or in an educational institution of such a patient may be dangerous for others. The task of the doctor is to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, even without seeing any objective changes, the doctor can play it safe.

    Check the truth of complaints of indisposition, weakness, headache, lack of appetite is impossible. In this case, all in the acting talent of a simulator. Of course, patients with malaise, weakness, can not come to the reception with a smile and headphones in their ears. Facial expressions should also show poor health and anxiety. For greater certainty, as taught by the founder of the drama school Stanislavsky

    How to pretend sick colds. How to simulate a cold?

    Just make a tired look, like, unhealthy. Speak – I feel bad, my head hurts. Isn’t that enough? And about a rhinitis – it is not necessary to pour out of the nose, but what is laid, so to speak, by pressure. If you have to measure the temperature with a doctor, rub it on the sly, on the extreme, you just strain yourself with all your strength or just without pale under the clothes slowly, but surely several times, the temperature will rise a little bit, and at the same time the pressure may really turn red and look in fact, a little sick! Verified (I just exhausted hard without fawn and strained the press, down as much as a little tighter, several times without obvious visible movements, as well as attention and up to my head, too, also to exert yourself, for a blush, you can also imagine that you are blowing a fire inside yourself and it from a small fire flares up all over the body, it will really become hot, even sweat). Profit! Fishechka from shkololo-shirkers and Indian yogis. Works!


    How to pretend to be sick in front of parents. 3 Picture some particular disease.

    Pretend you have a rash. An allergy or contagious rash is a good reason to stay at home.

    How to cause vomiting to not go to school

    • First you need to comb your chest so that it is bright red.
    • Try to comb the chest in the shape of a circle, so that the “rash” looks more realistic.
    • Then pretend you have a runny nose and a headache.

    Pretend like you have a fever. If you successfully manage to hold your parents, most likely, they will measure your temperature. Be prepared in advance and act quickly!

    • Before you put a thermometer, go to the bathroom.
    • Take a cup with you. Fill it with warm water and rinse it with your mouth, hold warm water under the tongue. This will temporarily increase body temperature.
    • Flush the toilet before turning on the water, otherwise parents may suspect something.
    • Keep in mind that this method works if your parents take your temperature by placing a thermometer under your tongue. If you use a thermometer for ears or underarms, respectively, you need to attach something warm to the ears or armpits.
    • If parents often check the temperature, feeling your forehead, then before you go to your parents, thoroughly rub it. You can take a hair dryer and heat the forehead with a hair dryer.
    • Hold armpits, forehead and cheeks in warm water. So your body will become warmer, and it will look like you are sweating.
    • You need your body temperature to be above 37 degrees, but below 39. If the temperature is below 37, you will most likely not be allowed to stay at home. But if the temperature is above 38.5, you can call a doctor.

    Pretend you have a migraine. Its symptoms are very easy to fake, because no one will know for sure whether you are lying or not. If you portray the symptoms well, parents will believe you.

    • You should be annoyed by any sounds and bright lights.
    • The symptom of a migraine is pain in a particular area of ​​the head. For example, above the right eyebrow. This is important if you want to successfully portray the symptoms of migraine.
    • Touch your forehead and frown.
    • Say that you feel dizzy and can hardly see. At some point while you are walking, suddenly stop, close your eyes and pretend that you have lost your balance for a second.
    • Ask your parents to turn it down.
    • If you are portraying a migraine the day before a shirk, take a nap, turn off all the lights, or just lie down on a sofa.
    • Ask your parents for some headache pills, BUT DO NOT TAKE THEM REALLY!

    Pretend you have diarrhea. This works especially well after you had breakfast.

    • Suddenly quickly jump up and head for the toilet.
    • Spend some time there, flush the water and spray a lot of air freshener to mask the smell (which is really not there).
    • You can try to make artificial liquid feces with the help of available tools.

    Make your eyes turn red. Red eyes – one of the main signs of any disease. If your parents think you have conjunctivitis, you will definitely stay at home!

    • Take red lipstick or vaseline and rub them around the edge of the eye.
    • Keep in mind that conjunctivitis does not always affect both eyes.

    Pretend that your stomach hurts, that you feel sick, and you have cramps. You can confirm your symptoms not only with words, but also with vomiting, which is also not too difficult to fake.

    • After eating, complain that you’re sick.
    • When parents do not look, stick your finger down the throat, but not far away: so you can cause vomiting. When you feel that vomiting is already approaching, quickly remove your fingers from your mouth. Do not resort too often to this method.
    • You can then use an artificial vomit mass. To do this, take the oatmeal and put water in your mouth, run to the toilet, take a mouthful of water and oatmeal, and then spit it out into the sink.
    • You can pretend that you vomited at night. Pour artificial vomit near the bed, and in the morning say that you don’t remember anything, apologize and clean up after yourself. Be careful, if someone from the parents will clean up after you, he can understand that the vomit is artificial.
    • If you are a girl, tell your parents that you have a stomach ache due to menstruation. Most likely, you would be better to talk about it with your mother. She will understand you and regret.

    Pretend you have a cold or flu. There are many cold and flu symptoms that are fairly easy to imitate. In addition, colds and flu are infectious diseases, so parents are likely to leave you at home.

    • Blow your nose into a bunch of handkerchiefs and scatter them all over the room or by the bed. Your parents will understand that you have a bad cold and will allow you to stay at home.
    • Try to breathe more through your mouth, as if you had a stuffy nose.
    • If you are in different rooms and your parents do not see you, hold your nose with your hand a little when you say something.
    • Muffle in warm sweaters so that your parents will think that you have a fever.
    • Sneeze loudly and sniff in front of parents. When you’re in your room, occasionally sneeze loudly so that your parents can hear you.
    • Pull the lips to make them look cracked. And rub your nose to make it flush.
    • Constantly complain that your bones are sore, or that something hurts.

    Pretend you have a sore throat. But be careful that your parents do not suspect you have acute pharyngitis. Otherwise, you will be taken to a doctor, and your little secret will be revealed.

    • Keep your mouth open while walking to keep your throat and tongue a little dry.
    • Do not eat or drink.
    • Suck red candy to make your throat turn red.
    • Writhing when you swallow. Speak a little hoarse voice and constantly take a sip of water.
    • Complain that your throat tingles as if you were swallowing glass.
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