How to cure a dry cough in an adult

Wet cough occurs on the background of acutely developing inflammatory process and contributes to the rapid removal of microorganisms from the upper respiratory tract. The protective function of coughing in this case is the more productive and quicker healing process.

A dry cough, on the other hand, does not bring relief and does not help speed up the healing process. It only increases the irritation of the upper respiratory tract, gradually turning into debilitating attacks, accompanied by laryngeal spasms and suffocation, and often end in vomiting.

Dry Cough Classification

  • acute – when the illness lasts no more than 2 weeks;
  • protracted course – when the duration of cough over a month;
  • chronic dry cough will be when its duration goes over 2-month milestone.

Causes of dry cough

The appearance of dry cough is usually attributed to the fact of the acute respiratory disease that was transferred on the eve. This may be a trivial ARD, as well as tracheitis, bronchitis or flu. The mechanism of dry cough is associated with a reflex-protective mechanism aimed at eliminating any irritating airway factors. Scientists reliably established more than 50 such reasons.

There are reasons for provoking a dry cough, namely the disease can be a consequence of the presence of tuberculosis, pleurisy, bronchial asthma, the presence of foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, the presence of bad habits, as well as excessive dryness of the air in the room.

Main symptoms of dry cough

  • spastic cough accompanied by recurrent gagging, and with prolonged and unproductive coughing, vomiting is possible;
  • the disease is accompanied nasal congestion, nasal and husky voice;
  • if the illness is a complication of an acute inflammatory process, then local enlargement and tenderness of the lymph nodes;
  • with the acute development of the disease can be low-grade fever, sweating, fatigue and lethargy.

Dry Cough Treatment Options

There are traditional medical methods of treating dry cough and traditional medicine. All of them are aimed at reducing the intensity of cough attacks, and if the cough accompanies an acute inflammatory disease, the treatment is aimed at the occurrence of sputum,

The success of treatment is 100% accurate diagnosis, it eliminates the cause of the disease. The doctor selects drugs for symptomatic treatment, it is necessary to suppress the cough reflex. Such drugs are not therapeutic, but help to avoid pneumothorax and other unpleasant complications.

In order to relieve a patient’s condition as much as possible at home, it is necessary:

  • hold regularly wet cleaning without the use of aggressive detergents;
  • follow to the temperature in the room did not rise above 25C;
  • provide patient abundant warm drink;
  • hold regularly steam inhalation, ideally buy a nebulizer.

Drug therapy for dry cough

Medicines can be divided into two large groups, the first will include chemicals of central action, and the second – drugs that have an effective effect on the periphery.

For liquefaction and active excretion of sputum is used mucolytics, The most common are: acetylcysteine, bromhexine, ambroxol, mukaltin, althea syrup.

Effectively inhibit the activity of the cough center located in the central nervous system. Will help in this use drugs based on drugs. For example, okseladin, codeine, glycine and others.

How to cure a dry cough in an adult

Never use antitussive medicines with expectorants. They inhibit the action of each other, which leads to the blockage of the small bronchi with sputum and may be fatal.

Folk remedies to help with the fight against dry cough

  • Any suitable warming agents, if the period is not acute. For example, you can take mustard plasters, put honey. jars or rub his chest with warming ointments.
  • Effective way to quickly get rid of dry cough is considered decoction of onion, garlic and milk. For its preparation, an onion of medium size and a small head of garlic are needed. They should be boiled in milk, just take a quarter of a liter of milk. Then add a spoonful of honey and a few drops of mint juice to the finished decoction. Ready to drink a tablespoon every hour during the day. The next morning, make a fresh decoction.
  • To cure a dry cough quickly in an adult at home will help simple and highly effective recipes, the main thing is not to wait for an instant result and not to use them as a panacea. Ideally combine traditional medicine with doctor’s prescriptions, then the treatment will be as productive as possible.
  • The easiest way is as follows. Take a small towel and moisten it abundantly in heated vegetable oil. Then cover the top with plastic and a cloth of linen, you can additionally cover with a warm scarf. In the morning you will feel relieved, the cough will be softer.
  • You can draw on the chest at night iodine reticulum, This will warm the airways.
  • Recipes, which include ethyl alcohol, also have excellent results in the fight against dry cough. You can make a mixture of vodka or diluted to 40 degrees alcohol and mix them with honey. It is fashionable to add to the composition the yolk of one chicken egg. Ready homogeneous composition consumed teaspoon three to four times a day.
  • Warm milk with honey – An old and time-tested way to translate a dry cough into a wet one.
  • For softening the sputum is suitable night application. To do this, take a little fat (ideally use badger) mixed with mustard and alcohol, you can add a little flower honey. The mixture should be evenly distributed over the upper back. Then rinse as soon as the composition dries.
  • When dry cough help inhalation. The most effective are garlic and eucalyptus. For cooking garlic need a glass of water, a couple of garlic cloves and a teaspoon of soda. Chop the garlic, pour a glass of water and boil. After adding soda and you can breathe, covered with a sheet for 15-20 minutes. Instead of garlic, you can take the leaves of eucalyptus, thyme or coltsfoot.
  • Inhalation can be done with aromatherapy oils, Mint, eucalyptus or cedar oil is ideal for this purpose. A few drops of oil should be placed in 0.5 liters of hot water and breathe in pairs for 10-15 minutes.

Dry cough treatment by Elena Malysheva (video)

Dry cough can significantly worsen the quality of life, so timely treatment will quickly return you to the system. Strictly observing the recommendations of the attending physician, you can quickly cure dry cough at home as in adult, so in the child.

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