How to get rid of moth folk remedies

If the cockroaches somehow suddenly and imperceptibly quickly collected their belongings and left most of the houses and apartments, then the mole remains our faithful companion, continuing with appetite to feast on fur coats, sweaters, pants, skirts, vests and other goodies, which are in our homes more than enough. How to repulse the appetite of a small and cheeky glutton, in order to once and for all get rid of the moth, we will try to deal with you today.

Moth moth discord

Before we learn how to deal with moths, we must deal with whom we still have to deal with, because moths are different, even though we have a mole that the Chinese are all looking the same. In total, there are about 14 species of moth with even more subspecies. You and I are not entomologists, and we do not have to know every little annoying creature by name, so the whole mole living in our homes can be divided into two large groups:

Clothes moth – prefers to feast on, as you might guess from the name, clothing. This is a real gourmet. There still look for it. What fell into the mouth will not take. Capron tights, synthetic blouses? No, thank you, give us the natures product: wool, fur, velvet, well, at worst, you can and silk interrupt. Clothes moth loves coziness, comfort and peace of warm and dry wardrobes.

Kitchen moth – lives in the kitchen and in other warm and humid rooms with poor ventilation, where all sorts of cereals and cereals are stored. She especially likes to feast on flour, oatmeal and buckwheat, but her rice, which is far below its usefulness in terms of its utility, is not very attractive. Well what can I say, lip is not a fool.

Why does the number of moths increase?

It would seem that we are becoming more civilized and are increasingly moving away from nature. Here and cockroaches, poor creatures, could not withstand such rapid progress, and pray all over. Yes, just this young lady really loves luxury and wealth, and things from natural materials are really luxury today. With an increase in wealth, the purchasing power also grows, and, accordingly, more treats appear in moths.

How to get rid of moth folk remedies

Effective ways to get rid of moths

We expel insects from the cabinet

When we see a mole, we simply jump on a subconsciously-involuntary level and start chasing it. To put it mildly, there is little sense in this. The fact is that we kill, as a rule, tiny cream butterflies, which are harmless males, do not carry any threat to our things, while females quietly continue to lay silver-white eggs in the closet, from which small but voracious caterpillars will soon hatch . And first of all, they will take up dirty sweaty stains, therefore, the struggle must begin with a thorough cleaning and washing clothes before storage.

Moth caterpillars are unusually tenacious: they calmly withstand temperatures up to 0 degrees and can go without food for a month. A mole lives, on average, for about two years and can create very, very much during this time. It is because of the extraordinary vitality, endurance and fertility of the moth to get rid of it is extremely difficult, but possible.

It should be remembered that the moth caterpillars do not tolerate fresh air and bright sunshine, so for those things that we wear constantly, the moth is not terrible. Removing warm winter clothes and fur coats for the summer in the closet, after cleaning, they should be placed in sealed plastic bags or special covers for storing clothes with anti-mole preparations.

Moth-struck things that can still be saved will have to be treated with dichlorvos, which is still the most effective remedy for moth caterpillars.

Freeing the kitchen from the aggressor

All groceries in the house should not be stored in boxes, bags and bags, but in tightly closed cans. Although the kitchen moth is made most often in long-stored products, it is necessary to check even freshly purchased cereals and flour.

In a jar of flour, it is desirable to put a few cloves of garlic, and on the shelves with cereals place bags of pepper, which will repel appetite in an insatiable moth.

Periodically check the stocks of cereals, in time to identify something was wrong and take appropriate action. Strongly affected products should be immediately discarded, and those that can still be saved should be sorted, sifted and cooked in an oven or microwave for 15-20 minutes at 60-70 degrees.

Video tips doctors about the means to combat moths

Moth drugs

Tablets and briquettes – cheap and cheerful

These moth-fighting agents are a fusion of camphor and naphthalene. They must be placed at the top of wardrobes,

Antimol plates from moths, beetles and kozheedov

Plates are devoid of a specific odor. Destroying the moths and its larvae, they also scare away the skinchips and carpet bugs. They will serve you for about six months.

Sections from the moth – the most civilized chemistry

Simple and easy to use. Often have a pleasant aroma of chamomile, lavender or mandarin. Fastened with a special sticker to the inner wall of the cabinet. The validity period is 4-6 months, and the impact zone is about 0.5

How to get rid of the moth folk remedies

In addition to toxic chemical antimolar drugs, many of which are potent allergens and carcinogens, in the fight against moths, you can use safe natural granny products.

Spread fragrant bags of dry lavender or cotton balls soaked in lavender or fir essential oil in the cabinets. Mole and smell of tobacco, pepper, orange peel and strawberry soap will not please you. Get geranium or coleus on your windowsill and you will always have at hand natural moth remedies. A pair of fresh leaflets will reliably protect you from moth butterflies.

But do not forget that folk remedies are more likely to be preventive, because, first of all, they scare the moths off butterflies, and chemistry will have to cope with the caterpillars, so check your food and clothing stocks regularly and take preventive measures in a timely manner.

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