How to quickly get rid of bruises on his legs

On the legs, after a strong injury or blow, bruises (hematomas) may appear – small blood vessels (capillaries) have ruptured and the outflowing blood has spread into the surrounding soft tissues.

First, the bruise has a purple color. In this color it stains hemoglobin, which is part of our blood. Then the hematoma begins to change color: from red through mauve, burgundy and blue to yellow.

If a bone is injured during a bruise, tissue swelling is also added to the bruise.

Bruises on the legs heal longer than on other parts of the body due to increased pressure in the vessels of the lower extremities. A hematoma on the face, for example, disappears in 5-7 days, on the body – in 10-14 days, and a bruise remains on the leg for almost a month.

If the bruise is not very large and there is no injury associated with the injury, then you can try to get rid of it at home.

Cold or ice

The best remedy that is applied immediately after a bruise is undoubtedly cold. It is necessary to immediately apply a cold (ice) compress to the injury site and apply a pressure bandage. The cold constricts the blood vessels and they stop bleeding, and also reduces the swelling of nearby tissues. This reduces the radius of the bruise and the hematoma will not be as big as without applying a cold compress.

Warm compress

The next day, after the injury, warm compresses should be applied to the bruise (warm water bottle, baths). Heat will expand the walls of blood vessels and the blood that forms the hematoma will be removed from the tissues faster than without warm compresses. This means that the bruise will disappear much faster.


In pharmacies, you can buy medicines without a prescription from your doctor that will help you quickly get rid of bruises on your legs:

    Gel Troxevasin and Indovazin, which include painkillers and anti-inflammatory components, relieve pain and accelerate healing.

Good old iodine net will come to the rescue in the fight against hematoma. Apply 1-2 times a day “mesh” of iodine to the site of injury and healing will accelerate.

Lead lotion and lotion from Bodyagi – always give good results.

Ointment Arnica, Rescuer and ointment on the basis of Propolis.

Ready spirit infusions Romazulan and Arnica.

  • Creams containing vitamins K and P (rutin).
  • Folk remedies for bruises

    And now we will consider how to get rid of bruises on the legs with the help of folk, “grandmother’s” means:

    How to quickly get rid of bruises on his legs

      Onions will become an indispensable tool in the fight against bruises. It is only necessary to cut one petal from the bulb, peel it off and attach it to the injury site.

    Tincture of vodka (250 g) and chopped parsley (50 g) will quickly and effectively reduce the bruise on the leg.

    Compresses from Kastorka (castor oil) and propolis tincture will remove any bruise without a trace.

  • Potato starch mixed with a small amount of water and applied to the bruise will help to heal quickly.
  • All of the above remedies quickly and effectively fight bruises on their legs, but if the injury site is severely swollen and the hematoma hurts and does not go away for a long time, then you should consult a doctor. It is possible that the injury was much more serious than a simple bruise.

    Bruised ribs – one of the injuries of a person, bringing him a lot of anxiety. It can happen when falling, on impact.

    Bruising toes often occur, like other minor household injuries. Seriously, in most cases we are not to them.

    A kiss can be called a kiss, after which the body remains a bruise. Strictly speaking, this is not the one full of tenderness and.

    Bruises or subcutaneous hematomas may appear on the legs after a bruise, a blow, even a lung, about any object.

    Bruises (hematoma, hemorrhage) appear on the body after a bruise, pressure or blow. On the spot injuries are broken.

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