How to quickly get rid of irritation

But aftershave bikini It does not take place soon, and it is not so easy to remove it. It is much easier to prevent unpleasant consequences.

One of the easiest ways is to stop shaving off hair in this area. The method, of course, is effective, but not everyone will go to it. In any case, those who could have preferred this method have stopped on him a long time ago, and therefore they do not need to read this article. Is that if they want to find a way out of this situation.

Therefore, we proceed to the following methods of prevention. First, you need to shave your hair properly. Before you start shaving a bikini, wet the area with warm water, and even better – shave your hair immediately after a warm shower or bath. Thanks to this procedure, the hairs will be a little softer. The next step is to use appropriate shaving products. Modern cosmetology, fortunately, has not forgotten about such an important and personal moment as shaving sensitive places on a woman’s body. And today sold a lot of gels and foams, intended for this purpose. And thanks to such means aftershave bikini will be much less pronounced.

How to quickly get rid of irritation

And now the most crucial moment – directly, shaving. Hair should be removed only in the direction in which they grow, that is, from the top down. Of course, the results of shaving will be a little worse, but there will be no irritation, and if it does, it is not so pronounced. In addition, we should not forget about the final touch – be sure to use immediately after shaving a special tool that will help remove redness – lotion or aftershave cream. Many girls miss this moment, but in vain – because the effect of the use of these funds is wonderful.

It happens, however, that you did everything you could, but redness appeared. In this case, you need to think how get rid of irritation after shaving. Very well in this situation can help cosmetics, which include hormones. For example, it is a hydrocortisone cream or ointment. It is recommended to grease the affected areas immediately after shaving. In general, hormonal agents have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, very well remove redness. Also, hydrocortisone can significantly narrow blood vessels, which means that much less blood will get to the affected area, hence less redness. However, too often resort to this method is still not worth it. Maximum – you can use hydrocortisone ointment or cream two or three times.

More often use hormonal remedies simply contraindicated. Complicated complications may occur, for example, pustules or wounds in this area. Repeated use of a hormonal agent locally is possible only after a few days. Consider, if you use topical hormones daily, the development of addiction is possible, then get rid of irritation after shaving will be almost impossible.

Another way to make it so much easier for you get rid of irritation after shaving, is a frequent change of razor blades. This is due to the fact that disposable machines themselves shave hair very close to the body. If they are blunt or not too clean, then there is a correspondingly significant risk of injury, and microorganisms can get onto irritated skin from a completely clean blade, causing even more irritation. Disposable machines can be used no more than two or three times. At the same time, they should be kept in perfect purity. If you have not fulfilled any of these conditions, then boldly throw out the machine and take a new one.

How to quickly get rid of irritation

Another way to prevent aftershave bikini, is the use of electric razors. After the shaver, the skin is shaved much smoother, but the irritation from their use is minimal.

And the last, if you often have aftershave bikini when using disposable machines, then you should try special creams designed to remove unwanted vegetation from the surface of the body. These drugs injure sensitive hair follicles much less than ordinary machines, so the irritation will be much less. The only drawback of these creams will be their excessive smelling. But after all, it is probably better to suffer a few hours of unpleasant smell than to struggle in vain with irritation in the bikini area.

How to quickly get rid of irritation

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