How to remove high pressure at home

Nowadays, hypertension is among the most common diseases. A person in modern conditions is exposed to great physical and psychological stress – excessive employment and stress at work, the use of poor-quality food and drinks, irregular daily routine, frequent emotional turmoil. As a result of all this, blood pressure may increase. This malaise should be taken very seriously.

How to remove high pressure at home

Many people do not pay due attention to this problem, as a result of which they are at an increased risk of developing heart failure, the occurrence of myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases. Very often, a person does not feel increased pressure, so that this malaise is called the silent killer. At an early stage, the symptoms of hypertension are almost the same as the symptoms of normal fatigue. Sometimes the patient feels a headache, dizziness, memory impairment.

After sleeping or resting, these symptoms usually disappear. A person may not feel changes in his body over the years, but over time, the symptoms of high pressure will manifest more and more – the face begins to swell in the mornings, we see flies before our eyes, the face becomes reddish, and there is noise in the ears. Hypertension can develop in any person, however, people with hereditary predisposition, overweight and people regularly exposed to mental stress are more susceptible to this disease.

How to lower the pressure at home?

Home pressure drop

With the problem of high blood pressure, you should immediately contact a qualified doctor who will prescribe an adequate treatment. But there are several ways to help yourself at home. One of these methods is called body relaxation. Bad news, anxiety, feelings, excessive overwork at work, emotional overstrain – all this is stressful factors for the body.

How to remove high pressure at home

The body is not able to cope with all these traumatic factors and starts sending signals, and high pressure is one of them. As a consequence, it is recommended to take a comfortable posture, relax and begin to hold your breath while inhaling (approximately 7-8 seconds). To do this delay should be no more than 3 minutes. With these actions, you can reduce pressure. Such a method may be subject to doubt because of its simplicity, but many people noted that it was he who helped them to reduce pressure.

As noted earlier, external stimuli, severe fatigue, mood swings, and stressful situations can cause a rise in blood pressure.

The body under the influence of these adverse factors begins to produce adrenaline, called stress hormone. There are many different ways to neutralize this hormone. Rhythmic walking (i.e., walking at an average pace — not too slow or too fast) is one of them. If you leave the house for half an hour and make a similar walk, you can not only reduce the pressure, but also supply the body with the necessary oxygen and relax.

Acetic Compresses

At home, apple cider vinegar can also be used to reduce the pressure. For this, it should be diluted one to one with water. For this procedure, you can take half a liter of water and half a liter of apple cider vinegar. Then, a towel is lowered into the liquid obtained by combining the two components. After that, the towel must be squeezed and wrap their feet. This compress is recommended to keep 10 minutes.

During this time, the towel must necessarily fit the feet tightly, and the feet themselves should be located parallel to the surface, while resting tightly against it. After the specified period, the compress is removed, and the feet should be washed with cool water. Irritation of reflex zones caused by apple cider vinegar helps to reduce pressure. This method is considered very effective.

Reduce the pressure to help popular recipes

One of these methods is vegetable juice with honey. For its preparation it is necessary to mix carrot juice, beets and radishes in equal proportions. Ultimately, the total amount of juice should be equal to one glass. Next, add one teaspoon of natural honey to the juice. The resulting mixture is stored in the refrigerator, and it should be consumed three times a day, two tablespoons before meals. This tool helps in reducing and normalizing pressure.

Also, an effective remedy is represented by herbal preparations, which include the following herbs: viburnum, lingonberry, white mistletoe, hawthorn, mountain ash, black chokeberry, dried mist. The use of grass collection at the time of increasing pressure allows you to achieve the desired goal. To consolidate the results it is recommended to use the fees regularly. Before applying this method, you should consult a doctor – he will be able to evaluate its feasibility and prescribe the appropriate dosage.

For some time, help with high pressure may be a decoction of motherwort, dried grass, mistletoe leaves and hawthorn flowers. For its preparation it is necessary to take all the components and move them in equal proportions. After that, four spoons of the mixture are poured with a liter of boiling water and left to stand overnight. Before use, the infusion is filtered and applied three times a day for half a glass an hour after meals.

Along with this, traditional medicine recommends that hypertensive patients eat raw carrot salads daily (for two months). Also, the use of honey will be useful – three times a day for a tablespoon. If you eat them thirty minutes before meals three times a day, one hundred grams will help with elevated pressure and black chokeberry berries. In the ripening season, it is recommended to add more tomatoes and strawberries to your diet.

In addition, you can resort to the help of cats. Due to the fact that cats on an intuitive level feel the state of their owner, they are often called “fluffy doctors” by the people. They give a person the opportunity to feel needed, to experience pleasant emotions. Stroking a cat helps to relax. Such a “cat therapy” has allowed many people to reduce the problem of high blood pressure.

Rejection of bad habits

Together with medication, which is prescribed only by a qualified doctor, a person with high blood pressure can help himself. To do this, first of all, you should give up smoking and alcohol abuse. This will reduce the potential danger of hypertensive crisis. You also need to change your diet – to reduce the amount of sugar, fatty foods, coffee, smoked meats. Completely reject harmful fast foods, snacks and significantly reduce the consumption of salt.

It is necessary to increase your physical activity and begin to perform physical exercise (you must first agree with the doctor), which will be fun. Constant spending free time in front of a computer or TV will have a negative impact on pressure, but regular walks in the fresh air will bring undoubted benefits. Try not to watch television programs or movies that cause emotional stress or irritation. Instead, it is better to listen to pleasant music, read a classic book or find a fascinating hobby.


In no case can you prescribe yourself medication drugs and arbitrarily determine their dosage. The use of various medications without prior consultation with the doctor can lead to serious health consequences. When deciding to go in for sports, the frequency and intensity of exercise should first be negotiated with your doctor. Before using a variety of infusions and decoctions of traditional medicine should also get medical advice.

Author of the article: Alekseeva Maria Yurievna | General practitioner

About the doctor: From 2010 to 2016 Practitioner of the therapeutic hospital of the central medical and sanitary unit No. 21, the city of Elektrostal. Since 2016 he has been working in the diagnostic center №3.

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