How to speed up the onset of menstruation

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A couple of weeks have remained before your long-awaited vacation, and in anticipation of a fantastic holiday, you cross out the remaining days in the calendar with a pen. However, in addition to the usual calendar, every woman has another personal, special calendar with dates of critical days. After counting a couple of times a number again, you find a very unpleasant fact: the desired vacation coincides with the onset of menstruation. Or otherwise: the monthly ones should have already begun, but for some reason they are delayed.

What to do if the onset of menstruation occurs at an inconvenient time, if menstruation does not occur at the wrong time? How to speed up menstruation and what to do when menstruation is delayed? What can be done to cause early menstruation, or to postpone to a later date? How exactly do this, and what consequences can this have? Let’s see.

Underwater rocks

If your period is not on time, the first thing to do is to find out for sure if you are in an interesting position. If the probability of conception is available, then buy a pregnancy test and check. With a positive result, menstruation can no longer be expected in the next nine months, until the end of pregnancy. And the most reliable answer to the question “how to accelerate the arrival of menstruation” in this case will be only: “abortion”. If the test is negative, for greater certainty go to a gynecologist, and pass hCG analysis (Pregnancy hormone), if the analysis is negative, the doctor will tell you what to do.

At once I will make a reservation that experiments with my monthly cycle are a difficult and dangerous thing. Because, one way or another, these actions suggest an artificial hormonal failure in the female body. Drugs that cause the expected hormonal failure, act on women differently and, as a rule, are far from favorable. Experts constantly warn that experiments with their menstrual cycle are clearly a potential risk to provoke health problems with their own hands. Often, such experiments end with an irregular, unpredictable future cycle or serious problems with conception.

Hormonal background of a woman

To figure out how to bring the monthly or delay, you need to understand how this complex mechanism, called the female body. With the help of the monthly cycle, the woman’s body is preparing for a possible pregnancy. In this process, the entire hormonal system is involved.

During the menstrual cycle, all changes in the woman’s body are commanded by the brain, in particular its organs, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, which release hormones that regulate the entire monthly cycle.

The hypothalamus is responsible for the amount of hormones produced by the entire hormonal system of the body. The hypothalamus is very sensitive to stress and, in principle, any psychological effects, so the stress in some women provoke irregular menstruation.

It is here, in the hypothalamus from the whole body that there is information about the lack or redundancy of hormones. After analyzing the information obtained, the hypothalamus gives a command to the gland, also located in the brain – the pituitary gland that controls the activity of the ovaries, by isolating gonadotropic hormones – follicle-stimulating (influencing the growth and maturation of the follicle where the egg develops) and luteinizing (promoting ovulation). bursts, releasing a mature egg into the fallopian tube).

In addition, the pituitary gland commands the ovaries to begin the formation of the egg and its preparation for fertilization. In one cycle – one egg, ripening in each of the ovaries alternately. The maturing follicle produces a female sex hormone called estrogen.

In the process of growth, the follicle reaches approximately 20 mm, and then breaks, releasing an egg cell, which passes into the fallopian tube, in order to wait for the spermatozoon to connect with it. The outer shell of the egg gradually acquires a yellow color, from that moment on it is called the yellow body, which begins to produce progesterone – female sex hormone. The hormones estrogen and progesterone prepare the woman’s body for a possible pregnancy. Within two weeks, the corpus luteum develops, and then dissolves, if the pregnancy does not occur, the level of hormones in the blood decreases, the uterine mucosa prepared for pregnancy is rejected, causing menstrual bleeding and going out with secretions.

Under the influence of certain factors, such as, for example, stress, poisoning, physical exertion, the corpus luteum can continue to function, forming a cyst that delays menstruation. When the cyst finally breaks through, the menstruation begins, and with it the new monthly menstrual cycle of the woman starts.

On the basis of this process, contraceptive hormonal contraceptives work: first, they stimulate the production of hormones, then abruptly terminate it (after the pill is stopped), causing bleeding. In fact, hormonal contraceptives regulate monthly processes, stabilize the menstrual cycle. Shift the menstrual cycle, cause menstruation ahead of time or slow its onset can any failure in the production of hormones, any deviations in the work of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

What is amenorrhea?

The absence of menstruation for 6 months and longer in the reproductive age,

Amenorrhea is primary (when never was monthly) and secondary (when monthly were, but for some reason stopped). Primary amenorrhea often occurs in the absence of sexual development of a girl (in the case of a genetically determined underdevelopment of the hormonal system) or delay of this development (as a result of serious diseases and stresses).

With regards to secondary amenorrhea, it can be formed on the background of poisoning, serious diseases (for example, heart disease or tuberculosis), alcohol abuse, malnutrition, stress, various lesions of the endocrine glands.

How to cause monthly and cure amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea is treated with cyclic hormone therapy. That is why, before being treated, it is imperative to establish at which particular level of the hormonal system the failure occurred and why it occurred. To do this, determine the amount of hormones in the blood and conduct a full examination to, first of all, exclude tumors and cysts that are subject to surgical treatment. And only after that you can start the hormone treatment. Cycles of hormonal therapy are carried out for 3-4 months, and then repeated with a break of 1-2 months for a long time.

But not every delay in menses is amenorrhea. If the menstrual cycle is insignificant – just a few days, in principle there are no special reasons for excitement. The duration of a stable menstrual cycle for many women is about 32-34 days, for some women it is 23-25 ​​days – all this is the norm. But when every month menstruation occurs at different intervals, the cycle is a different number of days, there are no menstruations for more than 40 days – treatment measures should be taken.

To induce menstruation in amenorrhea, herbs are used most often for treatment, in particular, chamomile and pharmacy herbs.

Pharmaceutical camomile. The most widely known property of chamomile is its anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the diuretic effect of chamomile flowers. However, few people know that chamomile, however, like the shepherd’s purse and other medicinal herbs, has a positive effect on menstrual irregularities.

Douching chamomile infusion pharmacy recommended for any inflammatory female diseases. Chamomile stimulates the healing of wounds, is included in the composition of blood purification mixtures and significantly improves the composition of blood in the case of prolonged use. However, despite the mass of positive properties, it is not worth using it arbitrarily, at your discretion. Chamomile has contraindications.

The grass is gnawed. This is a very powerful tool of traditional medicine, which causes menstruation, literally after several doses. This is literally salvation in cases where a remedy is needed, how to cause monthly folk remedies. In this case, the recommended dose of 100 grams. broth a day twice.

In addition, they drink decoction of deviacela and in case of pain in case of uterus prolapse, baths of decoction of deviaca are useful for uterine diseases. According to many folk healers, devastil is a means of relieving melancholy, unreasonable fear and anxiety arising from poor digestion.

As with any drug, Nine has contraindications:

  • 1. Nines in any form is very dangerous for pregnant women – after taking the decoction, an abortion can occur, in just a few hours;
  • 2. drinking decoction is not recommended during menstruation – it can cause severe bleeding.

Answering how soon and generally how to cause menstruation with a delay caused by psychological reasons, we can safely say that with the help of herbs you can be cured in one or two weeks. It is possible to cause menstruation with the help of herbs in a few doses of herbal medicinal mixtures, however, treatment without determining the cause, which caused a violation of the monthly cycle, can provoke negative consequences. To reduce the risk it is recommended to take herbs that do not cause periods, and regulate the menstrual cycle – chamomile, calendula.

Premature menstruation at will – reality or fantasy?

If you read carefully about amenorrhea and the menstrual cycle, you yourself already understand that in the conditions of the development of modern pharmacology, menstruation “by request” is quite accessible. But is it worth it to beat down the menstrual cycle because of the simple desire to go to the sea, for example? It is possible to cause menstruation at the time convenient for you, but no one can guarantee that your menstrual cycle will be fully restored later. A woman’s body is a subtle, high-precision mechanism that is quite simple to bring down from normal activities, but it is very difficult to restore it.

If you carefully look at the summary, instructions for use of hormonal contraceptives, then you will see that it provides recommendations for use for all occasions. All because these cases are verified by clinical trials. As for the initiative and, so to speak, “unauthorized” use, then no one and nothing can guarantee you.

Do not try to change your own monthly cycle under the influence of short-term desires – while you may suffer very much.

Hormone games

Regularly drunk hormonal contraceptive pills, with their help, you can manage your menstrual cycle. The mechanism of how to cause menstruation with drug or completely cancel it, is simple. As you already know, our body in the first half of the cycle produces estrogens – hormones, which are mainly produced by the ovarian follicular unit. And in the second half of the cycle – progesterone, the main hormone produced by the corpus luteum of the ovaries. His actions are aimed at maintaining a possible pregnancy. In other words, menstruation begins exactly when the progesterone level falls. Naturally, with the help of hormonal drugs, his fall can be predicted.

To influence the hormonal background of the woman, stabilize the processes of the regular onset of menstruation, the timeliness of menstruation, many different drugs are used. Cause menstruation can, for example, Norkolut,Duphaston,UtrozhestanAnd other drugs. However, before taking the pills, it is imperative to consult a doctor who is able to prescribe the right drug for you and the exact dosage. Remember that drugs that can cause early menstruation are contraindicated, even if you do not take into account the individuality of the body of each woman!

Menstruation by request

Another option for the use of oral contraceptives is menstruation “on demand”. Greater awareness of the principles of action of oral contraceptives and their widespread use give a woman a feeling of confidence that with their help she can postpone her period. Immediately after the end of the first one, by drinking the second package of the drug without a mandatory break for seven days, the woman can, thereby, cancel the arrival of the monthly.

However, such an experiment is fraught with serious consequences, and it definitely will not end well for the female reproductive system if this method is used more often 1-2 times a year. Based on the artificial fluctuations of the female hormonal background, the positive effect that will accompany the vacation can be very unpleasant to disappoint later, causing a lot of inconvenience, and even intractable problems.

The use of hormonal pills to adjust the date of the beginning of menstruation is an unjustified step, which is possible for use only in case of emergency and necessarily under the supervision of a gynecologist. Artificial creation of such vibrations should be carried out only for medical reasons.

How to bring monthly or delay emergency contraception?

The most dangerous to accelerate or delay menstruation is the use of drugs emergency contraception. For example, the use for the correction of the menstrual cycle of such a serious drug as PostinorCan later turn into years of treating all sorts of problems with the menstrual cycle, and taking such a pill during pregnancy can result in miscarriage, with all the consequences.

How to speed up the onset of menstruation

How to speed up the arrival of menstruation without pills?

Usually the plan of action depends on the duration of the delay of menstruation. For some women, quite healthy, delays are caused by even the slightest stress. For others, delays occur 1-2 times a year in certain months. But one should hardly think how to accelerate the arrival of menstruation with a delay of several days.

But if the postponement of menstruation is bothering you, you can try the next most safe way to speed up the arrival of menstruation without pills. To do this, you can sit in a fairly hot bath for some time, and then actively make love. Yes, yes – all ingenious, in fact, simple. Active rush to the genitals of the blood and the tone of the uterus can cause menstruation, somewhat speed up its arrival.

If you are interested in how to speed up your period, then the safest and most reliable substance for this is natural acid, items in parsley or lemon. Parsley is rich in vitamin C, it is necessary for the human body to fight infections, and can demonstrate how to bring the menstruation closer. The same goes for lemon and ascorbic acid in pills in prophylactic recommended doses. If you have a healthy, strong cardiovascular system, and you do not mind workout, then this is a great time – in moderate amounts, physical activity will contribute to the normalization of the cycle.

How to speed up the onset of menstruation

How to cause monthly folk remedies?

To cause monthly folk remedies with the help of medicinal herbs is quite simple, but you should know that some of the herbs that are used in this case carry an abortive effect. Therefore, before you undertake anything, you must pass a pregnancy test without fail!

Herbs, aimed at how to accelerate the arrival of menstruation without pills, in most cases can have as a stimulating effect (parsley, for example) and soothing (for example, mint, melissa), and in some cases even have a poisonous effect. To regulate the monthly cycle is often used daisy, although it also helps with heavy menstruation. With the right approach, you can cause menstruation during the day. Some recipes can help stabilize the cycle, if the monthly irregular.

How to cause monthly folk remedies, they know many mothers, and especially grandmothers. For example, parsley broth, drinking half a glass a day in two doses for three to four days is able to bring the menstruation closer. Used to accelerate the arrival of menstruation with a delay infusion of a mixture of medicinal herbs: 3 parts (for example, teaspoons) of valerian root, and 4 pieces of mint leaves and chamomile flowers. A mixture of herbs you need to pour a glass of boiling water, then a little insist and drink hot twice a day for half a glass. But one or two lemons, which can be eaten for two or three days before the date of the beginning of menstruation, on the contrary, delay the arrival of menstruation for 3-5 days.

Recipes, how to cause monthly folk remedies:

Recipe number 1. Take 2 teaspoons of blue cornflower grass, chop and fill with one glass of boiling water, cover the container with the infusion with a towel and leave to infuse for about 1 hour, then strain well. Drink cornflower infusion 3-4 times a day for 1 tbsp. spoon just before eating.

Recipe number 2. In the same way as a cornflower, 2 teaspoons of flowers and verbena herb are insisting. Infusion taken with the delay of menstruation three times a day for 50 grams. at once. Washing with vervaina eliminates itching in the vagina. Compresses from it relieve a headache. But the use of vervain is contraindicated for pregnant women – it can cause abortion and concomitant bleeding.

Recipe number 3. According to the statements of some traditional healers, the upper part of the rhizome of gladiolus can cause menstruation at a rapid pace. Such a candle inserted into the vagina – a very potent agent that can cause menstruation in a few hours.

Recipe number 4. If you take 50 grams. decoction, prepared from the root devyasila it inside, it can cause menstruation on the first day of using the tool. To cook the broth you need to take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of shredded root devyasila (sold in any pharmacy), pour boiling water into a glass, and continue to boil over low heat for about 5 minutes. Then you need to wrap a container with broth, for example, with a towel, and insist half an hour. It is necessary to drink broth twice a day, having accepted 50 ml. Decoction of devayasila has a bitter taste. And it can easily provoke an abortion, therefore it is contraindicated for pregnant women. And be sure to keep in mind that a large dose of devyala can cause severe uterine bleeding, so you can not overdo it!

Recipe number 5. How to cause periods during the delay know those who know the properties of carrot seeds. To do this, take orally before eating dry carrot seeds, literally 3-5 grams.

Recipe number 6. Amenorrhea is treated with a decoction of fennel root, in addition to speeding up monthly fennel, it also provides a diuretic effect. This will require 2 tbsp. Spoon root 300 gr. water. For the preparation of medicinal decoction, you should use only enamelware. Moreover, the capacity should be much larger than the volume of medicinal raw materials that you plan to get, because at the initial stage of boiling this broth foams heavily. Fill the raw material with boiling water, and keep on low heat or a boiling water bath for about 20-30 minutes. Cool the broth for 15 minutes at room temperature, filter and add boiled water to the level of the original volume.

There are a lot of medicinal folk recipes, which one to stop at is for you to decide, but nevertheless it is best to pass on this decision to a more competent person – a specialist in the field of gynecology. And definitely you should consult a doctor if your period does not occur more than a month. The gynecologist does not just advise how to accelerate the arrival of menstruation with delay with the help of drugs (often Progesterone), But also conduct a survey that can identify the true cause of the failure of the female body. A serious examination should be conducted in case of regular monthly delays.

How to speed up the onset of menstruation

In particular, it will be necessary to examine a urine test, a blood test for hormones, an ultrasound scan of the uterus, and other activities, depending on the specific situation. After all, in fact, the very absence of menstruation itself is not scary as such (especially if a woman does not plan on having a child in the near future). Terrible reasons that led to their delay. After all, in the end, for example, premature menopause provides the same premature aging. And you need it? Therefore, it is better to carefully monitor the regularity of your menstrual bleeding and, in case of obvious irregularities, do not be lazy to return to the antenatal clinic once again.

And it’s better not to experiment with the menstrual cycle, you have to ride this horse (your own body) for many more years. Do not fool her stupidly.

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