How to treat thrush forum

How to treat thrush at home? This question is often asked on the forum and in the consultation section

Read, remember, and never do that.

Self-diagnosis of thrush

If you are not a professional gynecologist, never diagnose yourself. In half of the cases of treatment of thrush folk remedies, women do not treat candidiasis at all. It is not surprising that such therapy does not help.

In self-diagnosis, women often confuse thrush with bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and the atypical form of herpes. In such cases, standard therapy has absolutely no effect.

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Treatment of thrush folk remedies

Than just not advised to douche with thrush on women’s forums. Three leaders among the grandmother’s methods looks like this:

  • rinsing soda solution;
  • douching chamomile decoction;
  • douching water with tea tree oil.

How to treat thrush forum

Remember once and for all: you cannot use “proven folk remedies that helped our mothers and grandmothers” to treat candidiasis: douching soda, manganese, chamomile, brandy, putting cabbage leaves, aspirin tablets, lemon slices into the vagina, will not cure the disease. But the selection after such procedures can be so atypical that it will be impossible to identify the nature of the disease without laboratory tests.

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Nystatin, Safotsid, Pimafutsin, Terzhinan … It is possible that in the treatment of thrush someone helped these drugs. You can not blindly trust television advertising. What helped your friend does not necessarily help you. Moreover, some of the drugs can further enhance the reproduction of the fungus Candida.

Question: how to cure thrush at home? Answer: Fluconazole

Every second woman advises fluconazole for the treatment of thrush. Here is a typical statement from the women’s forum:

“Fluconazole (Mikosist) should be drunk on day 1 and 6. I also did not help at first. And then it either went away by itself, or it helped. ”

Let’s make some clarity: fluconazole is an international non-proprietary name (INN) drug approved by WHO. Fluconazole molecule was synthesized and patented by Pfizer (USA), which introduced the original drug Diflucan on the market. Later, after the expiration of the patent, generic drugs (copies) of this drug appeared.

The problem of interchangeability of the original drug with generics is one of the most controversial and controversial. In our country, the share of generics accounts for 78 to 95% of the turnover of medicines. It is clear that these drugs are cheaper, and therefore more accessible to the public.

Vaginal infections – statistics

How to treat thrush forum

It is possible that not all fluconazoles have fluconazole in sufficient quantity and quality to perform the same work – to inhibit the formation of ergosterol (the main component of the cell membrane of candidal fungi).

One pill from thrush saves you from the disease forever!

Do you really believe that? No, it is possible that if you take a pill at the first symptoms of thrush, it will put the disease in remission for some time. But at recurrent candidiasis (recurrent candidiasis is considered in case of occurrence of more than 4 episodes of urogenital candidiasis within a year) long-term suppressive therapy is indicated.

And by the way, if you want to cure thrush at home with just one pill, think about the side effects of your chosen drug. Nausea, vomiting, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are just some of the side effects of the “magic pills”. Sometimes antifungal drugs lead to a hormonal imbalance of the body, the development of hepatitis and severe toxic reactions. Do you still want to treat thrush yourself?

How to treat thrush

The most frequent identifiable causes of relapsing candidiasis are diabetes and HIV infection. Proven connection recurrent thrush with thyroid disease, anemia, viral infections. Therefore, before treating thrush home remedies, I advise you to seek advice from an experienced gynecologist.

You can effectively deal with thrush, if only:

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