How to understand that the cat is sick

How to identify some diseases in your cat?

First of all, you should pay special attention to the fact that if your kitten does not have an apathetic mood, is there no interest in everything around him, and does he want to go outside. Secondly, see if your little friend has not stopped sharpening his claws, wash his face, or maybe he sleeps longer than usual?

In cats, as a rule, good immunity, so if the animal gets sick, then this is serious.

Do not overload with a specialist. Take care of yourself and your pets.

Be attentive to pets. Changing the mood of your pet can be a symptom of illness.

Just yesterday, was your little friend in a pretty good mood and full of energy? Worn for candy wrappers or toys around the house, but today he is lying sad, ignoring his food and does not want to play?

How to understand that the cat is sick

Then, you should ask yourself: Has your little friend been affected by the disease?

Today, despite good nutrition and care, kittens can get sick pretty quickly. This, of course, is not very pleasant, both for the owner, and for his smaller friend. That is why, kitty owners must pay attention to the behavior of their pet. After all, the kitten may show some signs and symptoms of the disease, which should cause concern to the owner.

Understanding if your little friend gets sick will help the appearance of the following. symptoms: vomiting, cough, diarrhea, discharge from the eyes or nose. There may also be difficulties during the meal – your little friend starts to spit out food, choke on saliva, or the food just falls out of the mouth.

Quite often, diseases come to kittens with the following symptoms:

  • loss of blinks,
  • lameness,
  • the kitten often scratches,
  • The kitten bites and licks one part of its body.

How to understand that the cat is sick

Moreover, the obvious symptoms of your cat’s disease are distension and shortness of breath.

Measure your heart rate. The pulse of a cat should not exceed 110-150 beats, and a small kitten – 200 beats per minute.

What needs to be done if these symptoms appear?

It is very important for the host to understand that if some of the symptoms described appear, then your little friend experiences some discomfort. Moreover, the longer these symptoms appear, the more clearly they can become.

How to be in case your kitten is sick? After all, it is possible to find out that your kitten gets sick quite quickly, but not everyone is able to perform all the necessary procedures. But the following is required from the owner of a little friend:

    Measure the kitten’s heart rate. The pulse of a cat should not exceed 110-150 beats, and a small kitten – 200 beats per minute.

Find out the temperature that can be measured by a veterinary thermometer. In a small and healthy kitten, the body temperature should not exceed 39 degrees.

It should be noted that if you managed to understand that your little friend was unwell, it is best to contact a veterinary clinic. There your kitten will be able to receive a qualified and effective treatment, which will quite quickly put him on his feet. And, in any case, it is not necessary to engage in treatment on their own – this can result in deplorable results.

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