If the pressure is 90 to 50

For some people, a pressure of 90 to 50 is a normal condition, with a person feeling great and doing any work with ease. Such people are called hypotensive, and their disease – hypotension, that is, low blood pressure. But if such a disease was not found, and the pressure still fell, then you need to find out the reasons for this, and prescribe treatment.

How does low pressure manifest itself?

Not always at hand is a tonometer. But if a person feels unwell, and there is a suspicion of low blood pressure, then you need to know the main symptoms of low blood pressure. A person who has low pressure feels sluggish, depressed, he is very slow in actions and it is difficult for him to concentrate on any work. A person experiences difficulties with the slightest physical work and immediately feels short of breath, and excessive sweating, this happens even when changing the position of the body. The occipital part of the head is almost always sore, and there is a lack of air (especially in stuffy rooms). The patient is followed by fainting, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. In rare cases, limbs are frozen, and sometimes they seem to go numb. Low blood pressure disrupts normal heart rate.

What threatens to lower blood pressure?

Human pressure is a vital indicator, even if it is lowered. It is customary to regard hypertension as a dangerous disease, but not hypotension, although this is fundamentally wrong. Even if hypotension at low levels feels great, this is not a reason to carelessly and carelessly about health. Reduced pressure reduces the speed and amount of blood entering the organs, which means they will not receive the proper amount of nutrients, and most importantly, oxygen, and this is fraught with loss of consciousness, deterioration of concentration and speed of thinking. In humans, working capacity decreases, coordination, sharpness and sensitivity of the eyes deteriorate. Because of low blood pressure, the heart begins to work worse and becomes vulnerable to even the lightest physical exertion.

Why pressure drops to 90 to 50?

If a person gets very tired, both psychologically and physically, lacks sleep, then this easily leads to hypotension. The second factor is poor nutrition. Good nutrition is the health of the body. Exclusion of healthy foods from the diet, improper diet, consistently lead to low blood pressure. This includes fatigue, sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity, the complete absence of physical exertion on the muscles, which also cause the pressure to fall.

Hypotension is a professional illness of athletes. Surprisingly for them, the norm is a pressure of 80 to 50, 90 to 60, and a pulse of 50-60. And they do not feel bad with such indicators, it’s quite the opposite.

Working in bad conditions also threatens a person with low blood pressure. Such conditions include work at great depths underground, in stuffy rooms, in hot places, or in conditions of high humidity. Therefore, at the first manifestation of symptoms of hypotension, you need to go to the doctor, establish an accurate diagnosis, change the working conditions or work in general, so as not to expose the body to such heavy loads.

Causes of pressure reduction during pregnancy

The slightest drop in pressure in a pregnant woman is a dangerous signal, so you need to periodically measure it in order to know how the pregnancy goes. The mark of 100/60 is considered dangerous – after it, it is better to call a doctor. In the life of an ordinary person, hypotension often brings little inconvenience, and people live peacefully, but if the blood pressure of a pregnant woman falls, this means that the child will receive less nutrients and oxygen, and this, in turn, may in the future provoke the development of his diseases or pathologies. This is really dangerous – the likelihood of miscarriage or premature birth sharply increases. Blood pressure during pregnancy falls due to stress and the restructuring of hormones in the body in a difficult period for the body. A strong influence on the level of blood pressure has a pregnant cardiovascular system. Women in position should move more and walk on the street, but be protected from infections that provoke a fall in blood pressure.

What to do if a child has a bad blood pressure?

Do not be alarmed if a child’s blood pressure drops. In children aged 7–10 years, low blood pressure is the norm, but if the rates reach 90–95 by 70, then this indicates the presence of arterial hypotension. With age, it gradually stabilizes to the level of an adult. In any case, you need to consult with a pediatrician who will select the correct treatment for the child. To independently help the child to come to a normal state, you must first normalize his daily routine, review the diet, increase the time spent in the fresh air, and be sure to do physical exercises.

If the pressure is 90 to 50

How to increase performance?

To increase the pressure of the person does not necessarily use pills or injections. Traditional medicine and even ordinary foods can help increase blood pressure. For example, it is better to drink a small cup of coffee, because the caffeine contained in it has the ability to increase blood pressure. At low blood pressure, it is advisable to drink more fluids, only sweet, but in no case alcohol. Although, as an exception, they drink warmed wine, but this is a short-term alternative, because after the release of alcohol from the body, the pressure returns to its original state. An interesting way to increase blood pressure is a point massage of special points on the body (massage each point for 2−3 minutes).

For example, to massage such points:

  • On the abdomen: put your palm on your stomach so that your index finger is half a centimeter below the navel. You need to massage the point where the little finger is located.
  • On the palm: the point is located between the thumb and index finger.
  • On the neck: a fossa in the back at the base of the skull.

A revised diet will help normalize blood pressure. With hypotension, you can and should eat salty or spicy foods, foods that contain large amounts of ascorbic acid, and vitamin B3. Focus on fruits, cabbage, eggs, milk, liver. Sometimes doctors advise eating more baked goods – carbohydrates constrict blood vessels. If there is no atherosclerosis, it is allowed to eat fatty foods that raise the level of cholesterol in the blood vessels, and this creates difficulties for blood flow through the blood vessels.

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