Is it possible to pool with monthly

Despite the fact that modern hygiene products allow women to do a lot, which was inaccessible to our grandmothers, nevertheless many women of the weaker sex feel a little uncomfortable on the “red days of the calendar” and are asked a lot of questions to which there is no definite answer.

Recommended lifestyle during menstruation

The first thing that interests women: What kind of hygiene is better – a lining or a tampon? Most gynecologists recommend combining them. For example, a gasket is preferable at night, especially if it has wings and is wide enough and long.

In the last days of menstruation, when the volume of discharge decreases, you can go to the tampons. There are no strict rules in this respect – it all depends on the physiological characteristics and lifestyle of a particular woman.

An important point – the rules of hygiene. It is advisable to wash away at least twice a day, but it is best after a change of tampon or pad (that is, every 4-6 hours). Tampons and gaskets should be purchased only in pharmacies from reputable manufacturers.

Is it possible to pool with monthly

During menstruation is not desirable:

  • take too cold or too hot baths (should be limited to a warm shower)
  • go to sauna or bath (bleeding may increase)
  • swim in natural waters (there may be harmful microorganisms)
  • consume spicy, salty and sweet foods
  • take aspirin

Menstruation and swimming pool

If we consider this issue from a security point of view, then only the reliability of tampons is important. Swimming in the pool, as a rule, does not last more than 45-60 minutes, which in principle is not enough to fill up with even the most abundant menstrual periods.

However, a prerequisite is the replacement of the tampon just before the swim. If we are talking about physical activity, then sports during menstruation is not prohibited to engage in, and in some cases it is just necessary to relieve spasms and pain. But if a woman feels weakness, fatigue, abdominal pain, it is better to refuse physical exertion.

If we talk about the possibility of infectious diseases that can be transmitted through contact with chlorinated water, you should think before you go to the public pool.

Indeed, on critical days, the protective functions of the body are reduced, and the cervix is ​​open. It is very important to know in advance how well the pool is disinfected. But it is important not only during menstruation, but at any time.

From an aesthetic point of view, swimming in the pool during menstruation is not decent. This is disrespect for other visitors, who probably wouldn’t be happy if they knew that a number of women were having critical days.

Active sex life and monthly

Opinions about whether you can have sex during menstruation, rather contradictory. However, it should be noted that purely medical contraindications do not exist, if we exclude situations where contact causes pain.

Many women on critical days have more vivid sensations from sex. It is very easy to explain – the vagina is wet and swollen (narrow), the blood flow is increased.

Some couples refuse sex these days only for reasons of hygiene, although it has been proven that menstrual blood does not contain harmful bacteria. Many are confused by the specific smell. On the other hand, on critical days, the female genitals are more vulnerable, therefore the use of a condom is necessary.

To have sex or not, it’s up to the woman and her partner, but it should be borne in mind that the possibility of infections at this time is still increasing. Blood is an excellent medium for bacteria, in such favorable conditions they multiply very quickly. If microorganisms enter the uterus or urethra of a man, sexual intercourse will entail an inflammatory disease.

If you do not want to refuse sex, you must follow certain rules of hygiene. Both partners must be washed before and after the act. It is also advisable to use a condom to reduce the risks at least for men.

For a woman, the likelihood of microorganisms entering the uterus from the vagina remains. They are safe in their familiar environment, but in the uterus can cause inflammation.

In addition, do not forget that you can get pregnant during menstruation, especially if a woman has a short cycle. For example, with a cycle of 21 days, ovulation may already begin on the sixth, eighth day, that is, when menstruation is not over.

Do not forget that the sperm live up to five days, and a woman may have two ovulations per cycle. To determine the lifestyle during menstruation, you must know all the features of your own body.

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