Is it possible to swim in the pool during menstruation

Swimming is one of the best physical activities: relieves stress, strengthens muscles and has a minimum of contraindications. But what should a woman do if a subscription to the pool has not yet ended, and “these days” have already begun?

Swim allowed

Is it possible to swim in the pool during menstruation

Obstetrician-gynecologist Maria Takunova said that during menstruation it is quite possible to swim in the pool.

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– The next question that will probably be asked: “What about the highlights? They will fall into the water. There are two hygiene products that can prevent this. The first is a tampon. It reliably holds menstrual blood. But he can get wet and let the water from the pool inside the vagina. Therefore, you need to insert a clean tampon before swimming and change it immediately after leaving the pool.

The second remedy is the menstrual cup. This is a silicone cap that is inserted inside. Probably the best option, because it retains moisture on both sides. Another thing is that the menstrual cup is not very widely used with us.

In the last days of menstruation, when there is not so much discharge, the special waterproof swimsuit can be an alternative.

Even the lack of hygiene products does not mean that there will be blood in the water: when swimming, the pressure of water usually prevents menstrual blood from entering the pool. But if it still happened (during a sudden movement, or sneezing, or coughing), then, according to the doctor, there is no reason for your neighbors to worry: the water is decontaminated in order to protect other people from physiological secretions (the same ).

– By the way, if a woman complains of painful periods, then moderate exercise can help reduce pain. Therefore, she can safely swim – it’s like therapy, – notes Maria Takunova.

When is it worth staying at home? For example, in the very first days of menstruation, when the discharge is very abundant. If the quality of the water in the pool is questionable, it is also better to postpone training: the body is vulnerable during this period, you may get local irritation. It is not recommended to swim if you have an infection or inflammation – no need to put your own health and those around you at risk. There are no other serious contraindications.

– Our people themselves, most likely, because of their fears will not go – says the doctor. – If a woman in such a situation feels uncomfortable in the pool, is embarrassed, why force yourself?

In 2016, in Tbilisi, blogger Sophie Tabatadze signed up for a spa center and saw an advertisement there that prohibited women from swimming in the pool during their periods. The girl posted it on Facebook with a comment: “Do you even know how offensive this is? By the way, since your rules do not allow a woman to use the pool for 5-6 days every month, will you sell us season tickets for less than men?The spa immediately became the object of criticism in different countries. The Telegraph, citing the UK National Health Service, noted that swimming during menstruation is safe and hygienic when using a tampon.

Will the subscription renew?

We turned into several metropolitan pools.

In the sports and fitness center Olympus explained: they have a subscription for the first time, a calendar month plus 10 days – for women and men. This period should be enough to leave all classes. At least, there were no complaints from female visitors.

In the fitness center of the Frunzensky district of Minsk, you can go swimming and water aerobics. In the case of the second, if the girl misses workouts due to menstruation, the subscription is extended. For normal swimming – no.

“But the remaining classes can be diverted any day, for example, you can visit the pool not two, but three times a week,” they say in the training center. – Only it is necessary to clarify whether there is a place at this time so that the number of people on the track does not exceed the norm – 8 people. You can call the administration: we know about when we have loaded days and hours.

What about private pools? In the Adrenaline fitness center, where there are water aerobics trainings, they are loyal to clients.

“It is even stated in our rules that if classes fell on“ critical days ”, the girl is allowed to extend the subscription for 10 days,” the administrator answers.

How many people enjoy this right? After all, a woman can be ashamed to voice a delicate situation. The fitness center explains: it is not necessary to call the reason – simply ask to renew the subscription (you can even by phone). And every month there are clients who resort to this.

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