Is it possible to wash with a temperature of 37

Bath and cold – are these concepts compatible? Is it possible to bath with a temperature? Do you ask yourself this question with every illness? And for good reason. A visit to the bath for colds is a deliberate step. Find out when you can and can not in the bath.

Temperature and sauna concepts are not compatible!

What effect does a bath have on a cold?

Visiting the bath, everyone knows that the correct heating in the steam room with a broom helps to eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. With a cold, there is a saturation of waste from microbes that are progressive in the body. Their withdrawal is necessary, which occurs through the skin, urinary system. In the steam room profuse sweating. Is it good for the disease?

Steaming with a broom with temperature is dangerous.

Experts believe steam is useful as a preventive measure for a healthy body or slightly affected by the disease. Starting bath procedures at an early stage of the disease, it is possible to cope with the disease. With the advent of temperature zeal in the bath is not needed. The body fights the virus, maximizes the strength of the immune system. It is difficult for him to cope with the additional heating of the body from the outside. I want more coolness, and not an increase in degrees.

The cardiovascular system receives a large load. The blood becomes thick, at high temperatures there is a shortage of fluid and oxygen. The heart can not withstand high loads, even in a trained person.

Is it possible to bath with a temperature above 37 °?

There are a lot of people who experiment on themselves. Sick should independently assess the capabilities of the body. If you are new to the bath, there are health problems besides a cold, the result can be unpredictable. Friends tips do not always apply to you.

High temperature indicates the body’s fight against the disease. The higher the temperature, the better the immune system works. The body can withstand a certain increase in internal heat. Small children can actively behave even at a temperature of 39.6 °. Some convulsions and below 39 °. All individually.

Visit the bath in the first days of the disease or after recovery. Use herbal decoctions, oils to improve the condition. At the first sign of nasal congestion, the herbal steam will help clear the nasal sinuses. With a congestion in the chest will contribute to the softening and discharge of sputum.

Caught in the early stages of a cold can quickly pass, even without increasing the temperature.

If this is not possible, do not run to the bath when the disease progresses at full speed. Need expert intervention. Self-medication sometimes does a disservice to the patient. Bath can be a place of inhalation on the advice of a doctor, without high temperatures and highly moistened steam. Whisk with a steam room wait until better times.

How to behave in a bath at the first sign of a cold

Having made a choice in favor of visiting the bath during a cold, follow the rules that will help not to harm yourself.

Is it possible to wash with a temperature of 37

At the first signs of the disease it is better to stop bathing procedures.

They are simple, but important:

  • Warm up the body evenly, avoiding sudden changes in temperature.
  • In the steam room, create the conditions for a herbal light steam by sprinkling decoction or oil onto the heater. It is good to use aromas of fir, eucalyptus, thyme, sage, chamomile. After sweeping for 10–15 minutes, exit the steam room to the dressing room, put on your bathrobe. Cool the body should gradually. No drafts, cold pools or snow rubdowns.
  • Drink more hot tea with raspberry, currant jam. Med is not contraindicated in moderation.
  • We do the second and subsequent visits to the steam room for health reasons; we are not fond of it.
  • With a broom, gently pat the legs and chest, without fanaticism.
  • Cool headgear often, avoiding overheating. Headache from intense heat to anything.
  • No alcohol. Advisers to take vodka with pepper is enough, only the effect is opposite to what is desired.
  • After the bath procedures complete peace and sound sleep. Perhaps in the morning wake up a healthy person.

If the miracle does not happen, do not repeat the procedure. Call a doctor, get adequate recommendations.

Having looked at the forums of people’s answers to the question of whether it was possible to have a bath at a temperature, we found contradictory information. Someone advises to go to the bath and at a temperature of 39. These are, of course, extreme lovers or active banshchiki accustomed to different temperature conditions. If they helped, then you should not be like the example without prior preparation, without knowing your human capabilities.

Go to the bath or not?

Nobody can give an unequivocal answer to the question. Man is unique, the body reacts differently. One is good, the other is deadly. It is better to try to strengthen the body, to visit the bath as a preventive measure and not to get sick. But about how the bath affects the human body, you can watch the video:

During the outbreak, add aromatic inhalations, herbal teas and infusions to bath procedures. A healthy lifestyle should be the norm, and a bath part of health.

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