Lymph nodes throughout the body

Hello, I am 16 years old. I had been ill with tracheitis, furunculosis and pharyngitis after these diseases when I recovered I began to palpate my lymph nodes almost throughout my body. Passed 2 times UAC everything is perfect. I have just been worrying for 3 months already. I advise you to do it to me, my doctors say that it can take a lot of time to normalize the LU and what can you say. To which doctor. What to take. Help me please!

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Tell me, is it not lymphadenopathy in me?

sorry for the dumb question. See, recently, drug addicts robbed me. One of them took me by the hand. He had wounds and sadina. My hand was the cleanest without cuts, and so on, his blood did not fall, and so on. Already 3 months have passed all the time I’m afraid I’m just afraid LU led me away when I was sick and I thought suddenly because of wich tell me if I’d worry about it or need to see a psychotherapist, by the way, even the test was normal)

Thank you. I don’t need to worry about lymphadenopathy?

Ie, even if they had wounds in my hand, it was the purest, they are not afraid that they took me?

Yes, you are right, but 1 more I had a scar on the bone for him that moment was 3 months he was already completely closed i.e. the blood did not go out in general ie he was already with the skin nothing terrible?

+ I already did the test after 3 months, all OK)

Thanks you! a scar for 3 months was he had a crush on the skin and closed only the red one and everything, and if they had nothing to do with their wounds before my scar too?

+ it could be just Gopnik)

Tell me here I have 2 boils in the ear and tracheitis is a serious infection or not?

Shasik photo right off

Tell me how?

Lymph nodes throughout the body

Thank! I just read on the Internet about HIV and so on. LU throughout the body tell me what do you think that provoked more LU tracheitis or boils in the ears? And tell me why LU is taking so long, even after recovery?

just on all sites they write a month or is it about a banal acute respiratory viral infection or infection, more serious tell can antibiotic therapy have affected and tell 3 antibiotics to take many during the illness?

Lymph nodes throughout the body

Taxes are watching ENT told me that I have a granulosis pharyngitis tax neurologist vegetative-vascular dystonia. A psychiatrist said obsessive-compulsive disorder. The infectious disease doctor palpated said how often I get sick td and now.

And he ordered me to take tests for the EBV virus and then toxoplasma because I live with a cat and a cytomegalovirus infection. Do you have to take them? Or just to score and understand that it is because of my infections as you think they just cost 300 rubles each!

Lymph nodes throughout the body

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