Monthly earlier than a week

Almost every woman at least once in their lives, the question arises, why menstruation began earlier? There is no clear answer to this question.

Monthly earlier than a week

It all depends on many factors, as well as a particular person. This situation always causes some excitement, anxiety, anxiety.

Causes of cycle violation

Usually the question that menstruation began almost a week earlier is asked by adolescent girls. Having read all sorts of sources about the proper functioning of the female reproductive system, they think that everything should be on science and in a certain period.

But in the period of the menstrual cycle, surprises are possible for a long period of time. Do not worry if your period started a few days ahead of time or, on the contrary, was delayed. In adolescence, this is a completely normal situation. This continues until the formation of the menstrual cycle.

However, many years of experience shows that the question of why menstruation begins earlier than expected is given to women of any age. The excitement is well founded, as each of them wants to be healthy, be sure to become a mother, maybe not even once.

Therefore, if the monthly began earlier by 10 days, then the woman always wants to know the reasons. They, of course, are.

  1. Most often, it is stress. This factor greatly affects the reproductive system of women. Acute emotional state contributes to the rejection of the endometrium ahead of time, as a result of menstruation start earlier than 10 days. With strong shocks or prolonged nervousness, menstruation may begin earlier by 2 weeks. In this case, do not worry, you need to calm down. After a certain period of time, the cycle, most often, is restored on its own.
  2. Physical overloads also contribute to cycle violations. So, it’s not worth wondering why menstruation started earlier by almost 10 days, if before that the woman had rearranged all the furniture in the apartment on her own or brought 30 kg of products from the supermarket. It is better not to allow this, the body should be treated carefully, because as a result of overloads other problems may arise.
  3. The most common cold can contribute to the fact that the monthly begin prematurely. The disease, as a rule, makes its own adjustments to the metabolic processes of the body. The obstructed blood circulation often enough causes the onset of menstruation 5 days earlier. Experiencing in this case is not necessary, after recovery, everything will go back to normal.
  4. Inflammatory processes obtained during unprotected sexual intercourse also contribute to the fact that menstruation begins 4 or more days earlier than the prescribed period. But here it is necessary to take into account that pain in the lower abdomen is possible, even temperature. Here it is worthwhile to take care and be sure to see a doctor. This situation can not be run. Only examination, correct diagnosis, proper treatment will allow the body to be restored.
  5. Oral contraceptives often cause the onset of menses 3 or more days earlier. Such drugs are usually prescribed by the doctor. When taking such funds, the cycle works like a clock, and if it fails, then a doctor’s consultation is required.
  6. Among the answers to the question of why menstruation began earlier in the week, the answer is also indicated – diet. Diets are very popular with the female population of our planet, and many of them are harmful. Especially if the food involves the use of a single product. The body then loses a large number of substances, depleted. Many metabolic processes go astray, so it is not surprising if monthly periods can start a week earlier.
  7. Climate change is one of the stressful moments for any organism. This factor damages the central nervous system of the body, so it may be among the answers to the question of why menstruation began earlier.

These are the main reasons that cause the menstrual cycle, causing the excitement of the beautiful half of humanity.

Breach of cold

Monthly earlier than a week

In any case, if this happens often enough or with some regularity, you should visit a doctor. Assigning the necessary examination, he diagnoses the cause, will help restore the cycle. Self-diagnosis and self-medication are not allowed.

Ways to call menstruation

Sometimes women are interested in the opposite situation: how to make menstruation begin earlier. Similar questions are also not uncommon.

In general, this is not worth doing, because you can cause health problems. However, this question is being asked more often. As a rule, women do it if they are going to rest and do not want any trouble when the climate changes.

In any case, experts advise to consult a doctor for advice. Do not listen to the advice of girlfriends, as the body of each individual. What is good for one may not fit the other.

  1. The most effective and effective method for the start of early menstruation is taking oral contraceptives. But at the same time you need to clearly know that these drugs have a number of contraindications. Without a doctor is not enough. Only he, having studied the characteristics of the organism and the cycle, can make the appropriate decision. There will be no benefit, but harm can be minimized.
  2. If oral contraceptives are taken regularly, then they can be used both to cause premature monthly and postpone their arrival. Menstruation can be postponed for a week, if you do not take the recommended break between the packs and after the end of one, immediately start taking another. To call menstruation ahead of time, stop taking the pills, thereby causing menstruation. It is not recommended to regulate the cycle with this method more than 1-2 times a year, because it is easy to knock it down, but recovery can take a long time.
  3. For emergency onset of menstruation, most often, the drug Postinor is used. Among the indications for use are emergency contraception measures for unprotected sexual intercourse. This drug has a number of analogues. According to the instructions, it is used for one to two days after unprotected intercourse, and after a few days, the beginning of the menstrual cycle should be expected.

Appeal to traditional medicine

In addition, there are many folk remedies. Their effectiveness is doubtful, some generally cause a smile, so you should not wait for good results. Among them are the following.

  1. Drink some red wine, then take a hot bath.
  2. Eat a lot of dill, parsley for a few days.
  3. Drink a glass of milk with honey and 4 drops of iodine.
  4. Eat some carrot seeds, pomegranate, drink beetroot juice.
  5. Herbal collection of oregano, chamomile and valerian root brew in a ratio of 1 teaspoon / glass of water, drink on an empty stomach, and then do not eat for six hours.
  6. Decoction bay leaf. 60 leaves to boil in 400 g of water, insist and drink on an empty stomach.
  7. A candle carved from a gladiolus bulb and inserted into the vagina causes monthly periods of several hours.
  8. Reception of ascorbic acid in large quantities.

Before you consciously bring down the menstrual cycle, you need to evaluate all the negative consequences. After all, there are always risks, but health must be protected.

A cycle failure causes changes in the work of the entire reproductive system and can cause the following consequences:

  • difficulties in setting the cycle;
  • severe uterine bleeding;
  • amenorrhea;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • a sharp increase in the profusion of monthly bleeding;
  • infertility.

And most importantly, be very careful about the state of the body at this moment. After all, you may already be pregnant, and taking medications will negatively affect the health of the child. Learn how to determine ovulation at home and see photos of ovulation secretions, what they should be.

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