My legs hurt a lot

Severe pain inside the leg occurs very often, it can develop in the foot, knees, hip, depending on the type of disease. The pain inside the leg is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness. Some may suffer it, and some may not, because over time it will necessarily increase. But before answering the question, it hurts the leg inside, what to do, you need to certainly diagnose the cause of the pain. Remember, if the disease is cured immediately, it will soon be possible to forget for it, but the pain that started is rarely treatable.

My legs hurt a lot

What diseases can cause pain inside the leg? There are many reasons for these, problems with the spine, muscles, joints and blood vessels of the legs.

Most often, the pain inside is caused by problems with the vessels. Why does it occur? Because of a violation in the outflow of venous blood, as a result, blood pressure rises in the vessels. When the blood in the veins stagnates, pain begins to appear, because the nerve endings are irritated. This pain is a dull character that causes heaviness in the legs. Because of this, varicose veins develop.

Severe pain inside the leg can occur due to thrombophlebitis, it has a pulsating character and burns very strongly under the skin. What is characteristic of this disease? The pain is constant, the muscles of the calf are completely affected.

The pain inside the leg is often caused by atherosclerosis of the arteries due to the sealing of the vascular walls. Here the pain is constricting, and gives to the muscles of the calf. May also be accompanied by pain in the lower leg. When a person starts walking the pain increases. The main symptom is constantly cold feet.

My legs hurt a lot

Very often, the reason for the pain inside the leg is a disease of the joints. The pain has the nature of twisting the legs, especially aggravated when the weather changes. In the knee, such pain may occur due to problems with cartilage. But remember, to solve the problem with pain you need to contact an experienced medical specialists.

The pain inside the leg may occur due to flat-footedness, a person gets very tired at the same time, feels heavy in the legs. How to reduce pain? Buy special orthopedic shoes that will ease your suffering.

No one even suspects that pain can occur due to neuralgia, it is a pain of an attack of a temper, between them a few seconds pass.

One of the strong pains inside the leg is caused by muscle inflammation of myositis, it is a very life-threatening disease, so you should immediately consult a doctor.

The pain inside the leg can develop after injuries of a different nature – a fracture, contusion, stretching or rupture of muscles, ligaments. What are the symptoms? The temperature is very high, the skin turns red, erysipelas, thrombosis, purulent inflammation, swelling of the lymph appears. There is an urgent need to call an ambulance, because it is very serious.

What to do if the leg hurts badly inside. It is necessary to remember about preventive measures:

1. Do not eat fatty foods. 2. Daily do not forget to perform special physical exercises. 3. Track your weight. 4. Monitor the condition of their blood vessels, joints and muscles.

My legs hurt a lot

If suddenly the pain inside the leg is very strong and is accompanied by such symptoms, immediately consult a doctor:

1. Feet cold, weak and often numb. 2. Sharp pain lasts up to 3 days. 3. Severe swelling occurs. 4. The skin on the leg turns blue and swells.

Remember, in any case you can not engage in self-activity, ask for help at the time, and the pain will soon pass, because if you start the problem, it may result in muscle atrophy.

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