Oncologist dermatologist Moscow

A feature of the modern market of medical services is the choice of a doctor.

The patient always tries to get to a good specialist.

Since the professionalism and care of the doctor depends on the accuracy of diagnosis, the effectiveness of the treatment of the disease, as well as the subsequent quality of human life.

Who is a dermatologist oncologist?

A dermatologist, an oncologist is a narrow specialization.

He is competent in the diagnosis and therapy of a certain group of diseases localized primarily on human skin, namely, oncological pathology.

This group of diseases is the result of changes in the genetic material of skin cells.

Oncologist dermatologist Moscow

With the subsequent formation of a benign (papilloma, atheroma, hemangioma) or malignant (skin cancer, melanoma) tumor.

Effective treatment of a malignant neoplasm depends on its timely and reliable diagnosis, as well as the choice of the correct treatment.

Therefore, the professionalism of the doctor is an important factor.

Good dermatologist oncologist already at the stage of the clinical examination of the patient, which includes a thorough examination of the skin, it is imperative to pay attention to the smallest changes on it.

These may be elements of a rash, small tumors, changes in the size, shape of moles, indicating the possible formation of melanoma.

On admission of oncologist-dermatologist in Moscow says the professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, dermato-oncologist, dermatovenerologist top category Volgin Valeriy Nikolaevich

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How to choose a good doctor?

Today, there are many medical centers in big cities that provide quality services.

To get into the hands of a highly qualified specialist, it is important to pay attention to several factors:

  1. I. Work experience and qualification category. These criteria are interrelated.
  2. Ii. The highest category is assigned to doctors with a sufficiently long (at least 15 years) and positive work experience in the specialty.
  3. Iii. Completeness of application of possible research methods, in particular, examination of the skin with a magnifying device (dermatoscopy).
  4. Iv. In Moscow, the best dermatologist, oncologist, regardless of the reason for the patient’s treatment, will definitely conduct dermatoscopy of the skin, including in the area of ​​localization of birthmarks.
  5. V. Patient feedback is a criterion by which one can assess the attentiveness of the doctor’s attitude towards the patient, adherence to the principles of ethics and deontology by a specialist.
  6. Vi. Reviews of the oncologist’s dermatologist are usually available on various thematic forums on the Internet.

It is also important to pay attention to the medical facility where the doctor provides medical services.

Where is a good oncologist, a dermatologist, in Moscow?

This specialist provides diagnostic and treatment services in medical institutions of various forms of ownership.

A doctor who meets the criteria of excellence usually receives at private medical centers or specialized government institutions (oncologic dispensary).

It is more difficult to get an appointment at a public clinic than at a private clinic, since a referral from a therapist or a family doctor is required.

For consultation in the private office of a dermatologist oncologist, just contact the registry.

Or sign up by phone by filling out a special online form on the site.

Oncologist dermatologist Moscow

Private institutions are usually equipped with more modern equipment for carrying out instrumental and laboratory diagnostics of the oncological process.

They are interested in maintaining their good reputation, and therefore the doctor will make every effort to solve the medical problem as soon as possible.

If necessary, consult a dermatologist oncologist, contact the author of this article – a specialist in Moscow with 15 years of experience.

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