Pain on an empty stomach

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Pain on an empty stomach

Patients often have complaints of hungry pains in the stomach, disturbing at night or during the day if the body has not received food reinforcement for a long time. It is necessary to take the minimum amount of food or drink a few sips of water, the painful feelings are declining. Similar symptoms of diseases are periodic.

Hunger pain for a long time in most patients does not cause concern, as they are removed quickly by taking a small amount of food or drink. Often a sick person muffles the painful sensation by eating a hamburger, sweet muffin, snacks and is unaware of the increased development of the intensity of the pathology. The result of such snacks is a complication of the disease, expressed by the manifestation of serious signs and life-threatening diseases. If the stomach hurts when a hungry person has eaten no more than 6 hours ago, it is not recommended to neglect the consultation of a gastroenterologist, since the symptom indicates the development of the ulcerative state of the digestive organ.

How do hungry pains

The pain in a patient with a pre-ulcer state of the stomach begins to progress 6–7 hours after the last meal. A sharp cessation of pain is observed immediately after ingestion of a minimum amount of food. The manifestation of painful sensations in different patients differs in growth and intensity. Approximately a third of patients experience so severe pains that they lead to a violation of the usual mode of the day and lifestyle. By the nature of the manifestation, a different variable series is also detected: cutting, aching, pulsating and

The pathological process in the stomach rarely develops only with the manifestation of painful sensations. Accompanied by pain can be heartburn, belching with a sour smell, the urge to vomit, the accumulation of gases, constipation. It is this symptomatic complex indicates a stomach ulcer.

The symptoms of hunger pains are often associated with night time. Not so much the desire to eat, but how much the occurrence of pain pushes a person to a snack, followed by the disappearance of unpleasant sensations. The dependence between night snacks after waking up from stomach pains and localization of the ulcerative state of the gastric mucosa in its pyloric section was revealed.

Hungry pains in the stomach do not always provoke food intake, some patients do not feel the desire to have a bite because of the special psychological state, which is explained by the fear of the body to perform an increased load in the digestion of food.

Causes of hunger pains

The etiogenesis of hunger pains varies:

Pain on an empty stomach

  1. Peristaltic movements of the stomach walls are sometimes disturbed, which is accompanied by painful sensations.
  2. Endocrinological disorders often lead to a balance in violation of the secretion of certain hormones (lepton, melatonin). Normally, the concentration of melatonin increases at night by 30 times compared with the daytime. Due to a violation of the secretion of the hormone, its highest level is observed during the day. The result of hormonal changes is a complete lack of appetite in the daytime. On the contrary, at night a person suffers from insurmountable hungry pain and desire to eat.
  3. Ulcerative lesions begin to irritate sensitive receptors, including pain receptors – nociceptors.
  4. In modern medical practice, discomfort and desire for snacking after psychoemotional stresses and heavy emotional stress began to appear more often. As a result of the appearance of pain – night snacks, compensating for the lack of pleasure in the daytime.
  5. Enhanced secretion of oblakochny gastric cells of hydrochloric acid causes an increase in the acidity of the digestive organ, which causes hunger pains in the stomach.
  6. Spasms and corresponding reductions in the smooth muscle fibers surrounding the ulceration are another cause of the unpleasant symptom of the disease.
  7. Suppression of appetite in the daytime can not continue at night, when the intensity of pain increases.
  8. Parasitic cause. Sometimes the liver and bile ducts are affected by flukes and other worms from the class of hepatic flukes. In this case, the pain of hunger can occur at any time, including at night.

Since the most common causes of pain in the stomach from hunger are associated with the ulcerative and pre-ulcer state of the gastric mucosa, the connection between starvation pain and the pathogenic inhabitant of the digestive organ, Helicobacter pylori, is obvious.

Eliminating an unpleasant symptom through food consumption is not the best way to cure a disease that lies behind a symptom. Eliminating the feeling of hunger and striving to achieve comfort in the digestive organ by eating, patients thereby hide other symptoms of the pathology, delaying its acute period to a state of criticality. For this reason, the occurrence of pain in the organs of the digestive system does not tolerate self-treatment and requires an immediate visit for consultation and examination in the clinic.

How to cope with this kind of pain?

In addition to the treatment regimen that only a knowledgeable medical specialist should prescribe, the patient can relieve his condition in simple ways. These include a diet, the observance of which is desirable to carry out for the relief of pain, examination and treatment. Diet involves forgetting about the consumption of food that can cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the digestive organ: sharp, fried and

The diet should include preferably porridge or soups, cooked boiled or steamed. Fruit with plenty of organic acids should be left for consumption after full recovery. The rest of the sweet and sour and sweet fruits in their raw form are less suitable for consumption than those subjected to roasting and other types of heat treatment. Porridges boiled in skimmed milk or water are suitable for nutrition. Any products desirable to take in the form of heat.

Eating hungry pains at night will help in the daytime food at short intervals with a minimum amount of food. This type of diet is called fractional. Restriction of salt in the presence or absence of the ulcerative state of the mucous will have a beneficial effect on the state of the body and the digestive system. The presence of gastric mucosa ulcer forces dietary food using baby puree, where there are no preservatives, additives, salt and sugar.

These activities relieve irritation of the gastric mucosa and contribute to a more rapid transition to the main period of treatment of pathology.

Seeing a doctor and possible complications

A visit to the clinic immediately after the onset of the painful symptom will prevent a life-threatening complication. Most often, doctors have to diagnose in these cases a stomach ulcer, the development of which can perforate the gastric wall and the exit of the contents into the abdominal cavity. Inflammation of the peritoneal sheets (peritonitis) can lead to a systemic inflammatory process, attributed by physicians to a serious condition with a threat to life.

Treatment of hunger pains

When hungry pains appear, analgesics are the primary means to eliminate them. Further treatment regimen depends on the cause of the symptom, which is established by the gastroenterologist. Omeprazole and pantoprazole are prescribed after detecting increased secretion of hydrochloric acid. In case of violation of the motor function of the gastric walls, metoclopramide and its analogues are prescribed. The presence of spasms requires the use of antispasmodic drugs. If Helicobacter pylori is detected by diagnostics, a course of antibiotics is being developed.

Traditional medicine as an additional treatment enhances the effect of the main drugs. For different causes of pain, the following recipes are prescribed:

  1. Antibacterial and antispasmodic effect has a handful of boiled water on a handful of chamomile inflorescences. Means are drunk throughout the day as tea.
  2. Cucumber fresh juice, drunk 3 large spoons per day, has an analgesic effect on hunger pains.
  3. Oatmeal has the enveloping effect in the form of porridge or soup. The amount of mucus under the action of oatmeal increases, which reduces the effects of hydrochloric acid and prevents the development of the ulcerative state of the mucous.

Complexes of folk remedies in identifying the true cause of the appearance of hunger pains are diverse. Like the main treatment regimen, healing with folk remedies begins after a diagnostic examination.

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