Papillomas on the genitals home treatment

Human papillomavirus is today one of the most common And if about five years ago, the diagnosis was made less frequently, now about 50 percent of patients in the discharge find it out. Moreover, the virus can manifest itself absolutely in any part of the body. One of the vulnerabilities are the genitals.

The causes of papillomas

The main causes of papillomas

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons why human papillomas can appear on intimate places in humans is the penetration of the human papilloma virus itself into the body. Moreover, infection can occur at any time.

The main reasons include:

  • Genital infections that significantly weaken the entire immune system. That is why it is necessary to treat and identify them as soon as possible.
  • Frequent change of sexual partners, when it is unclear whether a person is sick or not.
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse, especially when the couple do not use condoms, as they are one of the most reliable ways to protect your body from the penetration of bacteria, microbes and viruses.
  • Not following personal hygiene rules, namely using someone else’s towels, underwear, and

Papillomas on the genitals home treatment

Due to the fact that the disease is most often asymptomatic, that is, the papillomas that appear can not disturb the first days, the moment during which you need to begin treatment is always missed. But in maintaining the most healthy lifestyle, you can protect yourself from the virus, and accordingly from the appearance of papillomas on the genitals.

Where are the papillomas

As a rule, the human papilloma virus behaves very aggressively, and already after some time (and the longest period is three months), the disease begins to manifest itself.

Approximately 70 percent of people who have had contact with a sick person will become infected, and only 30 percent, due to good immunity and a quick reaction of the body, will avoid it.

If we talk about papillomas on the genitals, they are small growths or, conversely, large growths that are very similar to cauliflower.

In women, papillomas are most often located in the following places:

  • On the genital lips. In this place, women most often see growths themselves, as they can interfere during the morning and evening dress.
  • In the area of ​​the vulva, at the same time to notice the papillomas in this place alone is quite difficult.
  • In the vagina, and in this place they can be both single and multiple. And only a specialist can see them.
  • Also, growths in women can be found on the cervix, which is very dangerous and can interfere with the normal process of conception, as well as around the anus. Appeared papillomas inside the vagina can also begin to interfere with normal urination. And only with this option, the woman herself will pay attention to the discomfort.

If we talk about men, then their papillomas may appear:

  • In the foreskin of the penis, which occurs most often, it is one of the most vulnerable places.
  • On the skin around the penis, and they can be single, and can grow in large groups.
  • In the scrotum area.
  • In the anus.

Usually, each person is attentive to his health, and sometimes even for prevention examines his genitals. With this approach, you can independently notice the changes that have appeared. Moreover, papillomas can appear literally in a few hours, that is, in the morning a person got completely healthy, and in the evening he already found warts.

Incubation period and route of infection

Just because papilloma on the genitals can not appear. This will be preceded by an infection that can occur in one of the following ways:

  • During intercourse, when people do not use condoms.
  • In living conditions, when people living together, use the same glasses, spoons, towels.
  • During tests and other medical procedures, during which doctors and nurses do not follow the rules for disinfecting instruments and using disposable syringes.
  • During childbirth, namely at the moment when the baby passes through the birth canal.

There are even cases when the personnel of hospitals and clinics were infected with human papillomavirus during some kind of manipulation in a patient.

Many people are mistaken and think that not everyone can be infected. In fact, with unprotected sexual intercourse, as well as non-compliance with personal hygiene and elementary rules, absolutely everyone is at risk, that is, they may become infected.

As for the incubation period, it is equal to 12 months.

But most often the first symptoms already begin to appear after three or six months from the time of infection.

Diagnosis of genital papillomas

Passing tests for papillomavirus

It is very simple to diagnose papilloma on the genitals. Sometimes you do not even need to contact a specialist to understand what it is. But in most cases, people still resort to the help of doctors and make an appointment.

During the reception, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the genitals. On examination, he may even discover more papillomas than a person assumes, since there are simply places that you cannot see for yourself. After the growths have been found, the doctor can take a swab, as well as a sample of tissue, to make sure that it is a papilloma and not any other tumor.

In the event that papillomas were found inside the vagina, then a Pap test may be necessary, which will give an accurate result. Sometimes the warts are detected by chance, and at the same time they do not cause any discomfort to the person.

With this course, the doctor will prescribe an analysis for PCR, which will accurately determine the type of virus, as well as determine the degree of carcinogenicity.

The degree of carcinogenicity is determined only because the presence of papillomas in the vagina can be associated with both the early and later stages of cervical cancer. When the diagnosis has been made, the doctor will prescribe a special treatment, which is aimed at reducing the overall activity of the virus in the body, as well as at eliminating growths.

Papillomas treatment

Ways to cure papillomas

Genital warts, unlike their appearance in another place, rarely disappear by themselves, and besides, they have a high degree of infectiousness. Therefore, when it is detected (which is actually not a big deal), you should immediately begin treatment.

The treatment itself will include the following:

  • Restoration and adjustment of the protective properties of the organism.
  • Removal of papillomas.

All these actions are carried out simultaneously, as with the use of certain drugs to remove papillomas, the immunity may weaken even more, and accordingly, the treatment will be ineffective.

Immunity strengthening

A special role during the treatment of warts on the genitals, is played by strengthening the protective properties of the body, because otherwise, after removal of the papillomas, they will appear again soon. First of all, in order to strengthen the immune system, you need to start eating right, namely, to eat more fruits, vegetables and meat, which contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body. And it is known that if there are enough of these elements in the body (there is no deficiency), then the immunity is good.

In addition to proper nutrition, you need to start taking certain medications.

Among them you can often meet:

  • Tincture of echinacea, which is naturally able to raise the immune system. True, some people may experience an allergic reaction while taking it.
  • Probiotics. Most doctors believe that if the intestinal microflora is good, then the body is protected. And actually so. From the conducted research it can be concluded that people with dysbacteriosis are sick much more often than those who have everything in order with the intestines.
  • Preparations based on interferon, which activates the immune forces of the body.
  • Sometimes the doctor may prescribe a special injection to raise the immunity. But for this to be a good reason and the exact destination.

Video. Treatment of papillomas.

Removal of papillomas

Today, doctors use several ways with which you can remove papillomas on the genitals.

These methods include:

  • The impact of drugs. The most commonly used tools such as Verrumal (which includes salicylic acid, which has drying properties). It must be used two or three times a day. Podofilox (due to its constituent podofilotoksina, prevents cell division), which must be used very carefully and applied only on damaged areas to avoid damage to healthy tissue. Imiquimod, which helps improve immunity.
  • Surgical removal. You can remove warts in one of the salons with a laser or with nitrogen. That’s just such a removal is decent, and they take the money mainly based on one papilloma. Contact the salons there is a sense when papillomas are several. But it also happens that about 10-20.
  • More recently, a method of removing warts using the Surgitron apparatus has appeared. It can be used to gently remove warts on the genitals, and in addition to cutting the tissue, it will be disinfected, which eliminates the possibility of the appearance of new papillomas as a result of spreading the virus over the skin.

Papillomas on the genitals home treatment

In fact, despite the large number of ways to remove papillomas, none of them can not be called one hundred percent. Sometimes it happens that after surgical removal of papilloma in one place, the person will find it in another the next day. The same applies to the use of chemicals, each of which is also not universal.

Prevention of the appearance of papillomas

In order not to think about what needs to be done to get rid of papillomas on the genitals, you just need to follow the following rules:

  1. Always use condoms during sexual intercourse, especially if it is not a regular and untested partner.
  2. Try to avoid casual connections.
  3. To begin to treat papillomas at the earliest stage of their appearance, that is, immediately after detection, and not to expect that they will pass by themselves.
  4. Always start treatment only after going to the doctor.
  5. Use only your own towel.

If you follow the above rules, you can protect yourself from being infected with human papillomavirus.

Genital papillomas are very dangerous, as with the wrong treatment (or even its absence) can not only grow, but also degenerate into malignant tumors.

Therefore, if any suspicion of papilloma formation appears, you should immediately see a doctor who will accurately diagnose and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

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