Pressure drops sharply

Increased drowsiness, dizziness, muscle weakness overwhelm those who work a lot and sleep little

When a person’s blood pressure rises, he realizes that it is dangerous and tries to knock him down. Hypertensives prescribed drugs that protect it from vascular accidents: heart attack, stroke. But what about someone who suffers from low blood pressure? After all, well-being at the same time also deteriorates.

– Many live quietly with a pressure of 90 to 60 or even lower and do not experience any discomfort, – tells Neurologist of the Kiev Clinical Hospital No. 9 Aleksandra Gonchar. – This is physiological hypotension. If there is a period when heightens drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, muscle weakness, and pressure values ​​are lower than usual, it is worth taking tonic agents: tincture of Eleutherococcus, Schisandra, immortelle. Choose one of them and drink through the course. But you should not get involved in such treatment, because many hypotonic patients eventually become hypertensive. In addition, the abuse of stimulants can lead to tachycardia and other problems. Hypotonics is useful to drink coffee, tea, eat chocolate, but not milk, but black. Eat four to five times a day. The menu must be vegetables and fruits.

– Why does a person’s blood pressure decrease?

– The main reason is stress. Today, plenty of them. If a person works a lot, often gets nervous and does not sleep much, it is not surprising that the condition worsens. It is important to alternate the mode of work and rest. Sleep should be at least eight hours a day.

Pressure drops sharply

The pressure of many may decrease when the weather changes. So the body reacts to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms. There are special preparations for weather-sensitive people. They also take courses. The pressure drops and girls who adhere to very strict diets or starve. Due to a lack of vitamins, anemia can develop, leading to a decrease in pressure. Suffer and those who overdo it in the gym.

“But physical exertion by hypotonic patients is helpful

– Depends on what. They are suitable yoga, swimming, water aerobics. That is more calm load. Useful morning exercises, workout in the fresh air, hardening.

But fast running, training on simulators and with amplifiers (dumbbells, etc.) are not very good for hypotensive exercise. With active sports vessels expand, the heart begins to work faster, and the pressure does not increase. This can lead to abnormal heart rhythms.

– What should a person do in the first place with a sharp deterioration in health?

– If the pressure has decreased, you should drink a cup of black tea or coffee, eat something, and then walk for a bit or do light exercises.

– What diseases can make themselves felt by lowering the pressure?

– There are a lot of them. Very often, the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract occur, accompanied by internal bleeding. A person suffering, for example, a stomach ulcer, often does not notice anything, because he may not even have pain in his stomach, and the blood in the feces is not visible. Low blood pressure, poor health, pale skin – a reason for a visit to a gastroenterologist. Such symptoms bother women suffering from gynecological diseases, for which there are often bleeding. Hypotension may affect women during menstruation and during menopause. Pressure is often reduced in cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders, problems with the respiratory system, as well as head injuries. If a person had normal pressure, and then it began to decline sharply, it is worth undergoing a comprehensive examination.

Most often, low blood pressure is associated with impaired vascular tone. Normally, if necessary, the vessels should quickly narrow and expand, but in hypotonic patients this reaction is slowed down. Because of this, blood to the organs and tissues comes in insufficient quantities. As a result, the brain and the heart experience oxygen starvation, which affects the state of health.

– Can sitting work provoke hypotension?

Pressure drops sharply

– Not. But if a person sits for a long time in one posture and then rises abruptly, he may darken in his eyes, dizzy. This happens after a quick rise from bed in the morning.

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