Pulling pain in lower abdomen before menstruation

Pain before menstruation may be of a different nature. Almost every woman experiences them, they differ in intensity and character. The causes of such pain are many, sometimes there may be unpleasant consequences.

Causes of pain in the lower abdomen before menstruation

The most important cause of the onset and development of pain before menstruation is the change in the hormonal composition of the blood. This assumption has been proven by many studies and tests. Throughout her life, a woman undergoes constant changes and hormone jumps. During menstruation and before it, these jumps are most significant. Pain when changing hormonal levels are not pathological, but depend on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

If there are other reasons for the development of pain, then they are already considered pathological, that is, beyond the norm.

Severe pains before menstruation, which are considered pathological, can be caused by infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Signs of infection can manifest not only the painfulness of menstruation, but also other unpleasant symptoms characteristic of a particular disease. It is clear that to diagnose such changes must be a qualified gynecologist, and appoint an adequate treatment.

Also, lower abdominal pain before menstruation may be a manifestation of a postponed abortion. Such pains are felt for several cycles, and then pass.

Provocative factors of abdominal pain before menstruation

There are a number of presumptive reasons that may cause pain before menstruation. These reasons do not yet have medical evidence, but exist in practice. These reasons include:

changes in the functioning of the thyroid gland with an increase in the secretion of hormones;

Pulling pain in lower abdomen before menstruation

psychological and emotional disorders in women who are also periodic;

such an ordinary factor, as a failure to follow the usual daily routine of the day and lack of sleep, can lead to the development of unpleasant painful sensations before the onset of the cycle.

Typically, the pain before menstruation is localized in the lower abdomen and / or in the area of ​​the mammary glands. At the bottom of the abdomen, before the beginning of the cycle, there is a pulling and aching pain, which can give to the lower back and, in some women, the lower limbs. Before the onset of menstruation, a woman’s breasts may increase in size and swell. This causes quite a lot of discomfort. There is also a violation of the emotional state, apathy, weakness and dehydration, which causes irritability and imbalance.

Algomenorrhea – a possible cause of pain before menstruation

If your belly pulls up a little before your menstruation, this phenomenon is quite normal. But pain – this is some kind of disruption of the body (like any other pain, by and large). So, one should not try to let them “run by” – especially if before such pains were not observed. The consequences of not treating the diseases that cause premenstrual pain are very serious – up to infertility, and in the most severe cases and death. But even if it doesn’t come to this, various diseases of the genitourinary system will develop anyway, which may lead to diseases of other body systems, and in any case will cause poor health.

As a rule, if the stomach starts to ache a day or two before the menstrual period, this means that the woman has some gynecological diseases. It is also possible abdominal pain before menstruation due to hormonal disruptions or due to sexually transmitted infections (STDs). In the case when all of these reasons are rejected, the most likely factors causing discomfort are vitamin deficiency, prolonged stress, weakened immunity.

However, one should not confuse recurring pains before the menstrual period with algomenorrhea. In principle, its manifestations are similar to premenstrual pain, but with algomenorrhea, the pains are cramping in nature, seize the lower back and do not pass with the onset of menstruation. Unfortunately, about 40% of women suffer from algomenorrhea, and about one tenth of them lose their working capacity during menstruation due to severe pain.

Features of the treatment of pain in the lower abdomen before menstruation with algomenorrhea

Primary algomenorrhea is caused by a high level of so-called prostaglandins, that is, substances that cause uterine contraction, and is manifested in young girls shortly after the first menstrual period. Treat primary algomenorrhea with the use of substances that suppress prostaglandins. In no case should not take them without a doctor’s prescription – since a certain level of prostaglandins in the body is necessary.

Secondary algomenorrhea occurs between the ages of 20-40 and is usually caused by surgery associated with the uterus or varicose veins of the pelvis. It can also develop as a complication after uterine fibroids. The treatment of this disease depends entirely on the reasons for it.

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