Purulent congestion in the throat home treatment

Purulent accumulations in the folds of the tonsils are classified by medicine as tonsillitis plugs.

They occur against the background of chronic inflammation of the pharynx (tonsillitis), lead to bad breath (even with absolutely healthy teeth), spontaneous fever, loss of appetite (often complete refusal of food) and an increase in cervical lymph nodes.

Treatment of tonsillitis plugs at home is quite realistic – there are quite a few recipes from the category of traditional medicine.

In no case, you can not independently squeeze out purulent plugs, try to remove them with your hands / teaspoon – this procedure should only be carried out by a specialist in outpatient / stationary conditions. Otherwise, there is a high risk of damaging / injuring the tonsils, spreading the infection to the entire pharynx.


The most effective treatment in this case is gargling – this procedure literally “washes out” purulent accumulations. Knowing how to treat tonsillitis plugs at home, you can completely do without registration for inpatient treatment. This procedure is absolutely accessible to everyone and everyone – even during pregnancy, this method of treating the condition in question does not pose a danger to the intrauterine development of the future baby.

Purulent congestion in the throat home treatment

There are several proven recipes that will be effective in this case:

  1. Beetroot. You need to take a large beet, wash it thoroughly and cut it into bars together with the peel. Then put the resulting mass in water and put on the fire – to torment, not allowing vigorous boiling, for at least 2 hours. Then it is necessary to strain and cool the broth. Rinsing scheme: in the first days, when the patient has a critically elevated body temperature and other symptoms of the inflammatory process are pronounced, you should gargle at least 5 times a day. Further, when the crisis is over, you can reduce the dosage – 2-3 rinses per day is enough.
  2. Saline. In a glass of warm water, you should dissolve a teaspoon of regular table salt, the same amount of baking soda and 3-4 drops of iodine. This solution is able to have not only therapeutic, but also preventive effects.
  3. Propolis To gargle with propolis, you need to use the tincture of this beekeeping product – it is sold in pharmacies, but you can prepare it yourself. Recipe tincture: take 25 grams of propolis, grind it and pour 200 ml of alcohol / vodka, insist at least 4 weeks. Solution recipe: dilute propolis tincture (5 ml) in 100 ml of warm water. note: rinsing with this recipe has a powerful antiseptic effect.
  4. Vodka. This is quite an extravagant way to remove traffic jams, but it is really effective. It is necessary to gargle 2-3 times a day with clean, undiluted vodka. Important: Do not drive after this procedure.

Medicinal herbs

How to cure tonsillitis with medicinal plants? It’s very simple – prepare their decoction and rinse 4-5 times a day.

Just need to remember that in this disease it is advisable to use only those plants that have a combined effect – both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

  1. Sage. The excellent anti-inflammatory effect of this plant ensures the “calming down” of the inflammatory process in just 2-3 days of regular rinsing. It is necessary to take a tablespoon of dry mass and brew like tea in a glass of hot water.
  2. Pharmaceutical camomile. The most popular way to get rid of both inflammation and sore throat is to boil 2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers in a glass of water for 3-5 minutes, insist and cool.
  3. Yarrow It has a powerful analgesic effect. A decoction is prepared according to the following scheme: 100 grams of a dry plant should be brewed in 750 ml of water – this is done in a water bath for half an hour. Insist, strain and gargle 5-6 times a day. Please note: this plant is very bitter in taste, so to soften the taste you can add some honey to the decoction.

Some adults and most young children cannot physically perform the rinsing procedure. In this case, irrigation should be done – this is washing the throat and tonsils with the help of the above decoctions / solutions.

For the procedure you can use a small syringe or syringe without a needle. Note: the jet should not be too strong, the liquid should not be swallowed – it must be spit out.

The use of any of the above solutions / decoctions should be agreed with your doctor. How to get rid of tonsillitis plugs without the risk of complications should be advised by a specialist.

But there are general recommendations:

  • first, eliminate individual intolerance / hypersensitivity to specific components;
  • secondly, observe the temperature of the rinse: it should not be higher than 40 degrees;
  • thirdly, after the procedure for 2 hours you can not eat or drink.

Purulent congestion in the throat home treatment

If tonsillitis plugs are diagnosed in a very young child, then you can limit yourself to drinking plenty of:

  • milk with honey and butter;
  • raspberry / viburnum tea;
  • decoction of chamomile pharmaceutical with the addition of honey.

Inhalation can also be attributed to methods of getting rid of tonsillitis plugs by folk remedies. They can be carried out with professional equipment (nebulizer) and the “old-fashioned” method – using a teapot. As filler You can use decoctions of chamomile, sage and yarrow, You can add to the broth a little mint and tincture of eucalyptus leaves. The effect of this procedure will be obtained only if certain recommendations are followed:

  • inhalation should not be carried out immediately after active games or walks in the fresh air – no less than half an hour should pass;
  • during the procedure, the patient’s breathing should be even and calm (in some cases, if the breath is too deep / sharp, bronchospasm may develop);
  • After the procedure, you must sit quietly, the best – to lie under a blanket.

Since the condition in question is present only with diagnosed chronic tonsillitis, it is necessary to know how to remove tonsillitis plugs on an emergency basis. Usually, their appearance cannot be missed – the symptoms are too pronounced, and even with an independent examination of the throat, purulent accumulations can be found in the mirror. And according to statistics, the assistance provided in the first hours of the disease, gives the result within a day – the patient’s condition is greatly improved.

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