Rectal temperature

Body temperature readings at various points are valuable information material. Temperature values ​​characterize the general condition of the patient, give hints regarding possible specific diseases and processes occurring in the body. The temperature of the human body in a healthy state is stable and can vary within strictly defined limits.

Indications for temperature measurement in the rectum

This department has a stable temperature, which makes its changes indicative of various states of the body. Indicators of other internal organs are close to the internal temperature of the rectum. The usual place where the thermometer is installed is the axillary hollows. However, the rectum (basal temperature) is also used to obtain temperature values. Direct indications to activate the rectum in the process are:

  • exhaustion of the patient (the axillary tissues do not enclose the thermometer);
  • defeat of the skin of the armpits, oral mucosa with inflammation;
  • hypothermia of the body while maintaining internal organs temperature in the area of ​​the norm;
  • finding the patient unconscious;
  • temperature measurements in a child;
  • thermoeuroses, etc.

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Measuring method

Before use, the thermometer is released from the disinfectant by running water, wiped dry. In order to correctly measure the temperature, the thermometer reading by shaking is reduced to about 35 degrees. Adults can measure the temperature themselves, and parents and medical staff record the basal temperature in children. The part of the thermometer’s body, which will be buried inside, is lubricated with petroleum jelly. After removal, the heat meter is washed and disinfected.

Before measuring temperature, mobility is limited to a minimum.

The procedure is carried out in the morning (immediately after waking up). Provides minimal mobility and calm relaxed state. It is known that the activity instantly raises the temperature in the anus for a certain number of points. Therefore, a heat meter (more accurate – mercurial), petrolatum, hours are placed in advance near the place of night rest in order to insert a thermometer without getting out of bed.

Violation of the rules reduces the reliability and accuracy of state reflection. The patient is laid on his side, tightening his legs to his chest. A narrow part of the thermometer with a blurred end should be carefully inserted into the anus to a depth of 20 – 30 mm. How long is the procedure? Keep the thermometer should be about 5 – 10 minutes.

The patient, when the thermometer is already inside, at this time tightly squeezes the buttocks. Do not hold it with your hands. Upon completion, readings are taken from the heat meter. What should be the temperature norm? It should be borne in mind that the temperature in the anus is higher than in the armpit (groin) by 0.5 – 1.0 degrees. Therefore, the basal values ​​in the range of 37.2 – 37.7 can be treated calmly.

Be sure to keep a diary where the measured temperature is recorded. This will create visibility of the results and show the dynamics, if any. In some cases, it is required to additionally measure the temperature index in the armpit. The difference in results is important to know, for example, during pregnancy, the diagnosis of appendicitis, during the period when ovulation occurs, before menstruation, etc.

The thermometer correctly measures the temperature when the patient is at rest. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to come to it. It is known that after eating, emotional outburst, physical activity, being in warm clothes, the armpit can be overheated. So, a comparison of temperature indicators in the rectum and in the armpit helps to understand that appendicitis has begun. Its symptoms can be:

  • excessive gas formation;
  • nausea with vomiting;
  • sharp and persistent pain in the right side of the abdominal cavity;
  • defecation disorders;
  • loss of performance, weakness, etc.

Rectal temperature

Due to its proximity to the blind process, the rectum responds quickly to inflammation with a significant increase in basal temperature. In appendicitis, the values ​​of the temperatures compared differ by more than 1.0 degrees. This is a direct signal to quickly consult a doctor about appendicitis, so as not to miss a gentle removal. There will also be a noticeable difference in the indices of heating of the right and left axillary hollows (“Widmer’s symptom”), with the right one being higher.

Rectal temperature

Contraindications to measure

In a number of situations related to the state of the patient’s body, the fixation of rectal temperature is contraindicated, which is connected, including, with the painful installation and removal of the thermometer. These may include:

  • diarrhea;
  • diseases of the rectum in the acute stage;
  • delayed bowel movements due to compaction of fecal masses, etc.

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Rectal temperature in women (ovulation and pregnancy)

The basal temperature in the rectum, measured rectally, gives reliable information to gynecologists, women (when the normal classical dynamics of the process is known) about the state of their reproductive system. This free diagnosis should be carried out systematically. It provides knowledge of what temperature is and should be, how many degrees is the optimum difference at different stages.

The normal basal temperature value increases during ovulation. Its maximum rates are fixed from the 15th to the 25th day of the monthly cycle. They allow you to detect background hormonal abnormalities, leading to a violation of the cycle. It should be borne in mind that rectal temperature indicators can be raised for other reasons:

  • any physical activity before taking evidence;
  • sleep duration less than 6 hours;
  • disease causing high temperature;
  • measurement and sex divides the time interval less than 12 hours;
  • food intake shortly before the procedure;
  • the introduction of individual drugs, etc.

Basal temperature indicators show the amount of progesterone during pregnancy. With its deficiency, there are threats of miscarriage, interruption or freezing of the fetus. Rectal fixations of rectal heating inform about the function and condition of the ovaries. The first half of the cycle is marked by a temperature that is less than 37.0. Then, when ovulation occurs, it rises to within half a degree, and in the 2nd half it rises above 37.0.

When the fertilization of the cell did not occur, on the eve or on the day of menstruation, the level of progesterone begins to decrease, and the menstrual cleansing of the body begins. A picture of a graph of rectal temperature values ​​helps diagnose the following:

  • acute inflammation – in all phases of the cycle, the value is significantly higher than 37.0;
  • chronic endometritis (endometriosis) – menstruation passes with background values ​​of more than 37.0;
  • lack of functions of the yellow body – the rise of temperature indicators occurs later than the probable period of cell maturation and lasts only from 5 to 7 days;
  • the lack of cell maturation – the temperature index is constantly below 37.0 degrees, etc.

The results are recorded in a special graph reflecting changes in the hormonal background within the cycle.

The onset of fertilization and its satisfactory course is characterized by high temperatures, which last up to 4-5 months, then decrease. In terms of information, measurements are important during the first 12 weeks. Excess temperature in this period, the value of 37.0 degrees confirms the sufficiency of the amount of the hormone progesterone – no complications.

When the temperature indicators start to creep down (they become even lower than 37.0 degrees), these are symptoms of a probable spontaneous miscarriage (even if there are no other reasons for concern). Carefully built schedule allows you to identify violations in the body and adjust the treatment. Until the 12th week, hormone therapy rescues the carrying of the fetus. But the rise in rectal temperature to 37.7 and more and its maintenance at this level inform about the likely trouble, in particular, about the inflammatory process.

It is recommended to set the same meter so that the error is constant. How much should be measured? They are carried out strictly daily, at the same hour (no later than 07:30) before the morning toilet visit for any need. When the temperature exceeds 37.0 degrees, the thermometer is removed from the anus, and after sanitation it records the temperature in the left armpit. The result, as well as the date, day of the cycle and the available features are recorded next to the rectal value.

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