Remedies for the treatment of thrush

Treatment regimens, the choice of the drug for thrush, their combinations, the type of treatment (local or combined), the duration of the course is determined solely by the doctor!

Currently, the choice of drugs for the treatment of thrush is quite extensive, the choice of forms of release of such medicines is diverse. Information on their use is available. But it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to self-medicate from thrush to achieve the best result (with irrational therapy, the acute disease turns into a chronic form resistant to most drugs). The main groups of drugs used to treat thrush are:

  1. antibiotics of the polyene group (Natamycin, Nystatin);
  2. triazole derivatives (fluconazole);
  3. imidazoldioxalan derivatives (Livarol);
  4. imidazole derivative (clotrimazole).

In case of acute thrush it is possible to use local forms (vaginal tablets and suppositories, ointments, creams) of drugs. While in chronic (long-term current) or recurrent (often recurring) forms of the disease, the use of tablet forms of the drug in conjunction with local treatment is inevitable and necessary.

The most common forms of drug release in the treatment of thrush are tablets and suppositories. You can find out which one is best for you by reading the following articles:

Remedies for the treatment of thrush

Drugs used in the treatment of thrush:

Add the drug Epigenes intima, he helped not only me, but little information about him.

Long tormented with thrush! A very unpleasant and vile disease gave me a lot of inconvenience. But thanks to your article, I managed to pick up the drug that best suits my symptoms. Now, with the complex use of various drugs, I managed to achieve significant results: discharge disappeared, sex life appeared. Thank you for the informative article!

I also had a problem with thrush, but for some reason I did not look for ways to treat traditional medicine, that is, medication, I resorted to folk remedies, began to take the tincture of my own white acacia, but, alas, there was no miracle. After reading this article, I was seriously scared, it turns out that my treatment can lead to a chronic form. Now I will get acquainted with the list in more detail and give up my amateur activities.

I give my husband a tablet of fluconazole or flukostat to kill bad bacteria. And for myself I buy complex intravaginal gel Kandinorm. In the fight against thrush I like him most. And in the box with the gel tubes comes the gel for intimate hygiene, so we use it with my husband, he removes the infection from the outside.

I know for sure that you can get rid of thrush in a few days. Convenient and effective remedy Kandinorm gel. I think that today it is the best medicine for thrush.

She got thrush while treating cystitis; antibiotics were prescribed in huge doses. And now doctors say that cystitis could be cured with a single monural technique, and there would be no thrush. And why haven’t I heard about this before?

How to make thrush not return after antibiotics? It is necessary only to be treated from the same cold – and it went – it went. I noticed that the only time there was no thrush, when I treated with monural cystitis. But, thank God, this problem rarely bothers me.

After antibiotics, it is better to immediately take the same fluconazole and receive treatment with metrogyl plus, because otherwise there will still be a thrush. I also tried pimafutsin cream, also normal. And waiting until it starts is like signing a sentence for yourself. And no probiotics help here.

Ahhhhh help me please it is not possible at all terp

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