Sea buckthorn oil for erosive gastritis

Most people today live in adverse conditions. Contaminated air and water, products grown or prepared using different chemicals, unhealthy diet and stress – all of these factors undoubtedly affect our health, in particular the stomach. The presence of gastritis today will not surprise anyone – they suffer most of the population, and from an early age. In young people, gastritis with high acidity is observed, as a rule, in the elderly – with reduced acidity. In both cases, there is nothing good about the disease: it causes discomfort, makes you refuse any favorite foods, etc.

Of course, this problem should not be triggered – it is important to visit the doctor in time, to conduct the necessary treatment. In addition, you can try some folk remedies – often they are even more effective. For example, sea buckthorn oil with gastritis can significantly alleviate your condition and even completely cure the disease.

Gastritis and its varieties

As you know, during gastritis the stomach becomes very sensitive and reacts sharply to the slightest stimuli, because its mucous membranes are inflamed. Therefore, the means of treatment must act gently and carefully. That is why so successfully sea buckthorn oil is used in the process of self-treatment. The use of this natural healing product in gastritis contributes to the reduction of inflammatory processes and the healing of mucous membrane damage.

There are two possible types of this disease:

Let’s take a closer look at these two types of the disease and find out how to use sea buckthorn oil for gastritis of one and the other.

Erosive gastritis and its treatment with sea buckthorn oil

The first type is the most common. Its causes are well known. This is an unhealthy diet, abuse of alcohol and soda, coffee, smoking and stress. As a result, the gastric mucosa is inflamed.

In the case of erosive gastritis of increased acidity (an increase in the content of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice), heartburn may be troubling, and in the absence of proper treatment, the appearance of an ulcer is unavoidable. However, low acidity is no less dangerous, as in this case, neglected gastritis is a direct path to gastric cancer.

Thus, it is very important to start treatment in time, including home ones. How will sea buckthorn oil help with erosive gastritis? As already mentioned, it perfectly relieves inflammation and, of course, helps to heal erosion. It is best to cook it yourself – for this, mix sea buckthorn juice and olive oil in equal proportions (five tablespoons), leave for three days. Then take the inside in the morning (always on an empty stomach) for a teaspoon. Treatment should be carried out at least two weeks.

Atrophic gastritis: treatment with sea buckthorn oil

Less common is atrophic gastritis. It manifests itself in the thinning of the mucous membranes of the stomach. Glands responsible for the production of gastric juice, atrophy. This type of disease is very dangerous and causes the greatest concern. Along with unpleasant processes in the stomach, the functioning of the immune system is disturbed, the body weakens, and it is difficult for it to fight the disease. Such gastritis is caused, as a rule, by medications, chemical poisoning, and regular consumption of aggressive foods. To treat it more difficult, but possible and necessary.

Sea buckthorn oil with atrophic gastritis can significantly improve the condition of the mucous membranes, as well as reduce the acidity of gastric juice. It should be used in this way: heat the milk to room temperature (glass) and dissolve in it two teaspoons of sea buckthorn oil. It is necessary to drink on an empty stomach after waking up. Treatment must last at least a month (or even two).

If you suffer from severe heartburn, sea buckthorn oil with gastritis with high acidity can be taken in several large quantities – up to three spoons per cup of milk. This tool can cure even complex, advanced atrophic gastritis.

Sea buckthorn oil for erosive gastritis

Sea buckthorn oil for prevention

Prevention of the disease is no less important than timely treatment. Sea buckthorn oil here will come to the rescue. In this case, everything is simple – you need to drink a spoonful of oil once or twice a day for a month, then take a break and repeat the course again. Not bad to add it to vegetable salads as a dressing.

Features of the treatment of gastritis with sea buckthorn oil

It is important to note another nuance. When you begin to use sea buckthorn oil (with gastritis with high acidity), heartburn may increase. Some are afraid and interrupt the course of treatment. This should not be done, since over time such a reaction will weaken and disappear altogether. To alleviate the condition at first will help 2% soda solution – you should drink a quarter cup of this liquid before taking sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn oil for erosive gastritis

In addition, do not forget that during the period of treatment (and indeed with gastritis) it is necessary to completely forget about alcohol and smoking, otherwise the results will have to wait a very long time (if they ever will). Be healthy, use folk remedies to improve your body and prevent diseases.

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