Sign of losing a pair of gloves

Omen Gloves lose (find)

Gloves protected human hands in ancient times, at least in the ancient Egyptian pyramids were found samples of similar products.

Obviously, even in those times, it also happened that people lost a glove. It is clear that at first they looked different: there were no compartments for each finger, but there was just a bag, like mittens. Although in some cases they used gloves with fingers, which Roman and Egyptian women used to protect their hands while eating or working. Medieval residents wore gloves, resembling mittens, but without fingers.

It is clear that the Middle Ages left much more copies of gloves for studying to our contemporaries, since much less time passed since that time than from the reign of the pharaohs. It is precisely known that the higher clergy and the kings of Europe wore gloves inlaid with jewels: gems, gold and silver. In historical films you can often see a golden glove on an elegant female hand.

Also, special gloves were given to the bishops, freshly made in this rank, and ordinary citizens received special gifts in the form of gloves, as a sign of one or another privileged status. And it is also well known that if you throw an opponent glove in the direction (or more often, in a fit of anger – in the face) of your opponent, this is definitely a challenge to a duel.

In the eleventh century, women fashioned long gloves to the elbows — often sewn from white fabric. They could be leather or silk, had a rich embroidery and inlay, and had a considerable price. Luxurious gloves have become a very important subject of evening dress completion for the higher strata of society.

As for Russia (ancient and not so), commoners here often wore ordinary mittens and mittens, especially in winter and during work. And the boyars or monarchs wore glove gloves. To date, the glove has almost ceased to be a luxury or decoration, and has become something inconspicuous and utilitarian.

However, you can regularly see wedding gloves or theatrical on women’s hands. Such items are made of yarn and thread, chevro or husky. There is a strict requirement for wedding and theatrical gloves: they must be very tight around the arm, for they are not removed and even eaten in them.

Sign of losing a pair of gloves

Signs about the loss of gloves – a quarrel or death?

Many of those who are interested in signs know that the loss of a glove means something, but not everyone knows what it is. First, the sign of losing a glove tells about the loss of one piece, and not about two at once. And if this happened, then soon you will have to part with a close person or relative. Perhaps another interpretation: between spouses or lovers will happen something that could lead to a quarrel.

If one of your loved ones is seriously ill, losing one of the gloves is also considered an unfavorable sign. He may hint to you that soon two people close to each other may be separated either from illness or death. However, do not panic ahead of time.

Most will, including the loss of gloves, work not as a prophecy, but as a warning. Many generally believe that this is a superstition. And you just have to be very attentive towards your loved ones. Work on a long-running relationship and not bring them to the final destruction. The same is true of health: instead of grieving over a lost glove, go to the doctor and see if everything is all right with you.

Sign of losing a pair of gloves

By the way, if you have lost the first glove, then according to the rules, it will be better for you to get rid of the second one, since wearing it without a pair is unfavorable. You can not know who will be the person who found your loss. Perhaps he has the power to damage your thing, or some other dirty trick. Experts with experience recommend not to throw away the second glove, but to burn it in order to break any connection with the missing pair.

What does the glove found say?

It is curious that if you find a glove not at home, but at home, then this whole chain of events foretells you a soon joyful, albeit an unexpected event. The point is that you are desperate to find a glove, but suddenly you are lucky. And something like this can happen in life.

Maybe you will meet someone long-awaited on your life’s journey, or you will finally be able to improve your well-being. The glove found at home says that you are very close to your own good fortune – or that it is right next to you.

Finding other people’s gloves is also a pretty good sign, and both at once, and not one. So, soon in your personal life happiness will come, you will meet with someone who can change your destiny. It is also possible luck in terms of finance. If a businessman finds a pair of other people’s gloves, then his business will soon have to go very well. Just do not assign gloves in any case: put them in a prominent place so that the owner can find the loss.

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