Slim legs for the month

Thin and slender legs – the cherished dream of all, without exception, ladies. For many women, the question of how to make legs thin and achieve a noticeable result, in a short period of time just before an important event or a responsible event, is especially relevant.

Basic methods for achieving the desired harmony

For women with a taut figure and slender legs, there are no restrictions on the choice of holiday or casual wear. And during the beach season, the owners of thin legs look attractive and confident.

In one week it is quite difficult to achieve the maximum effect, however, if you set a goal and follow a set of recommendations, a positive result will not take long to wait.

There are several effective ways to become slimmer:

  • changing diet and diet;
  • regular exercise;
  • additional treatments for personal care.

Most importantly, after a week of intensive training, do not stop training and pay attention to yourself, and the transformation will be noticeable even with the naked eye.

Proper nutrition

The basis of intensive weight loss of the legs is the acceleration of metabolism and metabolic processes. In addition, you need to eliminate possible problems in the liver to accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body.

Drinking plenty of water (at least

A mandatory component of a healthy diet is foods high in fiber. It is necessary to include a small amount of various nuts and seeds in the diet, and you should completely give up your favorite sweets, sweets and desserts.

It is necessary to completely revise the meal schedule. It is necessary to eat at least five times at regular intervals.

Leg muscle training

Exercise is the most effective way to achieve slim legs in a short time. In this regard, you need to pay special attention to special intensive exercises that need to be done daily.

On the first day of training, the duration of each exercise should be no more than 5 minutes, which generally takes about 30 minutes. Over the next three days, the duration of the workout can be reduced to 60 minutes. For sports activities it is not necessary to go to the gym, for workouts you can use your home conditions.

Exercises for effective weight loss legs:

  1. Squats. For maximum results, you can squat with additional weight, for example, use a backpack or water bottles. Feet shoulder-width apart; back is flat. On the inhale – sit down to a right angle in the knees, on the exhale – rise.
  2. Lunges. It is advisable to use the platform. Perform the attacks with a straight back, bend the front leg to the formation of a 90 angle. For each leg do 20 repetitions.
  3. Lifting socks. To perform the exercise, you need to stand with your toes on the platform so that the heels are on the weight. Breathe in toes as high as possible.
  4. Lift the legs. Lying on the dais, on the inhale – the muscles of the buttocks should be strained and lifted with even closed legs, while on the exhale they should be lowered.
  5. Lifting the hips. Lying horizontally, bending the legs at the knee joints, raise and lower the pelvis. In each position, linger for 3 seconds, while hands should be along the body.
  6. Leg abduction. Lying on one side, bend the lower leg and lift the upper leg. Do each leg 20 repetitions.

Slim legs for the month

Peeling Scrub for Thin Legs

The logical end of the physical training will be the walk of the shower. Advance should prepare a body scrub from natural ingredients. The recipe is simple. For scrub need 2-3 tbsp. l ground coffee. The properties of caffeine allow you to speed up the process of losing weight of the legs, toning and stimulating the metabolism. Mix with vegetable oil, ideal olive oil. Add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture, it is good to use citrus oils, peppermint. These additional ingredients are added to enhance blood circulation and improve microcirculation.

The scrub is used after taking water treatments, applied to a still moist surface of the skin. With the help of smooth circular movements for 10 minutes it is worth performing the massaging of the buttocks, legs, thighs. In the process of scrubbing, the muscles and skin are heated, the blood circulation processes are enhanced, the skin is cleared of dead cells. Regular peeling helps to remove superficial skin defects. It brings muscles in tone, relieves the symptoms of stress. Such a procedure, carried out regularly during the week, will make the legs much slimmer.

Wrapping – a pleasant procedure for slimming legs

Conducting a wrap after exercise and peeling – massage, causes more intense weight loss of the legs. The procedure contributes to the disclosure of pores, enhancement of metabolic processes and elimination of toxins. Daily wraps, in conjunction with other activities to lose weight legs, will get rid of a few centimeters during the week.

By wrapping is also worth preparing in advance. It is necessary to prepare a special mixture. To do this, mix 5 tbsp. l cocoa and 3 tbsp. l cinnamon Add boiling water to a slurry with a creamy consistency. A few drops of essential oils, diluted in 1 tsp. olive oil, pour into the mixture. The mixture should be applied to thoroughly dried skin of the feet. The thickness of the layer should not leave gaps on the skin. Then, using food wrap, you should wrap your legs. Wrap up to the bottom up, that is, from the feet to the buttocks, tight enough, but without fanaticism. After completing the wrapping process, you can lie down, covered with a blanket, or, wearing warm pants, do household chores. The duration of the procedure is not more than 1 hour. After the allotted time, the mixture is washed off under a warm shower.

Knowing the basic secrets, every young lady can make her legs slim and slim in just a week. Of course, for this you need to make a lot of effort, regularly perform all the procedures, do not skip workouts and follow the diet. But the result will not be long in coming!

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