Sore throat and dry cough folk remedies

To get rid of dry cough and sore throat, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment. What causes tickling and coughing, how to treat the disease, how to eliminate the cause of discomfort in the throat, the doctor determines after a thorough diagnostic examination.

Sore throat and dry cough folk remedies

Why dry cough is bad

Cough is a protective natural reflex necessary to remove foreign particles from the respiratory tract. Particles accidentally caught in the throat, trachea, are enveloped in mucus, removed by a stream of air during coughing shocks.

Sore throat in adults

In diseases of the respiratory tract in the first days there is no mucus that serves as a lubricant. Cough tremors do not clear the airways, but irritate, drying the mucous membrane even more.

The task of treatment in this case becomes the elimination of dryness and sore throat, stimulation of the secretion of mucous secretions. Infectious diseases almost always begin with sneezing, dry cough tremors, sore throat, cause these phenomena:

  • nasopharyngeal diseases – pharyngitis, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis, rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the lower respiratory tract – tracheitis, bronchitis, pleurisy;
  • acute infectious diseases – whooping cough, measles, scarlet fever.

With a favorable course of the disease after 2-3 days of treatment, sputum discharge begins. A patient with cough tremors has phlegm, softened tickling.

The long exhausting attacks can testify to the pneumonia proceeding atypically, without temperature increase.

In case of persistent irritation in the hypopharynx, it is necessary to undergo an examination and establish the cause of the indisposition, it is dangerous to postpone a visit to the doctor, risking health.

Cold preparations for children

Dry cough in children is caused by the inability of the ciliated epithelium of the respiratory tract to expel viscous, clotted sputum. And, if a child constantly has a sore throat and wants to cough, you should not give the baby antitussive syrups and pills.

Treatment for unproductive cough attacks in children consists in prescribing drugs that dilute sputum.

By reducing the viscosity of sputum and improves its discharge. Expectorant drugs soften cough and relieve tickle throat.

Children are prescribed the use of expectorant drugs with moisturizing, enveloping action. These properties have drugs:

  • vegetable origin – oregano, marsh mallow, licorice, plantain;
  • mucolytics – proteolytic enzymes, ACC, Fluimucil, Ambrohexal, Pulmozyme.

For the treatment of children older than 3 years, drugs containing gvayfenezin, which include Tussin, Coldrex-broncho, are used. These drugs increase the production of secretions, the rate of excretion of sputum from the bronchi.

Due to the mucolytic, expectorant properties of guaifenesin, persistent persistent sore throat takes place, and a dry cough becomes wet.

Treatment with drugs containing guaifenesin should be monitored by a doctor.

Do not prescribe medications with guaifenesin for bronchial asthma due to the properties of the drug to increase the amount of sputum.

With caution, use of combined antitussives, such as Bronholitin, Libeksin.

Safe methods for treating a child if he has a dry cough and sore throat include moisturizing the respiratory tract by inhalation with saline, alkaline mineral water, and means containing sea water.

Adult treatment

Preparations for sore throat can be taken after finding out the causes of the disease, it is impossible to use unrestricted drugs without control, without a doctor’s prescription.

This is especially the case when a person continues to take an antitussive during sputum discharge. The danger is that thickened mucus threatens, like a cork, to block the airways, to cause asphyxiation.

Treatment should not be limited only to the suppression of cough tremors. It must be remembered that this reflex is a symptom of the disease, and even if it can be suppressed, it will not mean that the disease has disappeared without a trace.

Irritation, sore throat with dry cough tremors will not pass without treatment, and what to take, in each case, only the doctor determines the results of the diagnostic examination.

Not always the cause of unpleasant scratching sensations in the throat is an infection, various conditions and diseases of a person are capable of causing similar symptoms.

Reflux Laryngitis Treatment

Constantly sore throat and dry cough in adults with reflux induced laryngitis. The disease is caused by throwing food from the stomach into the esophagus, and from there to the hypopharynx.

The main reason why this disease coughs in the throat and cough appears, is considered to be irritation of the laryngopharyngeal mucosa under the action of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice. General provisions in the treatment of laryngitis and reflux laryngitis:

  • voice rest;
  • warm drink, moisturizing inhalation of soda with salt, saline;
  • gargle with anti-inflammatory infusions of chamomile, sage.

If you have a sore throat and do not undergo a dry cough with laryngitis, secretolitics, antiviral drugs, symptomatic remedies are prescribed to eliminate inflammation such as pain, fever.

When reflux laryngitis therapy is added to the treatment, aimed at reducing the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, appointed Omez, Gastal, Motilium, Cimetidine.

In the treatment of laryngitis of any origin, an important condition is a complete cessation of smoking, alcohol, dieting. Fruits are recommended in case of exacerbation of the disease to steam, bake.

And the main condition for recovery is punctual fulfillment of medicinal purposes, attentive attitude to health, treatment only on the recommendation of a doctor.

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