Than to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure has become a big problem for doctors and patients, as it provokes such serious consequences as myocardial infarction, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest. Arterial hypertension significantly shortens the patient’s life expectancy if it is not possible to maximally stabilize the state of health.

In some cases, attacks of high pressure are random, they can manifest themselves only in a period of severe stress or overwork. Regardless of what caused the increase in blood pressure it is important to quickly adjust it. This can help some effective home-made recipes.

How to lower the pressure at home quickly?

Than to lower blood pressure

Symptoms of high pressure

It is possible to recognize a condition in which the cardiovascular system starts to suffer due to the effect of high blood pressure by the following indicators:

  • severe or slight dizziness, it increases with the growth of indicators;
  • a sharp headache that resembles a migraine;
  • shortness of breath, desire to go outside to get some fresh air may appear;
  • the body may swell completely or in separate parts, for example, the face or legs;
  • pain in the chest, there may be tinnitus;
  • “flies” appear in the eyes, it is difficult to concentrate attention;
  • The chest may turn red, the same symptoms are observed on the face and neck;
  • some patients have vomiting.

Attention! If your work or lifestyle is associated with constant stress, you should measure your blood pressure several times a week. Sometimes this pathology does not make itself felt what could cause sudden death.

Blood pressure norm by age

Causes of high blood pressure

In addition to constant stress, problems with high blood pressure can affect those categories of patients who have the following conditions and have the following habits:

  • severe eating disorders, especially with excessive salt and animal fat intake;
  • insufficient amount of vitamins, which provokes avitaminosis, which is why the vessels become too weak;
  • state of physical inactivity, which is why the heart muscle just begins to lose its tone and does not see the need to maintain the body in a normal state;
  • external environment, pollution of which leads to poisoning and wear of all body systems;
  • genetic predisposition, in which the patient can get the disease from their relatives or because of the specific congenital structure of the heart and blood vessels;
  • smoking, nicotine and other poisons from cigarettes and tobacco smoke reduce the tone of blood vessels, which causes them to narrow.

Causes of severe hypertension, from which drugs do not help

The most effective way to reduce blood pressure

Really help with high blood pressure can only traditional medicines. No need to buy expensive medicines, it is enough to keep always with you Capoten and Corvalol. With high blood pressure, they should be applied according to a specific scheme.

First you need to put a single dose. Capoten in the sublingual area and slowly dissolve it. If it was not possible to reduce the high pressure, you must take 70-80 ml of pure water and add heart drops to it. Forty drops are taken on this amount of water. Corvalola.

After using the whole scheme, it is important to check blood pressure indicators every 30-60 minutes. If the pressure has decreased slightly, you can take one sublingual tablet every hour. A day is taken no more than four doses of the drug.

Attention! Before using Capoten and heart drops, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with all the contraindications. In some cases, such a system can cause even greater deterioration of the patient.

Corvalol Heart Drops

Pharmaceutical tinctures for a rapid decrease in blood pressure

This mixture of pharmaceuticals in the form of pharmaceutical herbal infusions can suppress an attack of arterial hypertension within the first hour. The use of this method is especially shown to those patients who have already been diagnosed with hypertension. It is recommended to always carry the prepared drug with you, since it is not known when a crisis will happen.

It is necessary to mix valerian drug, hawthorn solution and motherwort grass in equal proportions. Also to them should be added valokordin, it is also taken in the same amount as the herbal tinctures. Gently mixing the ingredients in a glass container, take them as needed in the dosage of a teaspoon. Pre-mixture is diluted in 50 ml of pure water.

Attention! Typically, patients tolerate this method of treatment well, but in some cases there have been sharp drops in blood pressure from high to low.

Pharmaceutical tinctures to lower blood pressure

Calendula officinalis with high blood pressure

At home, you can also use alcohol tincture of calendula, which perfectly removes high-pressure attacks, and also improves the condition of blood vessels. When an attack should drink 35 drops of alcohol tincture. After that, it is necessary to conduct a full course of treatment, which involves taking 25 drops of infusion three times a day, 20 minutes before the main meal.

When using this tool can significantly improve sleep, significantly improve the physical condition of the patient. It is best to combine the alcohol tincture at home with the reception of a special vegetable mixture.

You can prepare it from 200 ml of beet and carrot juice, then 100 ml of freshly squeezed cranberry is added. 250 g of warm honey is added to the juice mix, it is melted in a water bath, but not bringing the mixture to a temperature above +60 degrees, as well as 100 ml of vodka or medical alcohol. Drink the mixture to quickly reduce blood pressure to 15 ml.

Calendula tincture perfectly removes attacks of high pressure, and also improves the condition of blood vessels.

Attention! After removing the attack, treatment with calendula and the mixture lasts for a month. The mixture in this case is also taken three times a day, at a dose of 15 ml per hour before the main meals.

Hawthorn for rapid reduction of blood pressure

While at home, you should always keep on hand hawthorn. The tincture was created specifically to monitor the work of the heart, while due to its natural origin, almost all patients tolerate such treatment well. To quickly reduce high blood pressure, take 200 ml of warm water and add a teaspoon of tincture to it. Take the resulting remedy should be three times a day, dividing a glass of medication into three doses. Therapy continues for a month after stopping the crisis in the same amount.

Hawthorn tea, tablets and capsules in this case will not be able to provide the desired result and are suitable for reception only at the stage of active recovery. They can replace the reception of alcohol tincture after stopping the acute state. The exact dose of these forms of hawthorn for a particular patient is better to check with your doctor, as they require an individual approach.

Hawthorn tincture is designed specifically to monitor the work of the heart

Attention! Hawthorn should be carefully taken, as it can lead to fainting and severe dizziness. These symptoms are provoked by a rapid jump from high to low.

Massage against high blood pressure

This method can be used as the main one for relieving an attack at home, as well as for the subsequent prevention of possible crises. When performing massage should follow a specific algorithm exposure. To begin with, gently and gently rub the entire neck and collar area, pressing should be soft, but effective enough to warm the skin.

After that, you should start massaging only the neck, gently pressing it. Such pressing should not cause pain and deliver even the slightest discomfort. After kneading the neck and collar area should go to the chest, namely its upper part. Here you should also rub and a little stroking the skin.

Pressure reduction points

At the very end, you should massage the occipital region by lightly pressing the tips of the fingers. Strongly click on this zone is strictly prohibited. Each site should be given 2-5 minutes.

Attention! If no one is around, you can try this massage yourself. The focus in this case should be on the neck.

Other recipes for quickly reducing blood pressure

Recipe 1

With frequent attacks of high pressure, you can prepare a special infusion on birch buds. To do this, take 25 grams of kidneys, which should be placed in a glass dish with 100 ml of alcohol or vodka. Capacity must be closed and insisted in a dark place for at least a week. After that, to relieve an attack, take 20 drops of the resulting solution. Be sure to maintain a course after eliminating high blood pressure. To do this, during the month the patient takes 20 drops of the solution three times a day, 20 minutes before meals.

Prevention of high blood pressure

Recipe 2

This homemade recipe is more suitable as an aid, which is used after taking a stronger home or traditional medication. To prepare the drug, you must take a tablespoon of dried dill and insist it in 200 ml of boiling water. It is better to do this under a tight lid for 3 hours. The mixture is taken in a third cup before the main meals three times a day.

Recipe 3

Herbal mixture of meadowsweet and plantain can also act as an auxiliary tool to consolidate the effect of a stronger method to normalize blood pressure. For the preparation of medicinal solution should be taken on a tablespoon of meadowsweet and plantain. They pour 200 ml of boiling water. Infusion should be infused for 20 minutes. After that, the patient should drink 100 ml of the finished infusion, take a horizontal position, put a heating pad on his feet. Having done these manipulations should drink the remaining infusion. Take the remedy only during the attack.

Attention! These homemade medicines can be combined with traditional medicines.

Video – Folk remedies for lowering pressure

Medications for instant blood pressure reduction

In addition to Capoten and Corvalol, other medicines can help stabilize the condition at home. If possible, they should also be kept in their first-aid kit.

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Attention! Medications have a large number of contraindications and side effects. Self-treatment can lead to the need for urgent hospitalization.

Than to lower blood pressure

When the first symptoms of the disease appear, you should seek help from a cardiologist or a general practitioner who can assess the severity of the patient’s condition and select the most successful treatment using several types of drugs. Use the above techniques to quickly lower blood pressure should be in exceptional cases when the patient’s condition is a concern and you need to provide quick help.

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