Thanks to the discovery of antibiotics, lives were saved

  1. If you have decided to devote your activities to scientific work, remember the words of the ancients: In science there is no royal path. This means that you will have to work a lot and often in difficult conditions. But if you all weighed and decided to become a scientist, do not go the distance.
  2. Self-education – your constant companion, contributing to the development of life landmarks. It should not be haphazard or one-sided. It is useful to make a personal self-education plan aimed at improving your professional and general cultural level.

From the speech of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yu-S-Osipov at the general meeting of the Academy on November 12, 2001.

. Russia will have to build a new economy capable of becoming the foundation of social welfare and defense power. For this we need an advanced scientific and technological sphere. A huge resource of the Russian economy is the scientific potential accumulated by the country. . One of the tasks is the creation in Russia of a competitive high-tech sector capable of acting as a locomotive of the country’s industrial development. Moreover, such development, which is aimed at conquering, retaining and expanding economically and strategically favorable positions in the world market. Solving this problem is one of the main goals of the national security strategy. It is time for our society to realize that the security and technological independence of the country in the 21st century will be determined by its scientific and technological potential.

The basis of science is fundamental research, they create the foundations of modern technology, and also determine the quality of education. It is the developed system of fundamental knowledge that underlies the solution of the problem of technological development and national security.

Questions and tasks to the document

  1. Why are social welfare and defense power being put forward as the most important tasks?
  2. Based on the knowledge you have, try to explain what content is embedded in the terms “advanced scientific and technological sphere”, “scientific and technical potential”, “technological independence”. Why does the scientific and technical potential determine the security and technological independence of the country?
  3. Argue that fundamental research creates the foundations of modern technology and determines the quality of education. Prove that high technologies are the “locomotive of the country’s industrial development”.

Thanks to the discovery of antibiotics, lives were saved

Questions for self-test

  1. What is science, what are its main tasks and goals?
  2. What are the main features of big science?
  3. Why is it necessary for the development of science to combine individual creativity and the activities of large research teams?
  4. What are the examples that characterize the modern convergence of science with the needs of society?
  5. Why science is the engine of scientific and technological progress?
  6. What are the main points of ethics of scientists?
  7. What is the relationship of science and education?
  8. Why education is the national wealth of the country?
  9. Why is self-education an indispensable condition for successful professional activity and mastery of culture?
  1. The division of science into fundamental and applied has been adopted. Where do you see the interdependence and interrelation of these sciences? Are the scientists right that they consider this division to be conditional?
  2. Thanks to the discovery of antibiotics, the lives of tens of millions of people were saved. But medical practice has revealed their negative effect: not only harmful microbes are destroyed, but also microorganisms necessary for man; one disease is replaced by another, sometimes no less serious. Before biology, chemistry has the task of creating new drugs. They were designed to preserve the positive qualities of antibiotics and eliminate the negative effects caused by these drugs. Probiotics are such drugs. They suppress pathogens, but do not destroy the normal microflora.

Analyze the above fact, show by its example the action of the functions and features of science mentioned in the paragraph (the connection of theory with practice, the unlimited possibilities of science, etc.).
School profiling is often understood in different ways. One of the points of view is this: profiling must be tough; in the upper grades, complete disengagement from the humanities and natural scientists is necessary. Another point of view: profiling should be soft; the humanities should continue to teach natural sciences in the appropriate volume, and natural sciences should continue to teach humanities.

Discuss both points of view and argue your opinion.

  • A sociological survey conducted in the Russian Federation showed that 24% of respondents believe that “today it is more important for young people to start working and earning money as early as possible,” and 63% think that “it is more important to get an education first of all”. Conduct a micro-research among students in your class and discuss its results.
  • Thoughts of the wise

    “A person seeking to adapt science to such a point of view, which is drawn not from science itself (no matter how the latter is mistaken), but from the outside, to such a point of view dictated by interests alien to science, I call such a person low.”

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