The stomach hurts in the right side

Pain in the right side can be caused by diseases not only of the abdominal organs, but also of the respiratory organs (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, pneumothorax, lung cancer), heart and circulatory system (rheumatic heart disease, arterial hypertension, thrombophlebitis, pericarditis, preinfarction), peripheral nervous system (arachnoiditis, myelitis, ganglionitis, epilepsy) and other reasons to the extent that a person carries a bag on his right shoulder or sleeps on his right side on a hard mattress.

That is why, it is only a specialist who can answer the question why the pain arose and make a correct diagnosis by comparing several factors. He must prescribe therapy to eliminate the painful sensation, which, depending on the diagnosis, may include physical therapy, medication, droppers, and injections.

Localization and nature of pain

To determine the damage, the side is visually divided into 3 parts horizontally:

Also, the pain can be felt from the back or abdomen.

Having determined the location of the pain syndrome, the specialist should find out the nature and strength of the patient. Below we consider what diseases are characterized by pain and in which place they are.

Pain under the ribs (front and side)

Organs such as the right lung, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, intestine and diaphragm cause pain in the right hypochondrium. Among other things, the discomfort is caused by a violation of the nervous system or may radiate with diseases of the heart, pelvic organs or spinal cord. Pain in the right hypochondrium may occur due to excessive physical exertion on the body.

If the palpation of the discomfort is aggravated, then this may indicate inflammation in the sluggish flow. In this case, the pain is characterized as acute and very severe. Consider the main diseases that cause pain in the right hypochondrium:

Gallbladder disease

  • Cholecystitis occurs due to inflammation of the gallbladder, with a burning, sharp pain in the right side. Also, discomfort can be on the right side of the back and near the spine. Patients complain of cramping pain. They feel bloating, increased flatulence, and constipation.
  • Cholelithiasis formed as a result of sedimentation of bile pigments, from which stones are formed. However, some patients experience severe pain in the right side and from the back, nausea, heaviness, while others do not experience any symptoms.
  • Biliary dyskinesia – complex disorder of the biliary system resulting from the development of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, pancreatitis, etc.), poor diet, the emergence of worms, injuries. Manifested in two forms – hyperkinetic,

    Pancreatic diseases

  • Tumor benign or malignant species may appear due to stretching of the capsule. With an increase, it squeezes the neighboring organs, so patients feel pain in the right hypochondrium and in the back, there is also increased sweating, sleep disturbance, and general malaise. Causes can be different. The disease develops with a genetic predisposition, after viral diseases. It is also the result of heavy blows.
  • Pancreatitis, being a strong inflammatory process, it provokes sharp or throbbing pains in the right side, which often give back and left hypochondrium,

    Liver diseases

  • If the right side is under the edge, then this phenomenon may be due to liver cirrhosis. Unpleasant sensations give in the lower abdomen, may be from the back, worse when pressed. At the same time, there is a strong increase in the mammary glands, a decrease in the testes, a decrease in body weight, degeneration, and varicose bleeding.
  • Another reason why the right side hurts can be hepatitis A. At the same time, patients have yellowing of the skin, darkening of the urine and lightening feces, fever.

Bowel disease

  • Appendicitis occurs due to inflammation of the appendix and manifests itself in the form of sharp cramping pains, which can localize not only on the right, but also be felt from the back, near the spine. This causes dry mouth, general malaise. The disease requires immediate surgical intervention.
  • Diseases of the small intestineinclude a wide range of diseases and causes that cause them, but almost all have very similar manifestations – patients complain of frequent diarrhea with remnants of undigested food, rumbling, bloating, as well as dragging, aching, arching pains, often located to the right of the navel or epigastric region.
  • Ulcer of duodenal ulcer occurs due to malnutrition, weakened immunity, active reproduction in the stomach of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, frequent stress, hormonal preparations. With this disease, there is severe pain in the right hypochondrium or above the navel, mainly on an empty stomach, in

    Diaphragm disease

  • Hernia provokes sharp pains in the right side. Due to the weakening of the ligamentous apparatus and the appearance of protrusion under the skin, there is a migration of internal organs. Patients can not fully move, exercise. In most cases, the disease requires mandatory surgical intervention.
  • Diaphragmatite called severe inflammation of the diaphragm that occurs as a result of the penetration of pathogenic organisms with blood or lymph, the disease can also be a complication of inflammatory processes that take place in the lungs, liver, abdomen. Provokes sharp pain on the right, violates the active contraction of the diaphragm. Patients feel unwell, dry mouth, anorexia.
  • Tumor, especially malignant, is a rather rare disease for this organ. Chest tightness and shortness of breath, shortness of breath and other unpleasant symptoms,

    Diseases of the right lung

  • Crayfish is a malignant violation of the lung tissue epithelium. It has a weak pain sensitivity of the peripheral areas of the right lung, which have no pain receptors. Symptoms include expectoration with blood, a slight increase in temperature up to 37.2 °, sudden weight loss, bad breath, cough, fatigue.
  • Pleurisy is an inflammatory process. It affects the serous membrane. It is characterized by strong cutting unpleasant sensations in the chest to the right. In patients, cough increases, breathing becomes difficult.
  • Pneumonia is an acute lesion of the lungs. It refers to infectious and inflammatory diseases. With the defeat of the right lung, usually localized pain in the right hypochondrium, but also may have a surrounding character. In patients, the temperature rises to 39 °, chills, shortness of breath and weakness begin to torment them.

Pain under the ribs in the back

Pain in the right upper quadrant from the back can provoke abnormal gymnastic exercises, fitness, the consequences of surgical intervention are not excluded. Acute pain can signal organ damage., arising not only as a result of injuries, impacts, knife wounds, but also with internal high blood pressure and other pathologies that pose a threat to life. That is why when the first symptoms appear, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Dull, aching or sharp as a dagger pain develops when intercostal neuralgia, at which the intercostal nerves are compressed. In order not to feel pain, a person begins to warp on the healthy side, as a result, intercostal spaces begin to stretch and pressure, irritating nerve endings, decreases. Also, with this disease, the patient may experience excessive sweating, painful muscle contractions, and a change in skin tone.

Under the ribs from the back are the kidneys. Diseases associated with this organ often have aching and dull pain:

  • Urolithiasis disease is a urological disease characterized by the formation of stones in the urinary system. When they move or change their body position, physical exertion, dull or pulling pain in the right side may occur. But acute cramping is already talking about a serious complication – the closure of the urinary duct stone.
  • Pyelonephritis is an infectious disease of the kidneys. It is formed due to the ingestion of bacteria through the urinary tract. It is manifested by nausea, high fever, painful sensations of dull, pulling character, aggravated by deep breathing, palpation and tapping.

Waist pain

The reasons that cause pain at the waist level can be very different – from an unbalanced diet, which results in an increased gas formation, causing unpleasant sensations on the side of the intestine, to serious problems with the spine or with the genitourinary system.

Here are some diseases that can cause such pain:

  • Dorsopathy It belongs to the group of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the vertebral column and its surrounding tissues, caused by malnutrition, increased loads or injuries. Patients have a nagging or aching pain in their right side, less often they describe the nature of sensations as shooting. Tingling of the skin, weakening and thinning of the muscles can also be observed. The disease can affect any part of the spine, but more often lumbar suffers. Get rid of the disease will help massages, exercise therapy, physiotherapy.
  • Protrusion is a complication of osteochondrosis, in which only the inner part of the fibrous ring surrounding the intervertebral disk is broken. Most often, this pathology occurs in the lumbar region, so pain is manifested from the back at the waist level and below. There may also be chronic pain and tingling in the legs, weakness of the hip muscles, in rare cases, urination problems. Treatment includes drug therapy and physiotherapy methods.
  • Cystitis occurs when inflammation of the bladder, or rather its mucous membrane, as a result of the penetration of pathogenic organisms through the urethra. The disease is characterized by painful increased urination, sometimes with blood. There are also burning, stitching pains in the perineum and in the area of ​​the bladder with an acute form, and constant, aching at the level of the waist in front and behind – with chronic. The basis of treatment are antibiotics, allowing to kill the infection that caused the disease.

Lower abdominal pain

This symptom can occur with so many diseases of the pelvic organs, abdominal cavity, urinary tract, therefore, to determine how dangerous it is for life, you need to focus on the nature of pain, the speed of its occurrence, additional symptoms. For example:

  • sharp, sharp, sudden pain they can speak about rupture or torsion of the organ, especially this problem occurs with the ovary in women, blockage of urinary or biliary tract with stones, intestinal obstruction, and if there is still a shock, a person loses consciousness, tachycardia appears, then intraperitoneal bleeding can be assumed. All of these conditions require urgent surgical care.
  • slight constant aching or dull pain usually indicates the beginning of inflammatory processes, circulatory disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases, so you should not delay the visit to the doctor in order to find out the causes of these discomfort as soon as possible.
  • intermittent pain,

    The connection of discomfort with actions

Pain can occur after or during certain actions:

Pains in the right hypochondrium usually appear in a couple of hours, especially you can often expect them to come if you eat fatty, fried, smoked, spicy and other junk food. Depending on the nature of the pain, we can assume the following diseases:

  • dull and arching pain sometimes radiating under the scapula and accompanied by nausea, bitterness in the mouth may indicate an exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis;
  • if dull, aching painpass into sharp, stabbing, paroxysmal, accompanied by diarrhea, bloating, nausea, biliary dyskinesia or inflammation of the bile ducts can be assumed;
  • aching and cramping, bitter eructations, heartburn, nausea, weakness, and trembling in the body may indicate duodenitis or bulbit.

When walking

Sometimes when walking fast or running, a stabbing pain in the right side appears in perfectly healthy people.. Scientists are still arguing why this is happening. One explanation is that with a sharp increase in blood circulation, the blood “bypasses” the diaphragm, acting directly in the limbs, so its spasm occurs. To avoid such an organism’s reaction, it is necessary to eat 2-3 hours before a workout and carry out a thorough warm-up before more serious exercises.

No less often, pain when moving is associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system – osteochondrosis, radiculitis, lumboischialgia, intercostal neuralgia, etc., appear sharp, sharp, throbbing, less aching and drawing, pains that can be localized not only to the right or left of the spinal column, in the lower back, under the shoulder blades, but also to give to the extremities.

With a deep breath

It is wrong to think that if it hurts in the right side when inhaling, then it can only be due to respiratory diseases (pleurisy, pneumonia, etc.), although, of course, if acute pain is accompanied by severe coughing and high fever, then the proportion of the likelihood of making these very diagnoses increases, which requires prompt medical treatment.

No less dangerous diseases in which there are severe pains in the right hypochondrium when inhaling, forcing people to breathe superficially, are pericarditis, pulmonary embolism and renal colic. In the absence of timely medical care may be fatal.

Pain from dull, aching to burning, sharp, sharp, dying at rest, may appear inflammation of the intercostal muscles and nerves, as well as fracture of the ribs. In the latter case, hemoptysis, severe swelling, cyanosis, and bruising at the injury site can also be observed.

Connected pain with various conditions

Under certain conditions and in the presence of a number of additional symptoms, the pattern of diagnosis may change dramatically.

  • With monthly. The pain appears in 70% of cases. Localized in the lower abdomen, depending on the cause, may be more felt to the right or left. An unpleasant sensation can be pulling, cutting, resembling contractions. There may also be an increase in temperature up to 37 °, excessive sweating, constant thirst, weakness.
  • Pain and diarrhea. They are frequent allies for poisoning. The pain has a sharp and cutting character, while it is often impossible to say clearly where it hurts – in the right side or the left,

    The connection of pain with gender

In addition to common diseases, a number of diseases may have a gender color and are associated with pathological conditions of the reproductive organs:

In the stronger sex, the prostate gland is most often affected. The aching, nagging pains, accompanied by painful emptying, can talk about prostatitis, sharp pains and difficult urination – adenoma, paroxysmal, acute pain and blood in the urine are often precursors to a malignant tumor or report the presence of stones.

In the beautiful half of humanity, pain in the right side may be due to:

The stomach hurts in the right side

  • violations of tubal pregnancy, in which the fertilized egg begins to develop outside the uterus, with a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, stabbing in the right or left side, if there is a delay, the fallopian tube may break and the patient will die.
  • apoplexy of the right ovary – It is another condition that requires hospitalization as soon as possible, since, due to the violation of the integrity of the organ, bleeding into the abdominal cavity is observed. In this case, the person feels a sharp pain in the front lower abdomen.
  • torsion legs cyst of the right ovary. With this disease, intra-abdominal pressure and blood circulation increase. The disease is characterized by a sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Unpleasant sensations may increase with movement.
  • acute inflammation of the appendages – With this disease, the patient feels a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which can be given in the right side, in the lower back, sacrum, inner thighs, rectum, sometimes there are sharp pains from the back. At the same time, fatigue, drowsiness, anorexia, irritability, inadequate psychological reactions appear.

Diagnosis and treatment

The choice of a specialist to seek medical help and the diagnostic methods that he will use often depend on the nature of the pain. So sharp require careful study of the body using ultrasound, and aching and chronic – the results of clinical tests. Also, the treatment depends on the diagnosis,

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