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Almost every second girl faces thrush (vaginal candidiasis). Disappointing statistics – an incentive to understand what causes thrush in girls, and try to eliminate unfavorable factors from their lives. If the problem could not be avoided, it is better to be able to identify the signs of candidiasis in time, since it is easier to be treated at the initial stage of the pathological process.

Etiology of candidiasis

To understand why a young woman has a thrush, you need to answer three questions. What is the function of lactobacillus? What is conditionally pathogenic flora? How does lactic acid affect the occurrence of thrush?

Vaginal flora is a local ecosystem represented by 40 species of bacteria and microbes. The most useful and numerous (over 95%) of its representatives are lactobacilli, which protect the reproductive system organs from pathogenic viruses and microorganisms. They also synthesize lactic acid, necessary to maintain the normal pH level of the natural environment of the vagina.

The causative agent of candidiasis, the fungus Candida albicans, refers to the conditionally pathogenic flora that is present in the body of each person.

If a girl is healthy, there is no danger from parasitic microorganisms. The activity of the fungus is observed only in certain conditions favorable for growth of the colony.

This happens in the case when under the pressure of certain factors of lactobacilli die or lactic acid is synthesized by them in a larger volume. An acidic environment is ideal for the reproduction of Candida albicans and, therefore, the early appearance of thrush.

Thrush girls photo

Factors provocateurs

The causes of candidiasis are different. Most often the appearance of thrush is associated with changes in hormonal levels. An imbalance of hormones in girls is observed in such states:

  1. Puberty age. Due to the active synthesis of estrogen in the tissues of the vaginal mucosa, the amount of glycogen increases, which leads to an increase in the number of lactobacilli and, accordingly, the lactic acid produced by them.
  2. Excess dosage or long-term medication that affect the humoral regulation and suppress the immune system. This is one of the factors why the girl may experience thrush symptoms.
  3. Systemic treatment with drugs of the group of corticosteroids, antibiotics, cytostatics, after which dysbacteriosis occurs, creating favorable conditions for the reproduction of fungal flora. One of the consequences of this condition is thrush.

The impetus to the fact that the girl develops thrush can be a weakened immune system. A common cause of impaired immune function are somatic diseases:

  • Chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis.
  • Infectious pathology.
  • Diabetes, other endocrine diseases.
  • Inflammatory gynecological, venereal, viral diseases.
  • States caused by metabolic disorders.
  • Acute and chronic diseases of the digestive system.
  • Allergy.

Where else does thrush come from? Endured stress, abrupt climate change, unbalanced diet, improper compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene – all these are very likely causes of thrush. Wearing close-fitting panty from synthetic, non-breathable material, the use of antibacterial intimate gels (soaps), flavored and brightly colored personal care products (pads, toilet paper) are also included in the category of provocateurs for candidiasis in girls.

The main cause of thrush in girls is weakened immunity!

Typical manifestations of candidiasis

At what point do the signs of thrush appear? Sometimes the disease occurs in a latent form. To understand that the pathological process is already underway, and the rarely occurring uncomfortable sensation in the genital area is a manifestation of candidiasis, without a medical examination is impossible.

Although usually in girls, the disease is accompanied by vivid symptoms. The first signs of candidiasis begin a week before menstruation. At first, light discomfort is felt in the intimate area. Then, the symptoms characteristic of the disease are becoming more intense:

  • Irritation, puffiness, redness of the mucous around the vaginal opening.
  • Increased tissue sensitivity.
  • Itching pain, burning near the vagina.
  • Abundant vaginal discharge of white (sometimes yellow or yellow-green) color with patches of cheesy grains.
  • Harsh sour-milk smell, which is especially acute before menstruation.

Thrush girls photo

When a thrush appears, itching and burning are agonizing, incessant. Or they fade for a while, increasing after physical exertion, evening hygienic procedures.

How visually looks thrush, you can see in the photo. We determine the pathology of the highly hyperemic, edematous mucous, congestion at the entrance to the vagina, in the folds of the labia majora curd. Beli are easily removed with your fingers.

Such symptoms are characteristic for both acute and chronic course of the disease. However, in acute candidiasis, symptoms manifest themselves intensively. The chronic stage of the disease is accompanied by less bright, episodic inflammation that occurs 2-5 times a year.

It is necessary to start treating thrush as early as possible. If you miss the moment, the pathological process will move to the chronic stage, which will significantly complicate the treatment. It takes much more time and effort to cure a fungal infection.

How to deal with candidiasis

As soon as suspicion of thrush appears, girls need to immediately visit a gynecologist. Get tested, pass tests. Since the symptoms of candidiasis are similar to the manifestations of STDs, in addition to the usual methods of examination (visual examination, smear backpoints, colposcopy), girls who have sexually living should be prescribed a differential diagnosis with trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, vaginosis, and genital herpes. Treatment is prescribed by the doctor according to the results of a comprehensive examination, taking into account the patient’s age, severity, form of the course of the disease, comorbidities.

Attention! Independently, at home trying to treat thrush is not recommended. Without consulting a doctor, no medication can be taken.

Therapy for candidiasis is conservative, consists of three parts: the removal of symptoms of the disease, the destruction of pathogenic microflora, the strengthening of immunity. Drug medications are used local and systemic (oral) actions. Outwardly, the patient is prescribed medicinal gels, ointments, creams, suppositories, vaginal suppositories. Inside – capsules and tablets from thrush.

As an auxiliary treatment, the doctor may advise the patient to drink and use decoctions of medicinal herbs for douching. Most often they are prepared from such plants as chamomile, oak (bark), nettle, knotweed, calendula, sage, birch (buds), yarrow, juniper (cones).

If girls have the disease in a mild form or at a very early stage of development, it is enough to drink Fluconazole 150 capsule for complete recovery.

The drug shows good results and quickly relieves the symptoms of candidiasis. However, treatment with this tool should be prescribed by a gynecologist. Drinking medicine without the approval of the attending physician is impossible.

Finding in the symptoms of thrush immediately consult a doctor!

In the treatment of complex forms of thrush in girls over 16 years of age, potent antifungal drugs are used based on:

  • Clotrimazole (Canison, Antifungol, Clotrimazole, Kanesten).
  • Nystatina (Polygynax, Terzhinan).
  • Ketoconazole (Livarol, Nizoral, Oronazole, Ketoconazole, Perhohot).
  • Miconazole (Ginesol).
  • Natamycin (Pimafucin).

At the same time, vitamin therapy and immunostimulating drugs are taken. Drink vitamins, herbal infusions, drugs that increase immunity, you need during the entire course of treatment of candidiasis.

If you strictly follow all the instructions and recommendations of the doctor, after 1-2 weeks the acute form of the disease is completely cured. Chronic goes into a stage of deep remission.

Important! Men, due to their physiological characteristics, suffer from urogenital candidiasis much less frequently. However, the guy is still desirable to have an idea of ​​how it looks, what symptoms are characterized and how the thrush is treated.


It is important for every girl to know why thrush occurs, to be able to recognize the symptoms of the disease in time, to seek medical help in a timely manner. But to trust girlfriends who say: I understand how to quickly get rid of the problem, because I myself was treated with this and that, is not worth it. The diagnosis and development of a treatment plan for a fungal infection is the task of qualified specialists. Only under their leadership can you fully recover and avoid complications that develop against the background of advanced candidiasis.

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