Thrush pain

Each ailment is associated with some of its own symptoms, but rarely does a disease go unnoticed. Female diseases have their own face. During their exacerbation the stomach hurts, the lower back aches, tingling in the ovaries is felt. But all these are common symptoms that require specific diagnosis. Many are interested in what hurts in thrush, so it is on this side of the disease that further attention will be paid.

Thrush pain

Candidiasis of the genitals and pain: causes and manifestation

A rather rare occurrence is pain during thrush. Usually, when a Candida fungus affects the mucous membranes of the genital organs, an unpleasant feeling of discomfort arises. In addition, a rather frequent symptom of the disease is severe itching, almost never hurts the stomach during thrush.

Thrush pain

And yet there are exceptions. Although doctors say that sexual intercourse at the time of treating a yeast infection should be excluded, not everyone adheres to this taboo. Often, pain during candidiasis is felt distinctly during intercourse. They are caused by the fact that the mucous membrane is irritated during the period of illness, therefore it is very sensitive to any touches. Sometimes the epithelial layer is covered with small sores, which can be very painful. In most cases, due to illness, the mucous membranes cannot produce a secret in sufficient quantity that provides a sufficient amount of lubricant for painless intimate intimacy. Any movement becomes unpleasant, new small cracks may appear on the surface of the mucous membranes and at the same time after intercourse with thrush pulls and the lower abdomen hurts. It will take several minutes and this condition will pass.

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Thrush pain

Does the stomach during thrush hurt those who do not violate the recommendations of the gynecologist and are intimate intimacy while therapy is taking place? Sometimes pains in the lower abdomen with thrush occur during urination, when urine droplets fall on mucous membranes irritated by fungus and have ulcers. Often these feelings are related to the fact that the infection was in the urethra. This happens in cases where the discharge has a liquid consistency.

If you are constantly pulling and hurting your stomach during thrush, and not only during intercourse and during urination, you should immediately go to a doctor to determine the cause of such sensations. Pain in the lower abdomen and in the stomach during thrush can be caused by numerous inflammatory processes that simultaneously occur in the body. The cause can be many gynecological diseases: erosion, endometritis, polycystic ovaries. If the ovaries hurt in thrush, do not hope that they will stop bothering when the microflora balance is adjusted and candidiasis disappears. These phenomena are not related to each other, unless the disease is chronic, when many internal organs of the reproductive system are affected. Sore throat when thrush is also not from the fungus candida. Perhaps the cause of the unpleasant sensations, too, were female illnesses or gallstone disease. Sometimes hypothermia causes kidney disease, which gives back pain. From hypothermia is able to show activity and fungus. So two diseases met together, but they should be treated with completely different drugs.

Candida stomatitis and pain in the mouth

Candida stomatitis most often follows babies, although sometimes candida causes illness in those who wear dentures or wear braces. Young mothers are worried about whether there is pain in the mouth with thrush in children, because most of the little patients refuse to eat and are constantly capricious. Local pain in places of localization of colonies of the fungus is very strong, so the kids and refuse to eat. Brushing teeth in adults is also accompanied by unpleasant pain. It is necessary to treat the affected areas very carefully with alkaline solutions in order to quickly defeat the disease.

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